Friday, March 30, 2007

The coolest bad commercial for a dubious product since HeadOn…

… is for something called “the Hawaii Chair.” Have you ever wished that you could get a “heart-pumping aerobic workout” while sitting on your ass?

What blogger hasn’t?

Then say hello to the Hawaii Chair… the fitness breakthrough that “combines the ancient art of the hula with patented health science technology.”

I’m intrigued. Tell me more!

The secret is the Hawaii Chair’s motor-driven rotating seat. It “shapes and tones your core abdominal muscles” while you sit!

Can it really be that easy?

Absolutely, you fat lazy load. The Hawaii Chair “takes the work… out of your workout!”

But how much will it cost me? Probably a fortune.

That’s where you’re wrong, friend. You can have the Hawaii Chair in your home or office for “six easy payments of $69.99.”

Could I possibly get it for five easy payments and one fucking complicated payment?

Just see the Hawaii Chair in action for yourself. Go to You’ll see a small video embed on the right side of the screen. Click the play button, and watch the Hawaii Chair commercial… As Seen on Cable TV!

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Jenib said...

'Love your commentary on this product. I was just sitting here giggling after viewing the infomercial about Hawaii Chair and had to google it to see if it was a real product. At least three people bought one-they posted videos of themselves using it on I am still in awe that someone-anyone would pay that much money for such an insane device. LOL.