Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Slime time at

At – the official campaign website – Hillary’s supporters are invited to “Start a Blog” there. And many folks have.

Lemme tell you, there is a lot of bashing and trashing of Barack Obama going on... at a site “Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President.” Some of it is ridiculously nasty. And some of it’s racial.

Take Johnathan Andrew. His blog at yesterday featured a post titled “The Affirmative Action Candidate (Obama).”

“Here you have a less-than-qualified candidate running against a qualified candidate,” Johnathan wrote. “But because of our attitudes here in America, we’re witnessing people making decisions based on race. ...

“Do you know what the promotion of someone with lesser qualifications is over someone else with larger qualifications due to race, gender, color, ethnicity, or national origin is? It’s the very definition of Affirmative Action.”

Blogger “DBP” had a post last Friday headlined “Obama the thief will make Bush & Nixon look like saints.” DBP wrote: “He is a liar and a thief! Stealing Hillary’s work and passing it of as his own.”

A different DBP post that same day was called “Obama is the modern day Pied Piper.” “He plays his flute and will lead his followers into dangerous waters where they’ll drown.”

Today, Hillary blogger TracyDuong posted “Obama – cause of disease.”

“The disease of addiction ruins people, their families, and their communities,” she wrote. “Obama is a dealer of the ‘dream solution’ and the ‘quick fix’. Reason is not required to buy his message. Obama addicts will wait in lines for hours, take time off of from work, to get their fix.”

Now this one takes the cake. It was posted by “about time”: “Obama was seen in gay bars in Washington DC.”

“I think Obama may be gay,” this idiot wrote. “[H]e is a married man with children and he is pretending to be the savior of everyone’s soul, so claims his wife Michelle. ...

“Personally, I have always felt something about was a FRAUD. I still feel that way. Hillary is the real deal we need Hillary as president.”

Blogger Chasmo calls his entire blog “An Obamination!” On Monday, Chasmo posted “An Obamination, Part IX (You wouldn’t vote for David Duke, would you?),” which rehashes old attacks about Trinity United Church of Christ, which Obama attends.

And whoever blogs on as “StopObama” provides links to an independent site,, which smears Sen. Obama as a “mediocre charlatan” who abuses his “perceived minority status.”

So what does this all mean? The words and ideas posted on community blogs at aren’t created by the Clinton campaign. They’re created by people like you and me.

But guess what? has community blogs also. And I don’t see any Hillary-bashing headlines there.

It seems to me that both candidates’ fan blogs say something about their campaigns. The Obama fans are enthusiastic, optimistic, focused on business. The Clinton supporters – a good number of them, anyway – are negative, nasty... and spinning their wheels in the mud.

UPDATE (02/21/08): Well well well... guess what? You probably know already, but each and every one of those slimy posts I linked to above has been removed from Including Chasmo’s entire “Obamination” blog.

Moderation at last. Good for them. Now play nice, kids.


Mes Deux Cents said...


'Birds of a feather flock together!' This stuff doesn't surprise me at all. The Clintons set this angry tone by race baiting and running a negative campaign.

It all boils down to the Clintons being desperate to get back in The White House.

And I wouldn't be surprised if those bloggers were low level Clinton staffers.

Invisible Woman said...

Your whole last sentence sums up Hillary's disgusting campaign tactics. Why hasn't she figured out that she should focus on her and her business at hand, instead of how "unqualified" and "inexperienced" the "plagerist" is?

NOBODY is trying to hear that mudslinging's not working! 10 wins in a row prove that the Clinton tactics are not flying...maybe she'll figure it out when Obama gets the nomination.

And I agree with MDC, some of those commenters probably work for the bars? Just...damn.

Smarticus said...

oh man. there is NO WAY i could have read through all that garbage. did you feel just really depressed and gross after reading all that negativity from the blogs?

it shows how kind of old clinton is, though--letting people have unfettered access to a platform that way. welcome to the internet, here there be monsters.

justjudith said...

clearly her fan base of high school graduates and laborers can't spell. well, their vitriol only proves that like attracts like. she's bashing and he's only gained momentum. i'm not so sure her camp isn't out there planting all of the negative stuff. she and her team may have taken a chapter out of the rove book. i now have seen how the clintons react when placed in a corner and it ain't pretty. i wonder if Black folks still universally love Bill...

Anonymous said...

When white privilige is denied, the white folks get really indignant.

She needs to quit now and throw her support behind Obama...and exit with dignity.

Malcolm said...

It doesn’t surprise me. Beware of people who are willing to do “whatever it takes” to win.

I think a more telling sign is the way she (doesn’t) handle loss. Every time she loses a primary, she acts like she’s the only one in the country that didn’t know there was an election going on.

As I’ve said before, I think the Clinton’s over-thought their hand. They fast-tracked Obama for the VP position by giving him the keynote at the Kerry convention; and now they’ve discovered that he’s moved past them.

Anonymous said...

I recall in Bill Clinton's second term people saying (with a smirk) that the Clinton administration gave Democrats an opportunity to behave like Republicans. Well, these campaign posts certainly confirms it. This is going to so backfire not because of Obama but because people are in a different place and want to go to a different place in their political dialogue.

odocoileus said...


They done lost they minds!

"When white privilige is denied, the white folks get really indignant.

She needs to quit now and throw her support behind Obama...and exit with dignity."


Anonymous said...

Oooor, perhaps Obama's people are smart enough to make sure that the site is well moderated. I've seen the loonies of all side give out with some typical internet viciousness and while I wish that there were no Obama supporters who would ever stoop to lowness ~ not the case.

I'm hoping that I don't have to campaign here in PA for Obama (more wishful thinking) because I'm more nervous about having to associate with the lunatic fringe than I am about dealing with average ignoramus.

Ann Brock said...

The covers are coming off. Michell knew what she was talking about when she made the statement about not being proud of America before now, this is a prime example.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a combination of racist a-holes and the defense of a losing candidate. They'd be much more magnanimous if Clinton was winning. It wouldn't stop them from being evil a-holes, though. (Not saying all Clinton supporters are such, just the people spitting out that vitriol)

Michael Fisher said...

What else would one expect, David? You think I speak the way I speak about things because I wanna?

Big Man said...

Sorry to hijack the thread.

But, Undercover Brother we discussed the Ray Nagin thing on another post and I wanted to send you this link to check out from a recent interview he did discussing the gun incident.

Anonymous said...

And I wouldn't be surprised if those bloggers were low level Clinton staffers.

I wouldn't, either. How friggin' embarrassing.

BTW, those gay rumors (coupled with rumors about crack-fueled homosexual parties or some other nonsense) have been around for a long time. Some pack of numbnuts keeps spewing it out on one gossip group I read, and every time, they get shouted down. Even us lowlife gossipmongers are interested in the issues, not the rumors :-)

Unknown said...

If you're going to post on the bashing of Obama on Hillary's site lets address the bashing of Hillary on a blogs on the site paid for by Barack Obama for president. Also address how our people are becoming the most racist people in this election. On my blog on the Hillary site I've been called a house negro, and accused of wanting to send a mammny to washington... what's funny is Hillary Clinton has done much more for the black community than Barack Obama but we're not looking at that, we see a black man who has a chance of winning so rally behind him. Talk about shallow politics.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Allen, didn't you read what I wrote? I don't see any sliming of Hillary on the Obama community blogs.

Anonymous said...

Hillary's like Rudy Giuliani - everybody liked her at first but the more they see of her the less they like her. And she's incompetent to boot!

The thing I find hilarious is that in this election the candidate who is most like Bill Clinton (1992 model), in politics and in style, is, of course, Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

first of all,brown, Obama was a community organizer on the Southside of Chicago, helping people to get jobs and other community service. Has hillary ever really done anything like that? no, except use Black politicians like kleenexes, like how her husband bill and her fired Lani Guinier

Anonymous said...

When a person resorts to negativity that tells you a lot about their character. Who wants a negative person leading them?

Anonymous said...

"Oooor, perhaps Obama's people are smart enough to make sure that the site is well moderated."

I think that's exactly what he is saying. He didn't say Obama supporters are all 100% good people who wouldn't resort to ignorant name-calling and gossip-mongering. What he said was that Obama's site does not give them a platform from which to spew that garbage but keeps things on point (most likely, yes, through moderation), whereas Clinton's site is (was, until called on it anyway) allowing that to go on.

The candidates cannot control what their supporters say and do, and politics definitely brings the crazies out. But the candidates CAN control what is allowed a pass on their own paid-for websites. Clearly, Clinton has allowed alot of trash to go out from her supporters while then claiming she knew nothing about it (this is not just a blog-by-a-supporter issue either, since her staff have been "leaking" things that she claims to know nothing about as well all along). Obama has not allowed that sort of behavior to pass on his site, which he is responsible for the content of.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Perfectly said, Aaminah.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what Obama blogs you've been looking at, but I've seen Hillarty being called a bitch, etc. on Obama blogs. BEsides the real slime is that the Clintons have been using all these "race-baiting" politics.

I still have not heard anyone give a REAL example of what they're talking about. And race-baiting, is a specific tactic used to scare typically white, conservative voters by talking about (see willie horton) crimes or whatever to convince those white voters that if they dont vote a certain way that they're gonna get raped, shot, etc. What people AT THE MOST have accused the Clintons of is saying that Barack candidacy is a fairy tale. That connotation besides being wrong is hardly racist.

And bringing up random things that "surrogates" or some idiot bloogers say doesn't make it the Clintons fault. What's basically been going on is that someone accuses Hillary of something and Obama's supporters say "AHA", but it's usually some mentally disturbed random college student in a computer lab that's never even seen her in person(or misquoted Clinton endorser who's not part of the campaign) . But it gets translated into "Look at what the Clinton campaign just said about Lord Obama."

The real problem is that there's no voice to the other side of there stories. I've heard from radio shoes like Mike Baisden, etc. And there's just no one saying "wait hold up, here's what they actually said, etc." Its funny how 8-10 months ago all of these people wre praising the Clintons, but since Obama got popular they just jump to the worst conclusion, without even knowing all of the facts.

P.S. Invisible woman "unqualified" and "inexperienced" are not mudslinging. They are things that people who don't have the experience or knowledge of certain aspects to a position are.

Anonymous said...

I wish Hillary would stop the same old rhetoric and perhaps hire a writer similar to Mr. Sorkin of the show The West Wing. I am praying so that she gets nominated but she has to change her delivery and touch the constituents with sparks of wisdom and simplistic freshness to grab people's hearts and minds and continue to admire her strengths.