Monday, June 16, 2008

Bonus freebie: Lipbone Redding’s new album

And whom might Lipbone Redding be, you wonder?

Lipbone Redding used to perform in the New York City subways for tips. Before that, he was an avant-garde performance artist.

Right now, Lipbone Redding is a guy with a brand new CD out, and he’s touring the Carolinas and the Mid-Atlantic with his own brand of blue-eyed funk ’n’ soul.

And also with a mouth effect that earned him his nickname.

Dude blows air through his lips to sound like a trombone.

Which is cute and all, but Lipbone can also straight-up sing. And swing.

Now guess what? His new release, “Party on the Fire Escape,” is available as a FREE download – the complete album... or individual tracks of your choosing.

Just follow this link to Lipbone’s official website, and follow the simple instructions. You can also stream any and all tracks on that website’s audio player.

I wish to recommend two tunes in particular, which I’m streaming on my Vox blog:

Click here to hear “Ghetto Girl,” which is Redding doing his most earnest neo-soul thang, complete with wah pedal and cungas.

Then click here and check out “Voodoo Cadillac,” a heaping helping of New Orleans-style jump blues... with an ideally situated lip-trombone solo.

If you dig the boy’s stroke, do take advantage of the freebiosity. Cheers to Lipbone Redding for giving this music away. It’s a damn good way to spread his name around.

UPDATE (06/17/08): Oh shnap! Just that quick, they changed up the whole website; the free album is no longer available. Sorry about that. Too good to last, I guess.

If you like that “Ghetto Girl” joint, though... you can download that one for free by clicking the title below:

“Ghetto Girl” (MP3)
More on this album


Kellybelle said...

I like him. He reminds me of Amos Lee for some reason. This is a weird and irrelevant question, but is he Black?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ White cat. If you got a couple of minutes, check out the video in my upper-right corner... He does the '70s classic "Be Thankful for What You Got."

Undercover Black Man said...

Kellybelle, I'm not hip to Amos Lee. Does he have a black fan base? He's supposed to be on "Tavis Smiley" Thursday night.