Monday, March 22, 2010

New cuts from Bernie Worrell

One of my favorite living musicians has a new album out, and I never would’ve known except for a casual search of the eMusic database.

Keyboard wizard Bernie Worrell is way off the radar screen of today’s commercial music. That is why God invented blogs.

Having previously declared that I’ll purchase any track Bernie ever played on, I might come off as uncritical. Not the case.

Indeed, I must declare that Mr. Worrell’s new release, “I Don’t Even Know,” isn’t quite making my panties damp. The tracks sound like one-man products of a busy weekend in the home studio. For example, click here and check out “Hearin’ Dis, Playin’ Dat.”

Still... when we’re talking about a prime architect of Parliament-Funkadelic’s greatest hits, any new recording is like a handwritten letter from an old friend.

Click here to hear “Shades of The Kid.” Feel what I mean?

God bless you, Bernie. Keep on speaking through your fingertips.


Jeff V said...

I never saw Parliament/Funkadelic, but I did see Worrell live when he was playing with Talking Heads. That was an amazing show.

papasean said...

I feel the same way about Mr. Worrell, he's an unsung hero of funk.

Son said...

beeernie! what a maniac legend, talking heads, pfunk this guy rips! dig this new track where can i dwld it? or when does the record come out.
Jeff V i ENVY you

Undercover Black Man said...

Son: For now, I've only seen it available at eMusic. Hit this link.