Tuesday, March 4, 2008

HillaryClinton.com shuts down its nasty bloggers

I recently blogged about some of the garbage written about Barack Obama on the grassroots blogs at HillaryClinton.com.

Well... the Clinton campaign has shut down the entire social networking portion of its site. The URL connect.HillaryClinton.com – where hundreds of community blogs once churned – now throws you to blog.HillaryClinton.com... where only authorized campaign spokespersons like Howard Wolfson can post.

Team Hillary used to encourage Clinton supporters to “Start a Blog.” Those words no longer appear on HillaryClinton.com.

(Obama’s grassroots blogs are still active. New members at BarackObama.com are still invited to “Share your thoughts and ideas with the community on your own blog.”)

I don’t know when the clampdown took place. But last Wednesday, a Hillary grassroots blogger posted this ridiculous lie on the left-wing website DemocraticUnderground.com:

“Apparently, Obama voiced plans to sign an Executive Order repealing income tax as reparations for African-Americans within the first 100 days of his Administration. No legislation or Congressional action would be required.”

This goofus then linked to a blog entry at connect.HillaryClinton.com titled “Surprise for America: Obama Plans Reparations.” (That link – like all links to the grassroots Hillary blogs – now brings up an error page.)

How do you like that smear? Obama’s gonna give reparations to blacks by letting them not pay taxes!

It’s malicious mischief like that, I bet you, that spoiled the party for everybody at connect.HillaryClinton.com.


Dollar Bill said...

And our Coservative politicians are playing their own games,"leaking" a document that hints that Obama is only saying he will re-negoniate NAFTA to gain support in Ohio and has no real plans to do this.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, you did not read the whole post, and did not comprehend it's meaning. Most of the nimrods, including you, couldn't tell the difference between "would" and "could." You didn't read the follow-up, either. Too bad for you. Believe what you wish, buck-o. I doubt that post had the site shut down. The alleged well-behaved Obama supporters were deluging the site with repetitive, hateful comments, and the situation devolved into a lot of pissing wars and name calling. If you are a reparations proponent, consider this: Obama dodged the reparations question in the SC debate. That wasn't fair to proponents or to opponents.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ The hell are you talking about? The Clinton campaign shut down its community blogs because of Obama supporters?

Wake up, chum. That place was a cesspool because of unscrupulous Hillary fans.

bloggy said...


I was spending way to much time on hillaryclinton.com

I was appalled at all the vile post by these bloggers. The Repaerations nut was called Mhu Cao. In fact I believe the nut job Mhu Cao is here on your blog (anonymous said...) It sounds exactly like her. She is delusional. Blaming the take down on Obama supporters? I have pages and pages of the racist crap they (Hillary supporters) posted.

You can find her out there on other sites. Other racists passing as "enthusiastic" Hillary supporters (at least that's how the apologists on the site described them when I protested their posts) where Renee from Florida, About Time and the list goes on and on. I have pages of these posts that I have collected. I'm going to creating some sort of website with them.

One actually (I'm on the road and don't have them with me) threatened Obama's life. Another one that just blew me away was in response to someone's post asking where Obama's mother is and that they don't see her out there. Someone responsed, "The white bitch hated herself and died". NO ONE criticized her for the post! I did and she posted back asking bloggers to denounce her but they supported her. In fact, the blogger herself jumped on me and tried to defend her post!

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Thanks for commenting, Bloggy.

It's painful to see how this campaign is bringing out the worst in some people.

There are more Democratic voters fired up and participating in the primary process than ever. A real chance to win the White House with a mandate for change.

Why all the vicious negativity?

bloggy said...

I think it's a mirror. I just hope those nasty folks take seriously look into it.

I also think there are quite a few folks vicariously living through the candidates. Especially the group of older white women who have been fucked over by men and are in a place they don't want to be.

Hillary as President (they feel) will somehow heal them. It will give them a voice. Give them power. So far it's only revealed the racism buried a bit under the surface.

Carla Rossi said...

Hello there. I support Hillary and I'm the person who contacted the HillaryClinton.com moderator and urged him to clean up the site. So they shut down the site until it got cleaned up. Hillary's campaign hired an outside contractor to moderate the site, except they weren't. I started blogging there about four weeks ago, with the purpose of getting information out about Hillary regarding calls, fundraising, and to connect with other Hillary supporters. I went to the site because I was upset over all the negative bashing out on the web. What I witnessed at the Hillary blog was that it was getting run over by trolls due to the lack of moderation and also because the blogs are set up in a running format as opposed to a linking format. If you ignored the trolls, which means you can't see their blogs, you ended not being able to blog or see anything at all, because they were just blogging in the topic section at about a blog a second. You couldn't see any blogs. Frustating to say the least, especially since the Texas, Ohio, RI and VT primaries were getting close. So what happened was as the trolls increased, the good Hillary supporters left the blog, and all that was left was an increasing amount of trolls bashing Hillary and an increasing amount of negative posts about Obama-partly in part as a reaction to the trolls and partly because that is what people do. They are people, and unless you were born yesterday, you know this. But these Obama basher people are not Hillary's core base. I am, and lots of other people are too. You have a right to post the blogs you did, but I wish you would have posted some of the Obama supporter posts because they were just as bad. But then that would defeat your point right? So, I understand why you didn't post Hillary bashing post, but they are there!
Trying to post something positive about Hillary on her site was frustrating when you had an troll comment back that you are a bitch. Myself and a few others got sick of it all, felt like we were getting dragged down, and so I contacted the moderator and that was the end of the site. Now it's back, and we will see how it goes. I'm not there much. I'm blogging at Hillaryclintonforum.net now. I've been over to Obama's site, and I've seen negative posts about Hillary. I'm sure both sides could spend endless hours going back and forth over what is wrong with the other. Everyone wants their candidate to win, but sometimes people go about it the wrong way, even though their intentions are good. I'm for Hillary, and I'm appalled at all of the Hillary bashing, just how you are appalled at the Obama bashing. People are crazy sometimes, what else can I say? That's the deal. There are two democratic nominees. Do your civic duty by informing youreself on the issues and pick one. There are good and bad things about both candidates. Also, I saw Bloggy's post on this blog and also on Hillary's site, and I commented back to her that I would have commented back in a negative way if I had seen the posts she was talking about, but I didn't see the posts, and I don't appreciate being judged by someone over something I didn't see, or her judging other people. Bloggy can spend all the time she wants creating a website based on the Hillary posts, and I'm sure one of Hillary's supporters can create one with all of the Obama people bashing Hillary. How self-righteous Bloggy is, and that irates me as much as any Hillary or Obama basher. Who is bloggy to determine who is and who is not a racist, a sexist, old, a man hater, or self-hating? Anyone can take anything and twist it to justify their own means. Bloggy to me is just as bad as any Hillary or Obama basher. A judgmental person kissing up to you, to make herself feel better for whatever lame reason. Attention maybe? Maybe she can get her own reality show deal out of her the website. Wow. Cool. Many of the people who supported Renee in Florida were doing so because Renee, doesn't hide behind who she is and that is what she was relaying to Bloggy. At least she is upfront about who she is. Just like you. So I support you and I support Renee. But I don't support a panderer like Bloggy who won't even use the name she used over at Hill's site. She made me just as sick as the Obama trolls and negative Hillary supporters. I'm still glad I blogged on HillaryClinton.com for the good people I did mangage to meet and continue to campaign with, and I'm sad that the blog was not mainted properly by the moderator. Love us or hate us, but it looks like we are all in this together till the bitter end, regardless of how the other side feels.

poetperson said...

Looks like the site is down again.

By the way, I would challenge any one of the Hillary trolls to point to me where Obama trolls threatened Clinton's life, degraded her mother, her religion and ethnicity.

Here's a few of the blogs from the Hillary trolls that no one seemed to challenge:

Feb 20, 2008
Why hasn't anyone seen her? I saw a photo of her, at least it was supposed to be her with BO and his sister from another bi-racial marriage... different father than BO had. I think this guy was from Honduras...
Posted by MAN Feb 20, 2008 12:30 AM EST

Renee in Florida
Feb 20, 2008 12:36 AM

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The white bitch hated herself and died.

Feb 20, 2008 12:36 AM

-the garb of Obama dressed like Osama is true and it was circulated by a republican on the web. NOT HILLARY! That is the truth. IT WAS CIRCULATED BY A REPUBLICAN not Hillary. Although I must say it is quite disturbing to me that someone running for president would have even thought about dressing up like Osama Bin Laden. WOW it is pretty darn scary. Next we will see a picture of OBama saying cheese with Osama Bin Laden. WAKE UP DEMOCRATS, VOTE HILLARY FOR REAL CHANGE, GOOD CHANGE>
Posted by about time Feb 25, 2008 12:43 PM EST

Reverse Racism by " Extreme White" Left Wingers in Party
Feb 21, 2008
Many of you don't get this!!!!!!!!

If I am a Extreme Left Wing Democrat.........I get Credibility with Blacks if I turn in one of my "own" white as being a racist.....This is how they thinkkkkkkkk...!!!

-They turned Clinton in as racist.....

I lived in Black neigborhood for 15 years.....The Blacks see right through this....Trust me....


-Feb 21, 2008
Obama has just enough insight to value people's internal experience of words. Yet, Obama has not done his own spiritual work. Obama, like Darth Vader who was once an arrogant and naive Young Jedhi becomes enthralled with Sylth shapeshiter, He has fallen into the trap of self-grandeur, the projection of controlling the universe.

Young Jedhi Barrack has mentored with some of the masters of communications. He has become a master of mimicking the masters. Yet, he is not singing from his heart, his soul. He is parroting the authentic songs of others. Like the Young Jedhi, he is on path of becoming a vessel of empty power.

@ Camp Nobama

-BREAKING NEWS:Larry Sinclair Obama's sex scandal.
Feb 23, 2008
Larry Sinclair says that he did drugs with then state legislator Barack Obama and then has sex with him. He has even agreed to take a lie detector test. Plus people have been seeing him frequent gay bars in Washington DC now.

-OBAMA... you are A LIAR! PURE AND SIMPLE... You are a smooth talker with NO SUBSTANCE... you have NO BUSINESS running the United States of America and you WILL FALL from your pillar of misinformation, false, cheap "victim" publicity stunts, arrogance, grandiosity, and COMPLETELY MISLEADING THE VOTERS by cover-ups of your IMMORAL, ADDICTIVE, EGOTISTICAL personality. You are a scam and you WILL NEVER BE ELECTED!



-Feb 24, 2008
1.He stole Hillary Clinton's words. Thats called PLAYGARISM!!!.
2.Healthcare plan will leave out 15 million people 15 million!!!.
3. He hinted at that Hillary Clinton was racasist. Whiuch totally FALSE. She loves the Afraican American Community.
4. He dosen't even appeal to me at all. Not even a liitle bit.
Barack Obama is a lier & a cheater & a Playgarsier. That's not a president I want. Nope. Not at all. Hillary Clinton is good at doing one thing: delivering. She says she going to do something & she does it.

he gets away with Everything because he is BLACK!!!!!

Renee in Florida
Feb 24, 2008 12:56 PM

-And at some point this is going to end up blowing up in all our faces. I feel this could really explode into something if we are all not careful. Thanks to Obama. You better be careful what you ask for Obama, you may get what you want but at a great cost to the american people. There is just so much anger now coming from the african american community just because Tavis Smiley got angry at Obama for not showing up at his conference, then Tavis receives death threats. Where are we heading american? Do we really want to go down a path of destruction?
Posted by about time Feb 24, 2008 9:21 PM CST

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1 Comment

Doesn't surprise me at all! I guess we will have to call on Sharpton, Jackson (both) and all of the other black leaders to calm their people down and preach "unity."

Feb 24, 2008 10:25 PM

-Barack the Psuedo Christian? Hussein his middle name?
From Renee in Florida's Blog RSS in Blogs RSS by Renee in Florida
Barack the Psuedo Christian? Hussein his middle name?
Feb 25, 2008
And now, we have seen him in his true garb, MUSLIM garb.

Now, this is NOT an attack against MUSLIMS.

But I ask, why if you are a MUSLIM, do you hide the fact and call yourself a CHRISTIAN?

Come on Hillary get, NO HOLD BARRED.


I believe that more voters across Texas and Ohio need to hear the full names Hillary Rodham Clinton vs. Barak Hussein Obama in speeches and comparisons.

There is strong contrast that sends subliminal messages to voters to ask deeper questions about Barak Hussein Obama.

One of his strongest supporters is Louis Farrakhan who has openly said that Barak Hussein Obama is the worlds greatest hope.

Feb 25, 2008 12:26 PM

-Obama likes Osama gear, but not the US FLAG
Feb 26, 2008
He is a moron who doesn't deserve to be the US president.

Feb 26, 2008
Obama doesnnot salute the flag with hand over heart.
Obama does not say the pledge of allegiance,
Barack Obama dresses up in Osama Mountain Gear, but refuses to wear a flag lapen pin of the US.
Barack Obama good friend William Ayers, responsible for bombing the Capitol Building in and the Pentagon in the 1970's.
Barack Obama part of the ANTI DEFENSE ORGANIZATION
Barack Obama and William Ayers has ties to money funneling to PLO group run by Khalidi.
Obama part of the Democratic Socialists of America

Obama: "Massatoosetts"
Feb 26, 2008
Being from Massachusetts myself and having toured the country, I'm very well aware that the pronounciation of our state's name devolves to pidgin in the South.

Twice tonight Barack Obama pronounced "Massachuetts" as "Massatoosetts".

And we're supposed to believe that this is an educated man running for President? Does his friend Deval Patrick also debase the name of his own state to such?

Bay Staters have always looked down upon the idiots who say "Massatoosetts". Why is this any different

Feb 26, 2008
OBAMA IS NOT BLACK!!! I am raising my grandson who is a mixed child. His mother is white and his father is black. On his birhcertificate it clearly states his race as white. As far as I know if it has come up he has not corrected it which tells me he is misrepresenting himself to get the black vote. What other kinds of "white lies" will he tell. Like he is going to cure the world in 4 years. Hello, the world has been going on for thousands of years and so far no-one has "fixed" them. I believe he is devious because he has convinced everyone (the big major black leaders of the country) he is black.. Unless he was born in Africa and their laws are different, the laws of this country are they go by the color of the mother. I will not vote for someone who lies. That is the major thing I am trying to teach my grandson is NOT TO LIE. I am very upset about this and really hope this message gets to Hillary, I will vote for her and am praying she is the next PRES. Her husband was and still is Great so the team together may be able to get some much needed stuff done. PLEASE GET THIS MESSAGE TO HER QUICKLY== It may sound like a very lame reason to be critical, but I have had to fight with his black father on everything, we have alot of different ideas of raising this boy. His dad is a gang member, has a hood name and Scott does too. Scott just hasn't told me what it is. All he said was "my daddy's a player" I said "what is a player?" he said "a gangster grandma" with the tone like I should know. I am not upper class but I guess you could say maybe almost blue collar and don't know these city phrases.

The other thing I really need Hillary to fight for is us farmers on small farms and wind and solar power. The states and the feds are not giving incentives to help us make it worth while to put them in. We live in a place where the wind blows roughly 15 - 20 miles on the average and on months like now it's 30-35, my mother lives 1/4 mile down the road from me and has the perfect house for total solar. Because we belong to a rural elect. they have an attitude and probably will not pay us back for anything we send back to them. The cost for us alone would probably range close to $25,000. plus for wind and solar and I'm not sure what it will cost my mom. The Elect. companies keep writing these monthly newsletters stating that the wind and solar are not worth pursuing because of this and that. It's BS you know it, more people would do it if there were an incentive. I am going to do it regardless once I can afford it.

Thank you for listening to me, I should have done this long ago, but I finally snapped.

Eileen Maddox
Blossom., TX

Please Please don't lose!!!!
Posted by EileenMaddox Feb 26, 2008 11:30 PM EST

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I have difficulty seeing him as an African American male.

He grew up in Hawaii raised by a white mother and grandmother. He traveled around Indonesia and then went to Harvard. Not exactly the typical life of an African American male

I'm still very confused about this...

B positive
Feb 26, 2008 11:32 PM

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Thank you. I am interacial, not B or W but my birth cirtificate says my father was W. In fact, I have been confronting the issues by giving lectures for years on interacial issues. Obama acts like he did not come out of his own mother's womb. In my Cherokee side, not giving honor to the mother is like blasphemy.

Feb 26, 2008 11:33 PM


-tonight at the Oscars Jon Stewart told the 100 million Tv audience about Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Also joked about OBAMA sounding like OSAMA

Thanks Jon, maybe TEXAS and OHIO finally heard it!!

-Saying you area Christain when you might still be a MUslim?

-Obama would be nowhere in this election., if he was not Black. Obama would not have been key note speaker in 2004, had he not been black.

-Open Blacks of Texas wake up, dont listen to OPRAH.

-barack HUSSEIN Obama? Are You kidding?
Feb 22, 2008
Ohio ans TExas- You will not do it to yourselves and your children and grandchildren.

-Feb 28, 2008
Today I heard that Mr Lewis has decided to switch his support from Hillary to Obama. On one hand its disappointing to see such weak friends who are willing to jump boat for selfish reassons, on the flip side I am glad Hillary is able to find out who her true friends are.

This also shows the underlying theme, blacks will only support blacks...I wonder who is dividing the country! First Jesse Jackson blackmails people emotionally and now this... come on whites, women, hispanics, asians and democrats wake up... I am neither black nor white and I can see the bias...I wonder why can't you...come on guys wake up... Obama is the candidate of the blacks and that's the only truth of it regardless of all the sugar coating...

I was almost growing a liking for Obama and would have liked to see him play a major role in Hillary's presidency but after seeing this, I have a change of heart.

We are not talking about just creating history, we need to look at our future and our country's future in this moment of crisis. Hillary is the only one who can get it done...
Posted by Kavi Raj Singh Feb 28, 2008 1:36 AM EST

Anonymous said...

You're a bunch of pathetic sad sacks. Racist, too. Playing the race card whenever it suits you, like Wright.

You confuse my alleged fanaticism with disgust with Wright's rantings, including separatism (re-segregation) and reparations. If you can't see the danger in Wright's vitriol, then you lack significant cognitive skills.

Do you think I am against Obama's positions? What a fool.

I don't know what Obama's positions are on those issues. He hasn't said a word, although his spiritual mentor, Wright, has said plenty on the matter.

If Obama clearly articulates his positions, then I would know where he stands. Your commentators who seem to know what I think are frauds. They lump my statements in with others, and otherwise show a lack of intellectual rigor.

You're not Undercover, dude, just Undermentated.

The Sweet Pea said...

As you well know, the blog site at hillaryclinton.com , has had numerous difficulties due to Obama bloggers who tried and suceeded, in part, to disrupt the site.
Have been a participant of that site, I can tell you, first hand, that if these Obama bloggers, who infiltrated the hillary site with so much vulgar, mean, hateful and distorted commentary, think they are doing a service to the Obama campaign.....they are WRONG!
Hate perpetuates hate and this is not exactly about change!
The country is getting to see Mr Obama for who he is!

Anonymous said...

I am really disappointed to see
Dr Maya Angeloe on
Hillaryclinton.com you would think
a Intelligent women like Dr Maya who seen first hand all the racist
white people during Martin
Luther King civil rights movement
that cost him his life Dr Maya
knows Hillary is corrpt and has no use for black people and that Hillary will continue Bush agenda