Thursday, June 25, 2009

A free Thee Emergency download

Let me tell you about another black rocker chick. You know I like black rocker chicks. Seriously, can there be enough black rocker chicks?

The answer is no. No, there cannot be. Especially when they’re bringing as much hotness as Dita Vox, front woman of the Seattle garage- rock band Thee Emergency.

Click here to hear “Girl You Should’ve Known,” from the band’s 2006 album “Can You Dig It?”

Want that track as a FREE MP3? Hit this link to commence downloading.

For your listening pleasure, I’m also streaming a cut from Thee Emergency’s 2008 CD, “Solid.” To check out “It’s All in the Reflexes,” click here.

Supposedly the band is putting finishing touches on a new album called “What’s That? Some Sorta Cracka Slang?”


Edshugeo The GodMoor said...

Oh, they are so awesome! Bought both albums. Thanks.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ You're most welcome, Edshugeo.