Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A free Rashied Ali download

Drummer Rashied Ali, whose work with John Coltrane had a major impact on free jazz, is still cookin’ at the age of 72.

Today’s FREE MP3 is a track off Mr. Ali’s 2006 album “Judgment Day, Vol. 1.”

Click here to hear a boppish workout called “M.O.” Follow this link to Download.com if you wish to cop.


Anonymous said...

Rashied Ali was/is a great drummer...but Elvin Jones was a stone cold genius and so perfect for that band. It's like how Phil Collins tried out for Zeppelin after Bonham died; you can't replace the irreplacable.

Andrew said...

You can't really compare Jones and Ali - they are two completely different artists. Coltrane could not have done Interstellar Space or Stellar regions or Live At The Village Vanguard Again with Jones (or Tyner for that matter) - I'm not saying Jones wasn't a genius, I'm just saying that Ali swam in much different (and some would say deeper) waters and should be respected for his own work, not held up to Jones.