Friday, April 25, 2008

Quincy Jones on ‘Thriller’

I haven’t been listening to the “Thrillercast” – an official podcast celebrating the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Frankly, I don’t care what Omarion and Nick Cannon think about “Thriller” or anything else.

I’ve been waiting patiently for the Quincy Jones episode. Which was uploaded this week.

I’m streaming a 1-minute excerpt on my Vox blog. Click here to listen.

To download the complete 7-minute Quincy Jones podcast for free, search for “Thrillercast” at the iTunes Store. Or you can stream it at by following this link.


bklyn6 said...

Happy Anniversary "Thriller"!

(Where's Ola Ray these days?)

DeAngelo Starnes said...

Ola Ray. LOL! She was finer than a muthafucka, wasn't she?

Q's comments were cool. I like the commentary he provided on Off the Wall, too.

I liked Neslon George's comments even more. I could listen to him talk about pop culture. If you live in the Los Angeles area, he'll be speaking and signing books at Eso Won Books on April 29 which is this upcoming Tuesday

Michael Fisher said...

But the guy who actually put Michael on the MTV map was Jim Tyrell (PBUH), at the time head of marketing for Epic Records. He had to threaten them to pull all of CBS's music video's off MTV before Pittman and them relented an put Michael Jackson on.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Deep! Good on you, Michael. I like it when these behind-the-scenes movers are acknowledged. If MJ didn't get on MTV, pop culture would be a different thing today.