Sunday, September 2, 2007

A free Mexican Institute of Sound download

There’s been so much hip music coming out of Mexico the past few years... indie rock and club music especially. “El Microfono” by the Mexican Institute of Sound combines both of those vibes (with some rapping to boot).

MIS (or, in Spanish, “IMS”) is the brainchild of Mexico City’s Camilo Lara, a producer, DJ, remixer and record-company executive. This track is off the new CD “Pinata.”

You can download “El Microfono” for FREE, courtesy of Seattle public-radio station KEXP. But you’ll need to find the podcast titled “KEXP Song of the Day” at the iTunes Store. Which is a little tricky.

Go to iTunes and call up the Podcasts directory. Under “Categories,” click “Music.” Scroll down till you see “KEXP Song of the Day.”

This will take you to a very long playlist. And “El Microfono” (misspelled “El Microphono”) should be at No. 14.

Click “Get Episode” and the MP3 will download to your podcast library. (To transfer it to your music library, pull down the “Advanced” menu from the iTunes menu bar and click “Convert Selection to ACC.” Presto, it’s over there with your other songs.)

I don’t know how long KEXP keeps those songs up, so I wouldn’t dawdle. And while you’re there, maybe cop some other tunes off their playlist. It’s free and legal, so why not?

To check out “El Microfono” beforehand, click here and spin it at my Vox blog.


bklyn6 said...


I also like Kemo the Blaxican's (he's of Mexican and African-American descent) La Receta. Learned of him at Of course. :-)

Undercover Black Man said...

I stumbled upon his name at Calabash and said, "Damn, I'll have to come back and check him out just on the basis of the name."