Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A free Black Kids EP download

Black Kids are a mixed-race boy-girl pop-rock band out of Jacksonville, Fla. They’re being talked about on the internets.

Some say: Yay! They’re fresh and fun and hip!

Others say: Boo! They’re wimpy and crappy and over-hyped!

The Kids themselves are probably saying: Wowee! We’re going to London!

Yep, after getting some love from the New Musical Express, a British rock magazine, Black Kids are scheduled for six gigs in London next month.

And the only music they’ve put out so far is a four-song EP called “Wizard of Ahhhs.” The band is giving it away FREE as a digital download. Follow this link if you’re interested.

I’m withholding judgment. The songs are a bit cute for my taste. But front man Reggie Youngblood is said to have a magnetic stage presence. And I support black rockers on principle.

So here is the Black Kids MySpace page.

And here is a gushing interview done last March by Jacksonville blogger Richard David Smith III.

And here is the song “Hurricane Jane” streaming on my Vox audio stash.


DJ Black Adam said...

I'll definately check them out.

Bret LaGree said...

They're certainly not bad, but the big burst of excitement left me confused as to what other people were hearing.

I'm going to their show in Atlanta tonight. I'm skeptical but willing to be convinced.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Bret, please tell us how the show went, if you get a chance.

Bret LaGree said...

Having seen them live, I think I've got a better understanding of their appeal.

They're young and enthusiastic performers. All the stories about the band include a picture of the lead singer (I assume that's to let us know that the band name isn't entirely ironic.) but the two female singers are almost as important to the live show.

Their enthusiasm didn't seem ingratiating at all. It was a packed room and I'd say there was an even split between people dancing to the music and people pumping their fists to the music. Though it's not my cup of tea, it was an undeniably satisfying sound for most of the audience.

The show didn't make me a bigger fan of their music right now, but, if they can avoid some or all of the pitfalls of becoming a working band, I wouldn't be surprised if they made some really interesting music in the future.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Great report, Bret. Thanks.