Saturday, June 14, 2008

Obama as ‘sock monkey’


xoites said...

If you have not yet heard about Fred Hobb's comments yesterday, check out my website.

Here is my open letter to him:

Dear Fred Hobbs,

I would like to applaud your recent statement implying Barack Obama is a terrorist. We here at Bigots United for McCain know that John can not possibly win on the issues. We need fine upstanding Americans like you to muddy the waters and cast doubt on the character and frankly the citizenship of the presumptive Democratic Nominee. We simply do not need a black man in office. Do we want our grade school children pointing to Africa on the map thinking it is where they live? No Sir!

If Obama gets in we will not be able to privatize Social Security and the country may very well spend a lot of money on health care for its populous instead of fighting wars in far off exotic lands. By the way, did you know Obama is Exotic? He is! And you can call him that on TV and not have to apologize!

John McCain can’t say so but he appreciates your support so I will say it for him. We love your strong commitment to your race and to the Presidential race being won by a real American who is not black.

Remember! Race, Party and then Country!

Michael Meehan

Executive Director
Bigots United for McCain

Bigots United for McCain dot blogspot dot com

Undercover Black Man said...

Thanks, xoites. Please stay busy with B.U.M.S.!

Here, folks, is what Fred Hobbs is about.

Anonymous said...

You ain't seen nothing yet!

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Almost heaven...