Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tay Zonday gets pizzaid, bitch!

Yes yes y’all! My boy T-A-Y-to-the-Z – the Barry Bonds of viral video – has capitalized on his YouTube smash “Chocolate Rain” by starring in a new Web commercial for Dr Pepper.

Tay is pimping something called “Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper” (sounds disgusting) by way of parody lyrics and a big-money music video called “Cherry Chocolate Rain.” It even has a real-live guest rapper (Mista Johnson).

I got nothing but love for Tay Zonday. And I dig the new video. Something about the guy just makes me happy to be human.

(Big thanks to Scott.)


Anonymous said...


“Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper”

?? Wow that sounds ... not appetizing.

Good for him though!

Joe Crawford said...

I had not heard of Mr. Zonday before today.

Very enjoyable, and the perfect thing for a Friday. Thanks UCBM!

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Cheers, Joe. I can't imagine you went this long being uninfected by the Tayness.

Also, like you, I dig "Internet Dreams." Moreso than "Chocolate Rain," "Dreams" is the vid that won me over.

Michael Fisher said...

that's a funny and talented mofo.

Anonymous said...

no doubt Zonday and Dr. Pepper will help each other out a lot