Sunday, April 20, 2008

A free Thirst download

The Thirst is a rocking band out of Brixton, London, with a punk/ska thang happening. The Thirst was in Austin last month for the South by Southwest festival.

Which brings us to today’s FREE MP3. You can download a track called “All Mine” from the SXSW website. Just follow this link.

To hear what it sounds like, click here; I got it streaming on my Vox blog.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to mention that I read Love & Consequences, the fake gang memoir that was the subject of some discussion here at UBM last month, and it's ludicrous and more offensive than anyone could possibly have imagined from media reports.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Well done, John! I'll read your post and comment on your blog.

I tried to get hold of the audiobook version, which Seltzer voiced herself... because I had a feeling her speech would be such a ridiculous approximation of black-ghetto-ese that that alone should've tipped her game.

I didn't succeed, though.