Saturday, April 5, 2008

April 5, 1968: James Brown

The day after Martin Luther King was assassinated and many U.S. cities erupted in rioting, James Brown put on a show in Boston. It was televised.

That concert is credited with chilling out Boston’s young blacks and saving the city from widespread burnin’ and lootin’.

Tonight on VH1, a one-hour documentary will tell that story: “The Night James Brown Saved Boston.”

Below is a YouTube clip of J.B.’s April 5 Boston gig.


Wow Jones said...

I am desperately trying to get a hold of this and check out, "The Night James Brown Saved Boston".

--The Wow Jones Report

clem said...

Hey, why hasn't the assassination of MLK received the same level of scrutiny as the assassination of JFK?

From what I've read, some really fishy things happened immediately after King was murdered that have never been explained. A lot more fishy than, say, "some people saw a person on the grassy knoll."

I'd bet there's more to King's assassination than what's been made public.

Anonymous said...

I totally missed it! I'm so pissed. I tune out MTV/Vh-1 and they finally have some decent programming and I miss it.

Undercover Black Man said...

Clem, there was the House Select Committee on Investigations back in the '70s.

I don't know if the full truth can ever be known.

Undercover Black Man said...

Danielle, it was a pretty nice documentary. A whole lot of Cornel West and Al Sharpton in talking-head mode... but it was cool.