Saturday, August 11, 2007

Something muy bacano from Aterciopelados

Back when I was buying up lots of Latin music to use in “Kingpin,” I stumbled across a Colombian band called Aterciopelados (which translates as “The Velvety Ones”). Turns out they’re a big deal in the “Rock en Español” scene.

The song I wanted to use, if I had made more episodes, is “Luz Azul,” from the band’s 2001 album “Gozo Poderoso.” I imagined a tracking shot of a woman’s bikini-clad hips, swaying as she walked beside a luxurious swimming pool, with this guitar hook playing on the soundtrack.

I recently found the music video for “Luz Azul” on YouTube. It’s trippy, and I like it. And the song is just as cool as I remember it.


bklyn6 said...

Cool song and video! Recently,it occured to me that aside from some Bob Marley and Latin dance music, my music collection didn't contain a whole lot of international flavor.

Then I discovered! *swoon* (Aterciopelados's music is there too.) So much wonderful music. I sort of wish that I heard more of it on the radio or tv. I also wish more Americans were exposured to lesser known international artists.

Is finding music for tv shows part of your job description, UBM? I've fantasized about doing that for movies/tv because I love music. (How's that for kinky?)

Undercover Black Man said...

I'll check out Haven't heard of it, so thanks for pointing, Jena6.

Yeah, the two biggest, best revelations for me in this New Millenium, musically speaking, were Rock en Español and kwaito (South African house music). There's a wonderful out there, you're right. And you gotta look totally beyond the mainstream U.S. TV-radio infosphere to know about it.

As for finding music for TV shows, that job usually goes to a "music supervisor." But on "Kingpin," since I was the boss, I kept that job for myself. Because I love music and I know exactly what I want in a given scene.

Early on the "Kingpin" development process, I had the idea that it could be like "Miami Vice" in its cinematic use of music. I am so proud of the music in that show.

bklyn6 said...

You did NOT say "kwaito!" I've got some kwaito joints on my mp3 player (courtesy of calabashmusic, of course!) Have you heard of "kuduro?" It kind of reminds me Soca. Dogg Murras is one of the big names in the genre, but I've got a few songs from a Frederic Galliano compilation .

Sorry, I'm not familiar with "Kingpin," but now that you've refered to the music I'll keep my eyes and ears open.

Anonymous said...

(How's that for kinky?)

Kinky's a good alter-Latino band, too :-)

Aterciopelados got their name from a Simone de Beauvoir poem. And they're a huge deal in Latino music. They're also a lot of fun in concert. Never seen so many chicks jump up on stage before to hug a female singer, but Andrea has something special. "Gozo Poderoso" is my favorite album of theirs and made my Top 10 that year.