Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Racist political witchcraft

In the Internet Age, anyone can be a political saboteur... a “dirty trickster,” a smear artist, a faceless character assassin... from the comfort of one’s home.

But if you don’t want your true identity discovered, you better be slick about it. Slicker than the asshole who launched a website called Power 2 Obama.

Hanging out last week amongst the rabid Obama-haters at the No Quarter blog, I saw a suspicious comment with a link to Power 2 Obama. So I went and checked it out.

It pretends to be a black-power site – with a red, black and green flag with a fist on it. Power 2 Obama has photos of Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and (until recently) Malcolm X and Huey Newton under the heading “The Cabinet.”

The site has pages such as “Hatin’ On Whitey” (“Look at what the white man has done to our people. Our list of grievances is real. Our anger is justified.”) and “Whitey’s House” (“The time has come for the black man to rise up!!! We’re going to take that house on Pennsylvania Avenue and we’re going to turn whitey’s house into the brotha-man’s crib!”)

Obvious bullshit fakery. With a mission to rile up gullible white folks.

There’s a “Reparations” page. (“Brothas and sistahs, the time has come to make whitey pay!”) And, of course, a Michelle Obama page. (“You’re damn right America is hungry for a change, now hand over the keys, whitey.”)

You might even consider it satire. Except that the man behind Power 2 Obama is out there driving traffic to his site by commenting on Web forums like You Decide 2008, Political Crossfire and’s GretaWire.

I did a quick WHOIS search to see who owns the domain name. Alas, it was registered anonymously through a proxy service.

So I sent a comment to Power 2 Obama through its “feedback” page. Noticing that the site doesn’t seem like a big-money operation... it smells totally like a one-man show... I wrote: “Can I contribute money?”

I soon got an email back from


Dude gave a quick explanation of why Power 2 Obama doesn’t have a donations link. Then he wrote: “I do have an evil twin who supports John McCain, however, and I owe him some money..., so you can help me by buying some of the gear here:

“Just tell him Ahmed referred you.”


This new site called Second Carter Term – complete with an American flag and a bald eagle – is straightforward and direct with its anti-Obama agenda. It offers for sale “NOBAMA” bumper stickers and “Bitter Gun-Owner” T-shirts and the like.

Now guess what? The genius registered under his real name! This bush-league dirty trickster is Mike Cornelison of Laguna Hills, California.

I emailed him back at

“So, Mike... that Power2Obama site, that’s just a bit of political witchcraft on your part? Or is it satire? Or what exactly?”

Mike Cornelison wrote back from a different email address:

“I just received an email from my brother Ahmed and he seems to think I somehow claimed responsibility for his website. I just wanted to make it very clear that I have had no hand in and the work you see there is entirely his and his alone.”

Mike added: “[F]or whatever chicanery I may be willing to stoop to to try to influence a vote or two here or there,” if Obama becomes president “I will wish for him to enjoy all the success in the world.”

Left unanswered is the question of why “Ahmed,” being a black-power militant who rants against “whitey,” would encourage me to buy “NOBAMA” gear from his white brother.

Unless, of course, “Ahmed” and Mike Cornelison are the same person.

How do I know Mike is white? Because he has videos up on YouTube. I’ve embedded two of them below. (His YouTube handle, “shikamoo,” is the same as the email address listed with his domain-name registration for

Mike Cornelison is a bass player and author of the book “Classical Masterpieces for Electric Bass.” He needs to stick to music and leave the right-wing political sabotage to the pros.

UPDATE (06/26/08): As “dj” mentioned in the comments section, Mike has pulled down his Power 2 Obama site... and replaced it with a semi-contrite message.


Anonymous said...

um....They spelled Malcolm wrong.

The end.

Anonymous said...

Wow, UBM, great investigative reporting! It's a pretty lame site but a LOT of white people out in the boondocks will fall for it!

Kristin said...

UBM this is a great post! Thanks for ferreting out this fraud. It is sad that for every person that realizes this site is a fraud their will be 10 more that believe it to be true.

Anonymous said...

Another one BUSTED! By the UBM!

Anonymous said...

Wow, excellent detective work and persistence. Does the guy realize who busted him?

CNu said...

Mah boi!!!!

Very well done indeed. Bagging ignorant trash blind to the power of whois is a little like shooting fish in a barrel.

Heaven forbid anyone pull out some deep tricknology to yank off their little pointy hooded sheets.

Ann Brock said...

UBM thanks for uncovering this hate.

Anonymous said...

KA-CHOP! You showed him who the real UBM is around here! That Michael dude seems to be stuck in a "Good Times" warp.

maria said...

holy fucking shit david.
get this on huff post or washpost or nytimes immediately. NPR. Entertainment weekly. SOMEWHERE!


man, you are STILL a GREAT journalist and you are doing better work than every "real" reporter out there.

seriously, have the contacts still. you deserve to get paid for this work.

PROMISE you will do something with this.

Soge shirts said...

UBM nice undercover detective work. I've been lurking on your blog for months and I must say I really enjoy it. Glad you exposed this lame hack job attempt by another right winger.

Kellybelle said...

Don't they know, no Black people say "Whitey?" That's the dead give away.

Thembi Ford said...

I'm with Maria, you should be getting paid to sniff this and other such BS out. Since this is just the tip of the iceberg and something you stumbled on, can you imagine how much more mess there is out there to be found? Can you please get onto some McCain sites and end his campaign season? Your ability to detect BS and authenticate blackness added to your investigative reporting skills could be lethal right now.

Anonymous said...

Great detective work! You're the Easy Rawlins for the 21st Century.

maria said...

i have another idea. tip the obama campaign off to this and let them complain about it to the press.

Francisco said...

Awesome Dude... My hat's off to you and I hope you get some coverage soon. Call your NPR Peeps!! They might give you some love and airtime! (Plus, why don't you start a book/tv script about the Obama election? This is gold! Seriously.)

Undercover Black Man said...

Thanks to all. The only sites I've tipped so far ar LA Observed and FishbowlLA... because the dude is local.

The only way Mike Cornelison would justify nationwide media interest is if he were a professional sabotuer... like, on the GOP payroll or something.

Maybe he is. But my gut feeling is he's a lone guy out there freelancing... a hobbyist getting his rocks off.

I will take Maria's advice, though, and tip the Obama campaign... even though they're probably deluged with emails.

Anonymous said...

good undercover work, thank you.

Anonymous said...

MMmmm. Burn.

Undercover Black Man said...

Bagging ignorant trash blind to the power of whois is a little like shooting fish in a barrel.

Yeah, Craig, I can't say I broke a sweat.

Meanwhile, the "white whale" is still out there loose... and he's got Goebbels's playbook... and I got nothing. Not a shadow of a thought as to how to deal with him.

Phelps said...

Could you please hold off on the "right wing" stuff until you know he is actually right wing? Considering that the vast majority of this stuff has come from teh No Quarters/Clinton camp so far, why wouldn't you assume that it isn't just more of the same?

CNu said...

David, check your email.

I hit you up backchannel with some potential goodness.

Mebbe if you have some time later on, we can have us that long overdue chat. There are some unanticipated factors warranting consideration.

Undercover Black Man said...

Considering that the vast majority of this stuff has come from teh No Quarters/Clinton camp so far, why wouldn't you assume that it isn't just more of the same?

Because, Phelps, Cornelison's site also offers Ronald Reagan T-shirts for sale... and that's a bridge too far for any Hillarycrat.

And don't play dumb, Phelps. "This stuff" is being pumped by Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, John Batchelor and other conservative broadcasters... and by GOP operatives like Roger Stone and Karl Rove.

The No Quarter crowd is what's known as "useful idiots."

maria said...

let it be known that phelps is also against obama. read his own wesbite! now his comments make sense.

Anonymous said...

Can't you just smell the fear on these guys? They know Obama's going to clobber McCain and they have nothing but bullshit lies to counter him with.

bklyn6 said...

If Greg Palast were black he'd be UBM!

What bugs me about Cornelison and folks of his ilk is that they seem to think that all they need to do is watch BET all day, rent a blaxploitation flick or two, peruse, and wiki "black nationalism" and Voila! they're ready to get their con on.

It's funny how they just love to prey on the "fear", naïveté and narrowmindedness of "whitey"; anything to keep those pesky negroes in their place.

Anonymous said...

UBM, that was good skillet, that was damn good.

Lifted up a rock and exposed another bozo slapping the strings Larry Graham style and still hating on his teacher. What an asshole, but thats them - cop what we do and hate what we are - sad sack, outta style motha fockas!


Undercover Black Man said...

... slapping the strings Larry Graham style and still hating on his teacher.

I know, right? The boy should be ashamed of himself.

Anonymous said...

...that ilk doesn't have the capacity to truly feel and experience shame.


Phelps said...

Yes, I am against Obama. At what point did I try to portray myself as anything else?

You know the old Chris Rock routine about how black people watch the news, and hear about a crime, and think to themselves, "don't be black, don't be black?" The 95% of conservatives that aren't racists or dirty-tricksters do the same thing when shit like this comes up.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mills, I was an idiot for falling for the donation ruse, but for ferreting me out like you did, you are the man.

As hard as it may be for you folks to reconcile the tone of the website with what I am about to say, I could not be any more sincere in telling you that I have no hate for Obama or any of his supporters, I only look at Obama as a wrong choice for America, the embodiment of the failed promise of Socialism.

I celebrate the fact that we can have such different views on our nation's future and still consider ourselves as Americans one and all, no one group better than any other. I love all the Obama supporters for their enthusiasm and for being a part of the debate because I think the debate makes us better as a nation. If your man Obama wins, my only wish will be that he will be the greatest president he can possibly be. I would love nothing more than to be proven completely wrong about him.

Considering an Obama presidency, on the one hand, I think about what a historic moment it will be when this nation elects our first black president. On the other hand, I think about what a travesty it would be if the Democrat Party is able to take credit for that first black presidency.

Even as proudly as they hail themselves as the champions of the civil rights movement, in my view, the Democrats still represent the party of slavery, the party which created the KKK as their party's terrorist wing, hellbent on a vehement and violent fight against emancipation. The slavery the Democrats represent today is all the more insidious because it is a slavery of the mind, a slavery that has sold people on looking to the government first to provide for them instead of looking within themselves - it is a slavery of government dependency. By selling people on entitlements over empowerment, the Democrats have continued their long history of supporting slavery and now they stand poised to take credit for the first black president.

The Republican party to me is still the party of Abraham Lincoln, a party that fought for the abolition of slavery. The freedom the party stands for is still represented today by a belief most Republicans hold that we should be free from the massive intrusion and interference the government seeks impose on every aspect of our lives.

The media has been so complicit in helping paint Obama as this revolutionary "new" visionary, I wanted to create a website that showed how old the message really is, it's the argument of black liberation theology vs. personal empowerment, it's the argument of the promise of Marxist equality vs. the reality of free market prosperity.

What a great step backwards it will be if our first black president represents all the Marxist ideals of the past that have failed to liberate anyone from poverty.

So no, there is not a single hateful or racist motivation at all in my creating power2obama. I seek only to balance the lie of the great uniter, the post-partisan moderate, with a message more inline with the glimpses we get of the real Obama, the Obama that tells you what he really thinks of small town Americans when he thinks he's safely behind closed doors with his fellow liberal elites, the Obama that sat in a racist church for 20 years and even exposed his children to that message of hate.

I figured the website was blatant enough for most any intelligent person to spot the satire quite easily, although I will admit I also figured the hate mail would be a lot more fun to read if it came from the occasional person who completely bought into it.

I don't want people to hate me, it pains me to imagine that I might come off looking as a hateful person myself and the last thing I want to do is foster hate in general. In the name of proper disclosure then, I will add a disclaimer I thought was obvious but which it looks like I was remiss in not including - "warning: blatant political satire". As soon as I post this, I will add this disclosure to the banner atop every page.

Peace to you all and may the man who is truly best for all of America win this election.

Thordaddy said...

Mr. Mills,

After you brush off all those accolades, can you explain to the audience how this site represents "racism?"

Quoting Obama, Rev. Wright, Michelle, etc., does NOT make one a racist. In fact, it makes one a purveyor of truth.

The only fear most whites have is the incredible mental schism that inflict most blacks.

Poster after poster has suggested that this site is a way to strike up fear in the "white" people. Yet, I thought "white" people were bad ass racists and oppressors and the blacks lived in constant fear?

Which is it?

Anonymous said...

ah yessssssss.....,

the moment we love, you know the one, when the scurvy little rat is dangling over the flaming abyss by its tail and plaintively shrieks;

wait, wait, wait wait, I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it!!!!!!

throw his worthless, flea-bitten little carcass into the cleansing flames...,

Michael Murray said...

Were those the scariest Black people he could think of? I am surprised he didn't throw OJ up there. Do white people even know who Huey Newton was? I think a picture of Nat Turner might have been more effective.

Great catch on this by the way. I am sure its far from the last. Think I will post your post on Digg.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who was confused by the website, full disclosure is now in effect:

(You may have to hit F5 to refresh the new image.)

What's funny is, all this website does is take Wright, Ayers, Obama, Michelle AT THEIR OWN WORDS and draws a logical conclusion as to what kind of supporter those words would really inspire. Don't hate on me for showing what that person would look like.

Anonymous said...

I'm a right winger who is a regular reader. Not trying to hide, just not as smart as some of your regular commenters.

I come here because I enjoy the commentary, and I like UBM's take on social/entertainment/political issues. I don't agree with many of the commenters on all things, but will concur that Cornelison is a first class jerk.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, whatever. The media's given Barack Obama a free pass on attending a racist church for 20 years. All I'm doing is taking 20 years of that message to it's logical extent and showing what that looks like.

sakredkow said...

Oh man, I just despair of all that nonsense. You busted one fool and how many more are there out there? And on whose side and for what agenda are they running their games. Probably some of them are a lot more effective than this perp.
I just feel myself giving up on the system entirely and turning all my attention to local politics. You know, face-to-face, you-and-me type politics. All the other cr*p just doesn't feel real to me anymore. It all feels like manipulation from people I don't even know and who's agenda I don't trust or wouldn't cosign on anyway.

sakredkow said...

Phelps said:

You know the old Chris Rock routine about how black people watch the news, and hear about a crime, and think to themselves, "don't be black, don't be black?" The 95% of conservatives that aren't racists or dirty-tricksters do the same thing when shit like this comes up.

I don't know Phelps from Adam, but THAT graph had some humanity to it.

maria said...

sorry, you know who, based on watching your you tube videos you clearly aren't smart enough to have done REAL satire.

what you did was lie about the purpose of the site in hopes of driving voters to mccain.

shame on you.

and your guitar playing sucks, man.

Anonymous said...


...dude, you ain't got nothing to be afraid of but there you are full of fear. You say you don't hate but there you are, driven by what is obviously a deep, deep hate. You think you are doing right but there you are, trying to manipulate, brainwash, hiding your face, all the time fronting a big twisted lie,'re the same old story dude, the same old story.

You don't know jack about the Black church, or what Wright was talking about. You don't know jack about Wright, a man that put his life on the line for his country, I bet you've never done that. A man who helped save LBJ's life - how many lives have you saved dude? You don't know jack squat about anything other than the small world thats between your ears, that little small world.

You ain't got a damn thing to fear from Barack, all he wants to do is make America a better place for all people, and that includes your simple ass. But I wouldn't expect you to understand that because people like you have helped to create the problems that this nation faces today, people like you who deceive and lie as a means to an end. Dude, you are the same old story and you need to get up outta here and take a hike.


Anonymous said...

Where do I mischaracterize the kind of shit Reverend Wright's been pedelling for the last 20 years? Blame your plight in life on rich white people, he's done so well with it, he moved into a $10 million house . . . surrounded by rich white people.

DAK said...

Great Work UBM. I don't know what's scarier, the totally racist blather of his website or his assumption that white people will buy it. The truth is most won't, but some will. If they do, it's because they want to. We all have family like that.

Here's what scares me: I think we are perfectly ready for a non-threatening black man like Barack Obama to be president, but we are not at all ready for change.

Having a President of color will be cathartic for America, but far more important will be the decisions he makes. It won't be easy for President O because he will unleash real demons every time he tries to make even the simplest tweak.

Fools like your clueless blogger will never go away. But societies move bit by bit by bit. For sure, issues that seem important today won't matter as much 4 or 8 years from now. All of us, even Stupid Dude, will be standing on higher ground.

Even Stupid Dude.

Anonymous said...

...well, I didn't want to say it, but "wanna hear it, here it goes".

Dude, you curly maple top fake-PreCBS Jazz Bass, worn-roto-sound, played out thumb slapping style, Graham-Jaco-Bootsy ripping, no-mutron owning, probably has a Crate amp sounding, non-playing got the nerve to give lessons trying, 5 finger tripplet Jameson wishing posser! GET UP OUTTA HERE!

But hey, thats just my opinion you-know, ...nothing personal.


Anonymous said...

LOL. First off, the classic Fender Jazz was sunburst, this quilted maple is a new spin on an old classic. Regarding Jaco, I did a book of 26 note-for-note transcriptions on him and not a single note of that was slapped, so I don't know where you get the thumb-slapping Jaco stuff, that wasn't his bag at all. Finally, I taught for nine years, enjoyed every bit of it, and would even consider coming out of retirement from teaching to educate your ignorant ass.

But hey, you might be blissful in your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

...dude, I gotta 63 Jazz, Ny Cell. SB finish dog, ...other shit - 54 Les Paul w/alnicos/P90, 61 Brydland, 2 65 SG Specials, 62,61 Strat, etc, etc. Your shit is RI, mine is vintage and I've played it on albums under Arista, Columbia, Epic, and many more. Jaco's thing was Donna Lee, ...or was that Bird??? ...huhm. Slapping? ...I guess you missed old Larry in there huh. So, you go ahead and keep transcribing other peoples shit, and while you're at it you might wanna transcribe your site too and put some asses/donkeys up there. By the way, you have probably transcribed some of my shit but I'll take satisfaction in leaving you're simple ass wondering.

Funny thing is, with all the traffic that UBM's site gets, hundreds of thousands of hits per day, I'm quite sure that you will be quite famous soon, ...yes sir, and wouldn't you like that. Shit, you might even have to come out of retirement ...not!!!


Undercover Black Man said...

Holy shit... I take a nap in the middle of the day to catch up on sleep, and look what's been jumping off!

I have so much to say. But yet I'm also hungry.

Anonymous said...

You obviously know enough to know it's pretty ludicrous to portray Jaco was just some dude ripping off Charlie Parker lines on the bass.

I really would like to know if I've transcribed some of your work. I'm intrigued . . . BTW, how is the music scene in Prineville, OR these days?

Anonymous said...

...I guess you would like to know but I too am incognito and must remain so.

Dude, it's ludicrous to say he wasn't. Jaco had skills but Donna was truly Bird's girl.

Anyway, you need to do some soul searching and try to see the error in your ways. Stop the gaming and start being part of the solution. This country is on rocky ground because of the lies, the manipulation, the brain washing, the greed. Dude, you need to think, purge yourself of the hate,'s about working together dude, it's a positive thing.

May the creator have mercy on your deceiving soul because right now you are giving in to the negative, you are doing an unrighteous thing.


Undercover Black Man said...

I don't want people to hate me, it pains me to imagine that I might come off looking as a hateful person myself and the last thing I want to do is foster hate in general.

Mr. Cornelison, you come off looking like a wannabe Donald Segretti, Roger Stone, Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Swiftboating, anything-goes, GOP character assassin.

And the fact that you think it's a legitimate way to behave publicly leads me to believe I'd be wasting my time to explain why it ain't.

Glad you labeled it "satire," however.

Anonymous said...

All I'm trying to do is create a caricature of what I would envision 20 years of sitting in a hate on whitey church would really look like.

I'm absolutely amazed that Obama's getting a free pass from the media for attending a racist church for 20 years. All I'm doing is posting comments that have been made by Obama's pastor, Obama's wife, Obama himself and some noted Obama supporters and saying, SPEAK THE TRUTH, MY BROTHA. If you find racism in that, you have to look at the comments that I'm responding to, not this assumed identity I created that celebrates those comments.

Anonymous said...

...dude, your site is not cool and it perpetuates the negative. If you weren't there to see it or hear it, if you do not have experience to understand context or the lack thereof, than you're pushing rumor, hearsay and half/non-truth and you need to stop. You are buying into the fear and hate, and you are making it seem like we are hating and that is not true. You are fostering hate.

You are judging too much, and you have no right. You are smearing and slandering and you need to stop. Your site is offensive to me dude, and it's a shame. Maybe you should pick up the bass and let your negative vibes come out thru the strings, get into a groove and let your inner voice open up your mind to your wrong doing.

Dog, you are wrong, plain and simple. Stop it dude, up and go positive. Or at least get out of the negative for you will inevitably reap what you sow,'s a Karmic thang guy.


Anonymous said...

@fishesalot -

My site is focused on the negative because I think the media has hailed Barack Obama as the Second Coming of Christ and they're so caught up in the concept, they're not even doing their job in properly vetting this man who would be president. I just can't allow Barack Obama to get away with first defending Reverend Wright, to then distancing himself from Reverend Wright to finally disavowing him. After all that capitulating, Obama acted like it was that final press conference where Wright finally crossed the line, but the truth is, it was the same hate on whitey message that he'd been selling for 20 years, the only difference (and maybe the real cause for Obama's outrage) was he called Obama out for just being your typical politician, saying whatever politicians have to say and doing whatever politicians have to do to get elected.

There is nothing I would love more than to be proven wrong about Obama, but I just can't see anything but more misery and malaise coming from a guy who looks to me like where the government isn't, he's going to find a way for it to be there, and where the government already is, he's going to find a bigger roll for it to play. I can only seem him as someone who will deepen the dependence of the poor on the government.

Obama talks a great game about unity and bi-partisanship, but I think there's two Obamas, the one who can inspire with well-rehearsed speeches like no other, and the one we get glimpses of when he thinks he's off the record. I think it would be a great disservice if we allowed the media to only show us the public consumption version and not question all the background and the comments and the associations of this man who would be president.

STAND FOR CHANGE, CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN, man maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just far too cynical, but I look at Obama and then I see all those shiny happy people waving those signs and I just have to roll my eyes in disgust at their naivety. This is the same old liberalism we've seen time and time again.

I have a pure heart though, man. I come here knowing full well the wrath I'm going to face because I come here seeking knowledge. I want to be educated. I need to think this through and ask myself if power2obama might end up being that kind of karma you allude to that's spoken of in The Secret - whatever you think about, you bring about - regardless of how you think about it - holy crap, I hope they're wrong about that because the last thing I want to do is help bring Obamian Socialism to America.

Thembi Ford said...

I have so much to say. But yet I'm also hungry. = why I sweat you.

All I'm trying to do is create a caricature of what I would envision 20 years of sitting in a hate on whitey church would really look like.

I'm confused as to why, if you're so certain that that church was a 'hate on whitey' church, Obama wasn't half upset. Do you just think that Obama is a self-hating man? I hate to even encourage you to respond but I really want to understand how people who believe that Obama hates white people can do so when he was raised by white people...

Also wondering why you'd attribute your mediocre guitar stlyings to your real name while remaining anonymous with your political "satire". I don't play the guitar but I listen to a lot of classic rock so I'm just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

My mediocre guitar stylings?


It's actually called a BASS.

And I assume you're referring to the single riff I played promoting a pair of gloves? It's a riff, not the sum total of my work as a bassist. I've gigged in a lot of different venues playing a lot of different types of music. But enough of your slams on my "mediocre guitar stylings".

I've asked myself the same thing about Obama - his book Dreams of my Father is all about his quest to abandon the white half that raised him in search of the black half that abandoned him. I've always wondered that and wanted to ask him that myself, why is it that we never hear him speak of anything other than his choice to identify himself as the black candidate. If he is the great uniter that he likes to pass himself off as, shouldn't we, at least every now and then, hear a word or two about his perspective as a man who's half white? It seems to me he's abandoned that half completely.

Undercover Black Man said...

I come here knowing full well the wrath I'm going to face...

Well, Mike, since you're expecting wrath...

Be honest: You'd suck Stanley Clarke's dick if you had a chance, wouldn't you? ;^D

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I have great respect for Stanley Clarke, but I'm more of a James Jamerson guy.

Anonymous said...

...well player, what can I say, you seem to have it all figured out. There's a lot of "I think", "seems to me", and "I just can't allow.." in your spewl dude. Simple fact is, America is growing and you need to grow with it. Stop being afraid, and stop feeding the resident fear in others. What we need now is to work together as Americans and stop the racist, divisive, bullshit.

Fuck the media, they had their chance to slay Obama but they couldn't come up with much to use against him. Why was that, it was because there ain't much dirt out there on him. Dude, he's pretty much straight up and he's a positive force. If you would let go long enough to truly hear and feel him you would realize that he has America's best interest in mind, and you would feel the hope and longing that we feel. A hope that America can be healed, that our young soldiers can be saved, our children better educated, that our economy can become sound, and that the racial divisions can be mended.

Karma is real fellow, trust me, for I have been bitten back many times for bad moves that I knowingly made in life. Take your site down and find something positive to do to help make our country better. It is really not about Black against White, it is about the haves/have mores against everyone else. Dude, don't you want cleaner air to breathe, a more peaceful world, cheaper gas, and more bang for your buck? Shit, I know Obama is not the messiah but I do honestly feel that he will try to make positive changes for all Americans. Dude, he is Black and White, both physically and psychologically and I am hoping that he has the best of both within him.

Shit guy, it's time for change and you need to look in the mirror and get to know the new dude looking back at you. Tear your shit down because it is negative and your best move now is to tear it down, fight the pain, and grow - commit now dude, commit.


bty, Jameson played with one finger and Jaco loved to pluck above the bridge pickup in his fretless - more thump. Stop it guy.

Anonymous said...

You know,

...everything Obama says IS from the perspective of a person who is half White. It is just as impossible for him to abandon his Whiteness as it is for him not to be considered Black in America. It's that simple,'ve been hearing it all the time see.

A wise man once said, "I am what I am and thats all that I am".


Unknown said...

@you know who

wow. what a way to completely misunderstand and misinterpret his memoir. you show a complete lack of understanding about race and racial identity and trivialize his experiences as a multiracial man. he's always acknowledged both sides of his heritage; to seek to understand one side isn't to abandon the other side.

Anonymous said...

@fishesalot - isn't it amazing how different two people's perspectives can be? I see the media as totally in the tank for Obama, if you remember the SNL skit where Hillary and Obama were in a debate and they were just excoriating Hillary with their questions for her and then completely fawning for Obama with softballs for him, the reason it was funny and received so much play was because it was so spot on with the media and their love affair and double standard through the primaries. It's gotten no better from what I see.

None of my inspiration for power2obama comes from fear, it comes from wanted to expose this great uniter for who he truly is, through his associations, the comments of his racist pastor and his supporters, his wife and even his own comments. I think those comments deserve to be highlighted because I think he's a fraud, plain and simple. The thought of a black president though, that's something I truly look forward to seeing one day, just not some slick-talking rehash of naive college campus Marxism, that's all.

Re: Jamerson - when I said I'm more of a James Jamerson guy, I didn't mean it from a technique point of view, as if I was in that mold, I was talking just from a standpoint of appreciation of what he did with the bass.

But again, my negativity on Obama has nothing to do with his blackness, it has to do with the fact that I think he's a fraud with all his lofty rhetoric and I think he's a straight-up socialist and absolutely the wrong direction for America.

@teresa - I can totally get that desire for self-discovery he must have had, but I just have never once heard anything other than Obama talking about his perspective from the black half. The only time I ever even heard him make mention of it was when he threw granny under the bus and then called her a "typical white person" the next day.

Undercover Black Man said...

... I just have never once heard anything other than Obama talking about his perspective from the black half.

Then you missed this.

Anonymous said...

...well dude, seems like you've got it all figured out.

But you still just don't get this - we are one!

So with that, I'm off to catch some MMA.


Kristin said...

@You know who

This was not an attempt to expose Obama or those close to him as racist. This was a poor attempt to incite fear. You sir are pandering to the lower dregs of society with your website. You seek to continue the indoctrination of hate and maliciousness. You attempt to cover your seediness with the guise of: Obama must be vetted when in actuality you are a COWARD! A COWARD that must clock his website with pro African themes as a subliminal message that anything African or African-American is not American. Well sir I am African –American and your site is not only offensive but it is blatant that you use the imagery in a way that spurs and stimulates hate and fear. You are a COWARD.

Anonymous said...

Nice commercial. My, I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don't have that too often...

Listen, I really don't care if he's in tune with his black half or his white half or whatever, I just focused on the racist stuff coming from his pastor and his supporters and his own mouth because it was the most blatant example of the great divide between the Christ-like figure the media is trying to spoon feed us and the real Obama that's arrogant, condescending and has no problem hanging out with terrorists and racists.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Now I'm starting to really think he's on the GOP payroll, y'all. He does nothing but stress the Hannity-style talking points. I think he's making money hanging out here.

Anonymous said...

@jazzy - The website is whatever you make it to be, for me, I posted it to counter the storyline being pushed by Obama's sycophants in the media's that he is this great post-partisan savior of politics.

I hear you though. I've thought about it, and I don't want to win anything by playing on people's ignorance and fears, so for anyone who was confused, I spelled it out in no uncertain terms - warning: blatant political satire. May it inspire you to question the hype.

Anonymous said...

...racists GOP spy says huh/what...

Michael Fisher said...

While I fail too see why that site warrants 62 plus comments, what exactly is your problem with the site, David? Is it because of his masquerading, as a black man?

Seems to me that certain other folks keep doing the same thing.

The man says:

"it comes from wanted to expose this great uniter for who he truly is, through his associations, the comments of his racist pastor and his supporters, his wife and even his own comments."

Do you not yourself agree with the assessment that Rev. Wright is a "black racist"?

Do you not yourself agree that the black nationalists which the man displays on his site are racist or at the very least divisive and counter-productive?

So where, exactly, is your political difference with him?

The fact that he questions Obama's sincerity after Obama disavowed Wright and the church after membership of 20 odd years is only logical. I guess he just ain't one of them white folks who Obama has convinced yet. Looks like Obama's gonna have to jump through a few more "conservative" hoops to do so.

But that's besides the point.

Again, politically where do you two differ?

To the man's credit, I do have to say that he, at least not on his website, has called into question black people's mental acuity on a genetic basis even.

Anonymous said...

@UBM - not at all, man. You ever hear that saying, "Question authority?" Right now, Obama is the candidate the media is trying to sell America on. I have serious questions about the two Obamas, the public speech-making Obama and the one who attended a racist church for 20 years and makes condescending remarks about entire groups of people when he feels he's safely behind closed doors. I have serious questions about whether we're going to be treated to the bi-partisan candidate that talks a great game about transcending party lines, or the real Barack Obama whose voting record shows us a guy who is in lock-step with the liberal line every time he makes a vote.

Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

Thanks for the hard work. It bore fruit.

rikyrah said...

I want to thank you for your work.

Though I'll reiterate; no real Black person uses ' Whitey'.

But, kick ass undercover work, UBM.

Thembi Ford said...

@you know who

Like I said, I don't know if it's John Deacon or Brian May who's playing, I just listen and hum along.

But why do you think he's defined himself as the black candidate as opposed to the media having done that for him? UBM has posted his latest ad, which has NO black people in it, and where he talks about his upbringing, etc. Since I personally think that Obama has done a great job of appealing to all Americans, how is he defining himself as the black candidate, other than expressing an understanding of how the black community feels on some issues (which, ideally, any candidate that can claim to speak for America should have)?

Sorry for all of the questions but I dont get to dialogue with people of your ilk very often.

Anonymous said...

>> Though I'll reiterate; no real Black person uses ' Whitey'. <<

Gil Scott Heron is a real black person, Whitey on the Moon is definitely worth a listen if you haven't heard it.

@thembi - yes, I guess with the new commercial definitely they're definitely working to stress his white half, but taking the Race Speech he made in Philly as an example (you know, that speech the media was trumpeting as "Lincoln-esque", a veritable modern-day Sermon on the Mount) it was as if his whole perspective was from a black point of view, the only time he made any mention of his white half was to throw granny under the bus.

The opportunity to elect our first black president is something special, like your first time, you know. When it happens, it's going to be right up there with George Washington as our first president. I just hate to see it wasted on a typical garden-variety leftist who thinks for every problem there must be a government solution.

BTW, glad to give you an opportunity to speak with a person of my ilk. LOL.

Undercover Black Man said...

Upthread, Mike Cornelison wrote of his political tactics: "I don't want to win anything by playing on people's ignorance and fears..."

But here's an example of his deceit and skullduggery, beyond the pages of his "satire" site. He posted this comment Saturday on's GretaWire forum:

"F all you Hillary supporters. We don’t need you old bags anyways. Barack Obama is going to be the next president and there’s nothing you can do about it. ALL POWER 2 THE PEOPLE!"

Uncool. Most uncool.

Anonymous said...

@ubm - I was doing it as a lark, what can I say, I've seen that attitude elsewhere and just went with the vibe. Shit, you can't tell me you haven't seen the very same sentiment all over the place with the Harriet Christian video at YouTube. F all you old bags, we don't need you anyways. That's straight off the comments there.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ The problem is, you want to think it's a lark. But a "false flag" operation is a tactic of war.

You don't see (or admit to seeing) you own tactics as destructive and uncivil.

I do appreciate your hanging around her taking shots today. But man... we shouldn't tolerate "dirty tricks" in our politics. Say and stand by what you believe... without conjuring fantasy Negroes to serve your poisonous aims.

Anonymous said...

@ubm - you're right, you know. And thanks for giving me some props for sticking around to take the shots.

I started P2O with a Machiavellian attitude, but even before you outed me, I began to look at some of the comments I was getting and while I thought it was funny to see people getting worked up over it, it also started dawning on me that just because I see Obama as nothing more than a false prophet who needs to be exposed, getting people to see him for who he really is might not completely justify it if one of the byproducts of it is that for some, I'm only widening the divide.

Then I would look at something from the other side like that bullshit Baby Alex ad that ran knowing full well that the 100 years line is completely out of context, omiting the "as long as they're not in harms way" that was essential to what McCain was talking about and I'd look at those tactics and think about how George Soros had paid for $40 million more where that came from and I'd be back in the midset that all's fair in love and war.

Yeah well, you definitely made me realize that it's bullshit to be a part of that kind of dishonesty, so a lesson learned and here's to the full disclosure you inspired.

Thordaddy said...

Mr. Mills,

Your blog title "Racist political witchcraft" is pure hyperbole. This is really tame stuff and in no way reflects anything remotely "racist" unless you are subtly suggesting the racism of the site's subject as Fisher has done.

In fact, the repeated claim that this site is meant to draw on the fear and ignorance of white people just seems like another episode involving self-deluding blacks.

I thought blacks were embroiled in fear and ignorance due to racism and oppression?

Can you like-minded black folks make up your minds?

Thordaddy said...

you know who,

When you acquiesce to the notion that you are "widening the divide," what are you actually admitting to?

Is this thing good or bad?

If you are widening your distance, i.e. separating yourself from the likes of Obama, Reverend Wright and Louis Farrakan (and persuading others to do the same), then aren't you necessarily doing a good thing and hence calling in to question your original acquiesence?

Michael Fisher said...

Once again, David. What are your fundamental political differences with this individual?






Anonymous said...

@thordaddy - by saying in some cases this approach to attacking Obama was widening the divide, what I meant was that by portraying myself as a whitey-hating black man, I was giving maybe a few highly-suggestible people one more reason to feel more polarized in the racial divide.

You look at Obama launching his career in the home of domestic terrorist William Ayers, you look at the 20 year relationship with Reverend write, the Hamas endorsement, Castro seeing in Obama a fellow "progressive", the kind words from the North Korean newspaper, the praise from Qadhafi, the list goes on and on and on . . . There are enough America-haters and black separatists lining up behind Obama for me not to feel the need to invent a character to add another to the list. So I felt it best to just to go with the full disclosure - this is a satirical site, but it's a pretty logical extension taken directly from the comments of Obama's pastor, his wife, his supporters and comments he's made himself. ALL POWER 2 THE PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...

Damn you-know, you still up in here!

I think you've blown your wad and it's probably time for you to go now. Shit, in my mind you are fear/hate driven and your approach is fraudulent, it's just that simple. Free speech is free speech so have at it, but dude, put your own face up there and maybe some swastikas or triple-K's, ...take that Black/Red/Green facade down. Cause fellow, if you are going to character-assassinate, at least have the courage and integrity to show your face and not be a "Watermelon Man". Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I almost thought we had made some progress and found some common ground, you and I. But don't blame the messenger for the message. All I'm doing is posting the words of Obama's Pastor, his supporters, his wife and the words from his own mouth and saying, "SPEAK THE TRUTH, BROTHA."

So where am I wrong in showing what it looks like when you agree with that?

Anonymous said...

We have made progress, we have had dialogue.

You are saying speak the truth, you demand the truth, but you can't recognize the truth, so you are in a no-win state of mind. Others have dug up bullshit rhetoric and out of context blurbs and publicized that in an attempt to stop Obama, to stop him not because he is Black but because he posses a possible threat to the have/more status quo. People like you are running with the trash and buying into the racist/divisive angle and you're really cutting your own throats. Black folk don't hate White folk, ...shit, if you know your history, that would equate to self-hate for the majority of us. You don't understand our history or what it takes to have survived as Black people that is why you are afraid of Wright, Obama, and others. Shit dude, I know this sounds wack but you can bet that Wright doesn't hate White folk regardless of how threatening he may sound, ... thing is, you and some others don't have the experience to understand that. I feel for ya because you are afraid player and you can't see the forest for the trees. America can no longer exist as an island unto itself, wielding an iron fist against the world. Dude, we need to work it out together, on a national and global level, otherwise if there's a hell below we're all gonna go. And dude, you will be judged on that day, be it by a higher power or by the law of cause-and-effect, judged as a man of peace and humility, or one of venemous works and trouble-making.


Thembi Ford said...

taking the Race Speech he made in Philly as an example (you know, that speech the media was trumpeting as "Lincoln-esque", a veritable modern-day Sermon on the Mount) it was as if his whole perspective was from a black point of view, the only time he made any mention of his white half was to throw granny under the bus.

That speech was one of the few times that Obama actually talked race, and he was doing so to explain a mentality that exists in the black community. Why and how could he do that from a 'white point of view'? Black people never needed to have any of Rev Wrights comments explained to them, and that was the intent of his speech - to explain something to America that black folks already knew but the majority is not aware of or has not thought about. But if things were the other way around and he needed to enlighten black people on a mentality that exists in the white community, what makes you so sure that he wouldnt do so from a 'white perspective' (however you define such a thing)?

Anonymous said...

...Thembi, thank you my sister.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE hearing that Obama gets no negative coverage in the media. It confirms my hope and belief that Fox news, the New York Post, and talk radio are NOT media, but masterbatory cults.

Nice work UBM.

Phelps said...

Black people never needed to have any of Rev Wrights comments explained to them, and that was the intent of his speech - to explain something to America that black folks already knew but the majority is not aware of or has not thought about. But if things were the other way around and he needed to enlighten black people on a mentality that exists in the white community, what makes you so sure that he wouldnt do so from a 'white perspective' (however you define such a thing)?

Didn't Tiger Woods do the same thing (trying to explain to black people that "lynching" isn't automatically racist) and get promptly ignored by black people?

Anonymous said...

I'm not afraid of anything, fishesalot. My point in creating the site is to expose Obama for who he is instead of this false prophet, Second Coming of Christ the media is trying to sell people on.

It doesn't make me a hater simply because I refuse to buy into the hype and go along with this myth they're trying to sell people on Obama as this post-racial savior. Bullshit, look at the church he sat in for 20 years. Look at the message of blame everything on rich white people and how he exposed his children to that divisive, victimist mentality.

I'm not afraid of anything. I look forward to the day we can elect our first black president. Let's just not waste that historic moment on this false profit who claims to be post-racial but who plays the race card whenever it suits him. Let's not waste that historic first on some guy who promises change but offers nothing more than a rehash of socialism and the tired liberal belief that for every problem, there must be a government solution.

Unknown said...

@you know who...

"whitey on the moon" was released, i believe, in 1974. so you're reaching back over 3 decades to bolster your idea of real black folks calling people whitey. makes me wonder the last time you've actually had a conversation with anyone of color IRL.

and.... trinity is not a white-hating, rapidly "victimist" church. i've attended a few services there, and it is far from that. i don't agree with everything jeremiah wright said, but critiquing a system of opression doesn't make you a victimologist. and news flash: white people actually belong to that church.

you keep saying that barack is a racist, terrorist-loving socialist. and on the other hand, we've got nader dismissing him as being too centrist and "trying to talk white." reminds me of the parable about the blind men and the elephant. you're "seeing" what you want to see, and being willfully blind.

but i think that you enjoy being the center of attention here.

Anonymous said...

So I guess I dated myself with the Gil reference, is whitey no longer part of the lingo? I consider Gil Scott one of the great poets of our time, even now I think he's far more insightful and relevant than most the shit they're slinging in rap music today, so that's why I used the reference. As far as whether whitey is still being used or not - I guess we'll have to see if that Michelle tape really exists or not. My guess is, if it did exist, Hillary would have released it by now . . .

So if whitey is out of date, what would be the commonly used slur these days?

And no, I'm in Orange County, CA where all my friends and neighbors are either white or hispanic, so unfortunately, so I'm not given all that much chance to speak with (what's the phrase I keep hearing here?) people of your ilk, but this is a matter of demographics and definitely through no choice of my own.

Regarding being the center of attention here, sure, it's nice to get a little pub, but more importantly, I was slandered as a racist for doing nothing other than posting comments from Obama supporters and Obama himself and showing what it would look like for someone to cheer that on.

And I also come here seeking knowledge and perspective and I thank you for providing a little of both.

Undercover Black Man said...

So if whitey is out of date, what would be the commonly used slur these days?


Anonymous said...

LOL. Okay, so Gomer is out, Goober is out, Ofay is in.

See, I really am learning a lot by joining the discussion here. Thanks for making it all possible, UBM. *serious*

Anonymous said...

How about the old classic, "cracker", is that one still used?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ The classics never go out of style.

Anonymous said...

This is great. A man who's been impersonating a black man online and also been derisive to the opinions of a large group of black people has just admitted, without a hint of irony, to not actually being well acquainted with any black people. That is simply hilarious.

But I gotta ask, why is anybody still talking to this guy? As a general rule, I consider anybody who, with a straight face, uses that "He threw his granny under the boss" talking point not worth talking to.

Dollar Bill said...

A "man" who is providing a valuable service for us by providing "The Truth".

He is not afraid of anything,to the extent that he uses his real identity and his own words.

Even if the content of his website were all lies,at least he is upfront and honest about who he is and what his motivations are.

What a American hero.

His version of truth and honesty have far more integrity and transparency than any politician to be sure!

Perhaps,we can get some white paint for Obama,so he may begin to practice this improved form of truth without fear.

Phelps said...

white people actually belong to that church.

So... the "Some of my best friends are black" is back in effect?

Anonymous said...

I prefer to be called a "Yakoo"

Dollar Bill said...

We need to stop trying to edumacate this killer klown kharacter as he is now tweaking his site with your suggestion,not to change the message,but set himself up with some"I'm not racist" defences.
Still failing miserably though.

Stand behind your beliefs or go audition for you community theatre's production of Othello if you want to pretend to be someone you're not.

I have and will continue to have dialogs with Nazi Skins,who whilst lost,lonely,hate filled & ignorant,just like you,have the courage to step forward from the shadows of the type of deceitful trickery that you hide in.

You don't even truly believe the hate qand misinformation you are spewing or you would be upfront on your own page.

It's ok,the word is out and will continue to spread,you are in the dark and the real truth,shines even in the dark corners of your world.

Play time's over,go home.

Unknown said...


no, far from it. this commentary from William A. Von Hoene Jr., a trinity parishioner, may provide a little perspective: (i'm not too skilled with links, so bear with me):

Unknown said...

Shikamoo? That means "food-crazy" in Farsi. It gets even weirder!

Unknown said...

Well now I'm reading shikamoo also means "I give you respect", or literally "I hold your feet", in Swahili, which makes more sense, as it's in accord with the bizarre race-fixation this guy seems to have.

Dollar Bill said...

Enjoy the fruits of your labour as you will have a bumper crop coming in.

I highly recomend others do the same,allowing us to give a crash course in business and PR.

Anonymous said...

Bravo.. Good catch. I expect this to happen on a regular basis from now until the election..Keep up the good work..

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with simply quoting Obama's pastor, his wife, his supporters and Obama himself in his own words and simply saying, "Speak the truth, brotha!"

Don't blame the messenger for the message.

Undercover Black Man said...

Oh shnap... Mike Cornelison pulled down his "Shredies" video from YouTube. It's a damn shame. He was spankin' that bass sooo hard!!

Anonymous said...

I am so fucked. The hate mail is coming in from all corners. I just ruined myself online and I only have myself to blame. I was just so furious that people were buying this great uniter line and I wanted to create a little creative exercise in what it would be like to see someone who bought into every ounce of hate Reverend Wright and the like were willing to spoonfeed him. What a painful fucking lesson to learn. And no, I'm not asking for sympathy, I'm just stating the facts.

Dollar Bill said...

To Mike's credit,he has agreed that the bad outweighs his perceived good and has removed the site.

Even if it is only one person at a time,if you take a moment to talk with people and listen,positive results and changes can take place.

I truly hope this is the case with Mike and he can move forward and pass positivity and understanding on to others,instead of fear,hate and misunderstanding.

Anonymous said...

Thank you DJ. Thank you for your forgiveness and your understanding.

I wish I would have had this revelation before getting outed, but I hope people will now visit the site and realize that the words I leave behind there come from the heart.

None of this came from a standpoint of hate. I had this mindset that fearmongering was as much a part of politics as campaign promises only God Himself could deliver on. To me this website was just the 2008 version of that classic LBJ commercial that ushered in the TV age of political advertising:

But my spiritual awakening is for real. If we beat Obama, let not be because we played on people's fears, but because our candidate was able to communicate a better vision for the future.

I have been humbled by this experience, but I am also a better person for it.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I checked out your site just now, did the right thing dude. So, let the candidates duke it out mano o mano, and may the best man win the good fight - fairly. Dude, you should bust out that bass and get with it, that's your gift man. So I'm gonna hope that you continue to move toward the positive, cause for all of us man it's baby steps dude, baby steps.


Thordaddy said...


Next time you decide to start the good fight and then roll over, think of this degenerate and ask yourself whether riling up a few yahoos was worth your concession?

And after that, ask yourself whether that black punk took the words of Newton, Farrakan, Wright and Obama seriously? Ask yourself whether he was really a victim of racism or whether he was the ideological byproduct of the above mentioned racial hucksters?

maria said...

i am so NOT impressed. give him a few days. he'll be back sewing hate, disinformation and pretending to be an obama fan spreading malicious falsehoods somewhere else.

i will rest easy, tho, because DM is on the case!

Anonymous said...

Maria - if I'm being accused of "racist political witchcraft", the only racism I was promoting were DIRECT QUOTES from Obama's pastor, his wife, his supporters and Obama's own words himself.

My mistake was in promoting that racism at all, even though it was THEIR racism, not mine.

If you read me at my own words on these comments, I hope you'll be able to see that I'm not just paying lip service to being sorry just because I was outed. If it makes you feel better, I'm completely humiliated for trying to push a website I wanted absolutely no connection with. UBM was completely correct when he said it - [i]Say and stand by what you believe.[/i] So I'm not feeling sorry for myself no matter how brutal this lesson has been, because I was wrong in putting something up on the Internet that I wanted no part of being associated with.

I'm going to have to ask God for forgiveness for playing on white fear as a means to an end. If you want to keep hating on me and you refuse to see the sincerity in my apologies, then that's completely on you.

maria said...

don't flatter youself, bub...i don't hate you; i don't care enough to have any personal feelings for you beyond pity.

time to go, mate!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying.

Undercover Black Man said...

give him a few days. he'll be back sewing hate, disinformation and pretending to be an obama fan spreading malicious falsehoods somewhere else.

I must say, Maria, it wouldn't surprise me. Skullduggery seems to come easy to Mike. He seems to think all is fair in politics.

The most depressing thing about this whole kerfuffle is that someone as otherwise cool as Mike (one can't pop the bass without being cool!) would so readily embrace the anything-goes political tactics of deception and manipulation.

Dollar Bill said...

You may turn out to be right David,but when you have low expectaions for people,when you tell them they will fail,only the strongest can or will try to, prove you wrong.

Sometimes,we need to have a little faith and encouragement in the weak,in order for them to feel we are rooting for them and want them to better themselves.

I don't expect Mike to change his life and way of thinking overnight,but,don't want to dismiss the possibility.

I want to think of who he could be,not who he was.

After all isn't one of the buzz words "HOPE", supposed to be for everyone?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Canadians are too damn nice.

Dollar Bill said...

Try it,you might like it!LOL

Desert Man said...

Well, I know I'll just throw gasoline on a fire, and that anybody can write anything here, but I am a former Black Panther from Chicago, (Fred Hampton, Mark Clark, Bobby Rush and Dec. 4 1969 for those who know) and also Republican candidate for the California legislature in 1984. What those two stances had in common and what they have in common with where I am now (apolitical) is that I never bought into the Democrat bullshit. "You Know Who" is all Republican and all McCain, neither of whom or which I have time for, but he I agree with him about one thing. Democrat thinking has rained shit on black folks ever since we bought into it with JFK.

Many of you are too young to realize it and Lord knows the Democrat run schools won't emphasize it, but Blacks were at least 50-50 split between the parties until JFK. The GOP was the party of abolitionists and the Dems were the party of the South and the Klan, so for almost a century a large number of Blacks wanted nothing to do with the Dems. Most Blacks loved Eisenhower and what he did in Little Rock against the segregationist Dems.

After Kennedy called MLK in prison everything changed and the Black Democrat era began. Since that time EVERY SINGLE BLACK COMMUNITY has gotten worse. Every one has been run by Democrats on almost every level for more than 40 years. I grew up in Chicago (Harlan High!) and then LA (Crenshaw Cougars!) and both of the neighborhoods where I used to live that were once filled with hope and the best and the brightest have now become cesspools of hatred and victimhood all encouraged by the Dems. As long as people hate and feel like victims they will vote Dem. The Dems are the self-proclaimed party of the downtrodden. It stands to reason then that the more downtrodden people there are the more votes they get. Their polices of inferior, inadequate, and irrelevant education and their insistence on government assistance for us ensures failure and more votes for them.

I don't know What's his names motivation and I don't care. But he is right about the Dems and any candidate they field. It doens't matter the gender or race. They will sell you out for more votes and power as they have done for decades. Just like a vampire, the weaker you get, the more powerful they get.

Let the shit storm begin.

Thordaddy said...

you know who,

So you were humbled by the browbeating of a bunch of radical leftists and black supremacists?

Your "crime" was to realistically impersonate a black supremacist and in turn you riled up a few white yahoos?

What do you think of this a black thug who took the oratory and writing of Obama, Farakkan, Newton and Wright to heart?

Do you not realize that when you engage your adversaries and then fold like a cheap suit under the combined weight of these intellectual midgets, you necessarily embolden their fanaticism?

Anonymous said...

@thor - if it looks to you like I'm folding like a cheap suit, so be it. In reality, my personal revelation through this all is that no matter how offensive I find the racist quotes I was highlighting with the website, no matter how legitimate I think it is to call Obama's judgment into question for attending that church for 20 years, I've I'm working to promote the racism of Obama's pastor, his wife, his supporters and the closed door comments he made himself, if I'm working to promote THEIR racism as a reason not to vote for Obama, I still end up promoting racism. And the evidence of how wrong my method was is right here on this thread, with the anger of Obama supporters and the support of people such as yourself, posting links to articles about a couple black men killing a couple whites for a grand total of $2. That doesn't prove anything. Shall I link to an article about how some white guy named Hitler was responsible for starting a war which killed 40 - 60 million?


For all the abuse I've subjected myself here (through no one's fault but my own) I see two very bright signs of hope right here in this conversation:

One, I see some people not only talking the talk, but living true to the word "hope" in believing my sincerity here, because they can believe that my heart is in the right place no matter how convoluted my methods may have been with P2O.

Two, I also see a post from James which is arguing much of what I was saying, not from my perspective of a white guy hoping the best for the black community, but from a black man who lives in that community. I hope and pray that everyone who happens on this conversation will give some real serious consideration to what James has to say.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Argue whatever you wish, Mike. Nobody's bitching about I'd rather mix it up with you than the pro-Hillary nutcakes at No Quarter.

Most people who comment here welcome a good debate. Thordaddy is a straight-up white nationalist, and he's welcome here.

I just find the "false flag" shit intolerable deceitful.

Anonymous said...

Nothing you've said has been lost on me here. I think I did good work with the black power flag, but what I should have done was to use my own voice, post the picture of Hillary and Richardson with hand over heart in front of the flag, Obama without and then said maybe Obama would hold his hand over his heart if the flag looked like this . . .

Speaking of welcoming a good debate, I'd be curious to see what you have to say regarding the post James made.

Anonymous said...

^ I was ready to go with DJ and give you the benefit of the doubt, but that hand-over-heart bullshit shows me that you're not as contrite as you say. Bah.

Dollar Bill said...

I wasn't looking for him to change his opinions or beliefs Dez,just to present them honestly,as himself.

Thordaddy said...

you know who,

You seek to expose the racism of various black supremacists and I hand you a logically plausible byproduct of such hate preach and you make some irrelevant quip about Hitler?

Damn, are you that clueless?

Why so impassioned about exposing Obama's ties with radical black supremacists if there are NO real consequence to their hate preach?

Is the irony not lost on you? You get browbeat into concession on account of riling up a few yahoos while you blithely dismiss the plausible consequence of that which you claim desire to expose. said...

@dez - The conversion I had here was about my methods with P2O, I didn't trade in my brain for that of a big government loving liberal.

@thor - I don't see the connection between the two-dollar thugs and the sort of preaching that exploits and promotes racial division. The article you posted just seemed . . . . random. A random example of two depraved criminals. Unfortunately, degenerates like these abound in every race.

Thordaddy said...

you know who,

Do you bandy about randomly?

What about two black degenerates traveling elsewhere in order to forcibly rob others signifies randomness?

Do you believe there are consequences to the type of radical black hate preach that you were so impassioned to expose?

Logically-speaking, you must have understood that such extreme racial rhetoric must have consequences.

The question is why do you think two black thugs traveling to murder then rob two white men was just your average random act of hatred.

Remember, you CONCEDED the fact that you were creating a racially violent situation with the impersonation of a black supremacist. Yet, you did not see the reaction to your site in terms of pure randomness. Why not? said...

My problem with Barack Obama attending that church is manyfold, the lack of judgment he exhibited, this man who would be president didn't even have the common sense to leave that church from a purely political standpoint like Oprah did 6 years ago, from a moral standpoint, the hypocrisy of it, Axelrod and the media able to sell this guy as the great post-racial hope for America when his church of 20 years preys on selling a damaging message of division and victimization . . .

But as damaging as I think that sort of backwards-looking message is to the black community as a whole, as much as I see it calls Obama's judgment into question and dispels the myth the media is trying to sell us on casting Obama as this great post-racial savior, the article to me is just two degenerates who need to be removed from society and locked away forever. I don't think these guys were in church very much to seize on a message blaming their lot in life on the white man, but if they were, then you're right, one more product of the teachings of hate.

maria said...

thor--can you and UKW take this outside, please?

i guess DM has the right to welcome you but i have no idea why he does.

you are as reprehensible, reactionary and as uniformed as UKW. said...

Exactly how am I uninformed? Or is your only purpose here to sling insults?

Anonymous said...

@DJ, sorry I misread you. I was going through this thread while battling food poisoning, so I apologize that I misunderstood.

@YKW--Whatever, dude. It's not "big government liberals" wanting to crawl up my uterus and tell me what to do with it.

Dollar Bill said...

No worries Dez.

I remember food poisoning and it's mental and physical toll.

Hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Thordaddy is pretty pathetic.

Thordaddy said...

maria and anustus,

I think Mr. Mills envisions his blog as a lightweight-free zone.

If either one of you has a particular dispute with what I've said, then please articulate your disagreement? Anything less and you're just hecklers in the stands.

Thordaddy said...

you know who,

Do you not understand that you are operating under two different standards in regards to how you analyze racial phenomena?

Your two positions are as follow:

When attacked by black supremacists and radical leftists you acquiesce and rationalize and justify their grievances.

When criticized and shown a plausibly-logical consequence of the hate preach in which you were impassioned to expose, you go completely irrational. You are reluctant to admit consequences and you inexplicable attach random actions to methodical predators.

I wish you would elaborate a little more on this latter line of thinking?

Is the murder of whites by blacks NOT a logical consequence of the kind of radical black hate preach that many of us are already aware of?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ For pity's sake, Thordaddy... if criminal-minded blacks had internalized the preachments of black nationalists, why would they be murdering black males at a volume of 20 per day, every day?

Thordaddy said...

Mr. Mills,

As far as I know, the only people these two black predators murdered were white.

But nonetheless, are you claiming that there are NO consequences to radical black hate preach while simultaneously pushing the idea that Mike of Power2Obama was inciting potentially violent white supremacists?

Undercover Black Man said...

... pushing the idea that Mike of Power2Obama was inciting potentially violent white supremacists?

Who-da-fuck said such? You're arguing with the voices inside your head, slim.

Thordaddy said...

Mr. Mills,

"Racist political withcraft" was the title of this blog entry.

Can you articulate what you meant with this title and how anything less than incitement of white yahoos would call for such an over-the-top description of the Power2Obama site?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Mike's goal was to sabotage Obama's candidacy through the manipulation of white people's racial fears by means of deception.

Thordaddy said...

Mr. Mills,

Yet, his "deception" was an attempt to thwart an immoral character with ties to both radical blacks and extreme leftists.

His "deception" exposed ugly truths about black radicalism and its emnity towards ALL white people.

In fact, his "deception" was a necessary survival skill that was nonetheless easily subordinated on account of a plethora of intellectual nitwits arguing that he was inciting white folks while those very same individuals attempt to argue that black hate preach DOES NOT have the same effect of inciting black folks?

How can we take this line of contradiction seriously?

maria said...


this insidious shit goes beyond black-white.

perhaps YKW's point was to turn off white people, but i also think people of ANY COLOR would be turned off thinking obama is a black nationalist radical.

how about it? i can't believe only white people were the target...that was supposed be playing on only white people's fears?

how about just thinking folk everywhere?

so a black voter would be ok with malcolm x in the cabinet? a muslim? a jew?

the website was an insult to any intelligent voter regardless of race, creed or color.

you falsely portrayed obama as a one-dimensional nutcase. as a white voter, i found that SO appealing.

you failed at satire; how are you with irony?

maria said...

you are no better than these people; a lie is a lie. in fact, as a adult with access to the web, you are far worse. said...

The website consisted of DIRECT QUOTES from Obama's pastor, his wife, his supporters and Obama himself. Maybe you need to ask yourself why your getting so upset when the only purpose of the website was to expose this man and his supporters at their own words. Hell yes people are going to take great offense at 20 years of Obama's attendence in the Goddamn America church, hell yes people are going to take offense at Obama's condescending remarks behind closed doors calling small town Americans a bunch of bible thumpin', gun totin' people with an "antipathy toward people who aren't like them." That's some serious stereotyping bigotry from the great uniter, don't you think?

It's interesting - your previous post, you were telling me to take my conversation elsewhere. In fact, it kind of had a redneck ring to it, it almost sounded like you were saying, we don't take too kindly to your kind in these parts . . .

I'm getting some real conflicted signals here, first you tell me to take it elsewhere, now you're sharing links with me, you're really hung up on me, aren't you?

maria said...


no, i just have trouble letting idiots and frauds have the last word.

Phelps said...

It's not "big government liberals" wanting to crawl up my uterus and tell me what to do with it.

Uhh... what do you think "National Healthcare" is?

Anonymous said...

I think national healthcare is a good idea. Especially if it stays away from "faith-based" anything.

Phelps said...

I think national healthcare is a good idea. Especially if it stays away from "faith-based" anything.

If you are worried about reproductive rights, then you should be terrified of the idea of the government being in control of healthcare.

You can't setup government with the assumption that people who think like you are always going to be running it. You have to set it up so that even when your enemies are in control, you are still OK. I would have thought that the last eight years would at least teach lefties that.

If the government employs all the doctors, then they decide what services the doctors offer. With national healthcare, they don't have to ban abortion. They just stop offering it. Maybe not in the administration that passes socialized healthcare, but what about two elections down the road?

Big Man said...

Damn that was a long ass debate.

And I saw what Michael Fisher said, and he had a good point.

And Thor Daddy is funny.

And if James was really a Black Panther and switched to the Republicans during Reagan's tenure then homeboy has some issues. If he watched the crack epidemic and got mad at Democrats, well, what can I say?

Desert Man said...

The crack epidemic was a symptom of a larger epidemic, the victim epidemic, created and nurtured by Democrats for their empowerment. If Black people are feeling weak and victimized who do they vote for? So who benefits from us feeling weak and victimized? THINK PEOPLE. I have learned that neither the party or the president is our savior, but certainly not those vampiric Dems.

And, who was running Black communities during the crack epidemic? Who benefits from poverty and hopelessness? Hmmmm?

Phelps said...

Hey Dez, read it and weep:


Anonymous said...

You obviously have no idea who I supported in this primary. Good-bye! said...

James speaks the truth. A vote for Obama is just a vote for the same old, same old, the same tried and failed promise of spoon-fed equality that's stretched all the way back to LBJ and The Great Society. That same Leftist belief in entitlement over empowerment that has been a total failure for five decades running now.

If James were on the ballot, I'd be proud to cast my vote for him, if I had a last name to go with, I'd probably write the man in.

Big Man said...

Shit, I vote Democrat and I don't live on the government's tit.

And it's funny that Republicans have managed to fool people into believing that they believe in everybody pulling their own weight when the regularly give "welfare" to corporations and rich folks.

Man, politicians are politicians. If you think Republicans have done a good job looking out for the black community and its interests since Nixon, then you are welcome to your opinion. I just don't share your delusion.

Desert Man said...

No one's said the Republicans have done a good job looking out for the Black communities. I said the Democrats have destroyed them. That is beyond question.

The few of you to even comment on this want to attack Republicans. I ask again. Show me a Black community that is thriving. Every single one is sinking and every single one has been run by DEMOCRATS since 1960, so you keep on voting Democrat.

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

Neither Democrats or Republicans will respect us as a voting bloc as long as we stay in the Democrats pocket. Why should they do anything different? They already know how we will vote. GUARANTEED.

Anonymous said...

Look...........the facts are undeniable.

This is a white world......we simply allow you to exist. Period!!

And that could be easily reveresed, so please tone down the rhetoric and acknowledge reality.

Blame your rediculous ancestors for your sorry existance. They sold and traded you to the English, Dutch, Spanish for tobaccoa and alcohol. And Africans are still traffing their own people between tribes and even internationally. So it is a fact that Africans invented, and are still perpetrating slavery.

Good Job !!

Anonymous said...

I'm a McCain supporter but I think this kind of crap stinks. Good job rooting it out and putting it out there for everyone to see. John G