Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The new Black Kids single

The fun young pop group Black Kids – which I’ve blogged about here and here – released a new video last week.

“Hurricane Kids” is the second single off the band’s debut CD, which won’t be out till July (and only in the U.K. at that).

Black Kids are a crazy success story. When I first wrote about them last November, they were a Jacksonville, Fla. band just getting ready to visit England for the first time... because the British music press had written some nice things about them.

Well, they rocked the U.K., and now Black Kids just went back over there for six weeks of steady gigging. (Nine shows are already sold out.)

As for the new video... it’s not as amusing and endearing as their first one (which has racked up nearly 600,000 views on YouTube). But the “Hurricane Kids” hook is my favorite of their hooky little hooks.


Anonymous said...

For a band from Jacksonville, they sound very British.

Michael Fisher said...

Hmmm. Maybe they should better be caller the Undercoverblackkids?