Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My ears been burning (and you know I show it!)

Seems like Lawrence Auster, that inexhaustible blogger of the ultra-right, has finally returned to the business of saving white civilization… and stopped obsessing about Undercover Black Man.

For one wild week, though, UBM was all up inside Larry’s head. Herewith, some choice bits from Auster’s blog:

May 14: “[W]as UBM’s rage against me triggered, not by my treating him with some supposed racist indifference or contempt, but by my treating him respectfully, as a person capable of rational discussion – a respect which, as the discussion proceeded, became impossible to maintain?”

May 12: “Based on Undercover Black Man’s own words, [commenter] Conservative Swede offers an incisive analysis of the real racial hatred that drives UBM – a hatred of blacks. … [T]his is not just UBM’s own anti-black revulsion, as a self-hating partially black man…; it is the anti-black revulsion of liberals generally.”

“[H]e is barely black. … [M]aybe Mills should change his moniker from ‘Undercover Black Man’ to ‘Barely a Black.’ ”

May 11: “… Mills’s letter reveals him as an obvious character assassin.”

“So here’s what David Horowitz needs to do to get right with God and man: … apologize for having given the leftist hit artist David Mills a weapon with which to harm me…”

May 9: “[I]t is Mills and James Wolcott who have set the destructive tone. … [E]ach invests my simplest, most ordinary statements with fictional emotions and motivations designed to make me look base or ridiculous.”

May 7: “David Mills, the enemy to whom David Horowitz gave the gun to shoot him with, is triumphing again today at Huffington Post…”

“Horowitz, confronted by this obvious enemy, confided to the enemy that he found the enemy’s evidence persuasive that certain statements by me… were racist.” [Italics in the original.]

Yeah, okay.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing what Auster and Horowitz and all other white polemicists who play the rape card should be doing: trying to determine the truth about interracial rape in the United States.

I’ll share whatever I find.


dez said...

Auster's never met loaded language he didn't like. The "enemy," eh? And then he characterizes you "as a self-hating partially black man" because God forbid anyone who argues against him work be considered a rational human being.

dez said...

Er, "his work." This blog thang needs an edit function for guests!

John Doheny said...

Well, it's tough being a white male in todays world, what with all the good jobs and 'special rights' that are going to homos and coloreds. We've got no power is the problem, what with the CEOs of all the major corporations, the heads of the media (print and electronic) and both houses of congress, the supreme court and the white house being chock-a-block with women and negroes. It's just a fact that when you look into the face of money and influence in this country today, it's never a white, male face anymore.

And then there's the ignorance and bigotry. Do you know how many times I've had to remind people of the proud history of accomplishment that whites have in this country? That the first white man in organized baseball was Abner Doubleday? That some of the best lawnbowlers in the country are white? And that contrary to common stereotypes, when white people move into a neighborhood they do not immediately tear down all the bars and poolhalls and put up libraries and Christian Science reading rooms?

I swear it's enough to make you sing the "White Man's Blues."

"Woke up this morning (note how I don't drop a single 'G')

Both my cars were gone.

Woke up this morning, both my cars were gone.

Got so disgusted, I threw my wine cooler across the lawn."

I'll stop now. I've about used up my sarcasm quota for the month.:-)

Undercover Black Man said...

Hee-hee, lawnbowlers... Christian Science reading rooms... you crack me up, John!

Son of Slam said...

I think it speaks to Auster's conceit that he feels he can be an arbiter of "blackness".

I think the irony of a bigot decrying a critic for not being black enough would be funny if it didn't have the weight of history. One drop rule, dude.

Anonymous said...

Better check out Auster's blog, UBM, you've been BUSTED!