Monday, March 17, 2008

Playlist: Irish funk

I attended an all-black elementary school... and we were expected to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. What was that about?

But I do love the Irish. That proud and hardy race has contributed so much to world culture... like Shamrock Shakes, Wild Irish Rose and police brutality.

And when an Irishman decides to get down and get funky... watch out, boyo!

Here go some tunes straight outta Dublin (and Belturbet). Click the song titles below to stream the music on my Vox blog:

1. “Comeback Girl (Remix)” – Republic of Loose

Republic of Loose claims influences as diverse as Sly & the Family Stone, Mahalia Jackson and Wu-Tang Clan. Earlier this year, they backed Sinead O’Connor on a cover version of Curtis Mayfield’s “We People Who Are Darker Than Blue.” (Video is here.)

You can download this remix of “Comeback Girl” from the band’s official website for FREE.

2. “Tripping in the Meadow” – Pete Pamf

Pete Pamf lists P-Funk, Prince and Public Enemy among his influences. This track, and a couple of others, are available for FREE on his MySpace page.

To see the “Tripping in the Meadow” music video, follow this link.

3. “Cosmic Girl” – Ian I. Brow

Ian I. Brow is a funk-rock bar band that covers tunes by James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Talking Heads. This song was a hit for Jamiroquai in 1996. You can download the track for FREE from the Ian I. Brow MySpace page.

4. “Tóg é go bog é” – Kíla

Kíla is a forward-thinking folk-music group. And I think this track definitely qualifies as funky. You can download it from the band’s website.

5. “First Place” – Messiah J & the Expert

Now for some straight-up Irish hip-hop. Messiah J & the Expert have gigged with PE, De La Soul and Gangstarr. This track is available on their website.


Anonymous said...

And may Bubba the Leprechaun pull a 12-inch 4-leafed razor clover from your fuzzy butt and take a piss in your 40. I may be old, female, and part Irish, but I can a lay a kung fu whoopin' on your @ss that will send you crying to the porch with your Momma.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Mhu Cao, welcome to my spot.

Thembi Ford said...

Ok. When I lived in France "Tell More Lies" by Republic of Loose was one of my favorite songs, and I couldnt find it or much by them. You amaze me UBM.

Unknown said...

but I do love the Irish. That proud and hardy race has contributed so much to world culture... like Shamrock Shakes, Wild Irish Rose and police brutality

You left out Guinness...GUINNESS!!!

Love the site...I've discovered music I probably would have otherwise never been exposed to had it not been for you...Thanks!

Anonymous said...

It's great to see that Sly Stone continues to influence today's musicians. I write about Sly's influence on today's music in my book about his life. Check it out at

Undercover Black Man said...

Thembi: Glad I could amaze you. ;^D I'm impressed you've heard of this band.

LJ: Thanks for the positive vibe.

Mr. Santiago: Welcome here. I look forward to digging into your Sly Stone blog. I'm sorry his birthday escaped my notice over the weekend. I would've salute him.

Destruction said...

And don't forget the name Tyrone.

I was told by an Irish couple that ran into at Faulkner's grave in MS that the Catholic/Protestant conflict began in Tyrone County.

Anonymous said...

Yowza. That was one helluva blankout -- 5 months. Hope your hanging together in the right places/ways.

My grandma told me I was part "Black" Irish, whatever the hell that is.

So, UBM (drum roll) are we related?

Mhu Cao said...

Grab Erin's Bra, I say. Er, Erin Go Bragh. Just passing through to wish you well & a Happy St. Patrick's Day. Hang in there.