Sunday, June 15, 2008

Barack Obama’s Father’s Day speech

Delivered today at the Apostolic Church of God on Chicago’s South Side.

(At 13:05, he drops a little Chris Rock on ’em.)


Anonymous said...

A nice Father's Day speech and a good vehicle to reposition his image. It reinforced his Christian beliefs and his humble, non-elitist upbringing.

I would have liked to have more praise about fathers who are doing what they're supposed to do and how they impact their children. He could have also mentioned the men who have helped him become who he is today and how other men can play a positive role for boys without a father around.

Overall, quite nice. And, it made me appreciate the job my husband does. (I guess I should tell him that!)

CNu said...

Obama delivers striking speech on fatherhood.....,

Anonymous said...

i guess since he's in a church he had to get religious, and i am glad it was only a bit at the end.

what troubles me is asshole bush believed that "god" told him to invade iraq.

i don't believe that "god" is going to protect us in any way...let's hope he's not going to talk about the "lord" again. separation of church and state is all important to me, especially after the last 8 years.

gotta add listening as a single mother of three, i appreciated the props he gave us.

odocoileus said...

The speech was cute, and it was what he needed to advance his political fortunes, especially w/ evangelicals and women, but...

There's a very simple way to be sure that a man has consented to be a father to any children the two of you may produce.


Short of that, he's just hitting it. No warranty expressed or implied. (As Obama's momma should have known.) Should the (proven, verified by DNA test) father be forced to pay child support? You betcha. Anything else is just bs fantasy.

As a practical matter, way too many women sleep around with the men they find exciting, interesting, dangerous, rich, or famous. They should be dating the men they have a realistic shot at marrying. Fortune hunting by trying to have one of KobeBryant's(name your baller)outside children is not a life strategy.

Tom Leykis does more public service in his daily radio show on this issue than a thousand politicians speechifying in church.

"Use condoms! Every day, all the time."

The Roving Reporter said...

Overall, it was a nice message. I'm watching the media go crazy over this.

I swear, every time a black public official/figure criticizes segments of the black population, it gets over-analyzed like it's a new phenomenon.


Anonymous said...

Hey UBM!

Check this out:


*Tanyetta* said...

He's so funny and smart.

Kellybelle said...

I love that! It bugs me that this will be gone over with a fine tooth comb--"How will ocnservative whites feel about this?" "Do you think Blacks will agree?" and it seems like it's supposedto be the antidote to Trinity. Still, it's true. And the Chris Rock quotes were funny.

Anonymous said...

Too bad he doesn't write his own speeches. Obama is a shameless con artist and a fraud.

Unknown said...

If you don't like hearing it, it must not be true. It's all a figment of black single mothers' imagination and the US Census Bureau. It's a racist conspiracy.

Unknown said...


You don't want to touch this one, do you?

Afraid somebody will call you 'Chris Cosby'?

Antonio said...

Like Geneva Girl I would've liked a little more credit given to the fathers who are doing their jobs. But a good speech overall.