Friday, March 19, 2010

Name this band, win a prize.

Tonight is St. Joseph’s Night, and that’s a big deal in New Orleans... because the Mardi Gras Indian tribes will take to the streets in their elaborate costumes and strut.

So I’m doing a contest, like the ones I used to do. Click here and listen to a mystery track on my Vox blog. The first person to correctly name this band – in the comments section here – will win a prize. (Please, only one guess per person.)

That prize is a beautiful little picture book, “Eyes of Eagles,” by New Orleans photographer Christopher Porché West. It’s all about the Mardi Gras Indians. Here’s one of the photos:


D W JazzLover said...

My Guess would be The Presavation Hall Jazz Band.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Nice try.

sabrina said...

This is Geri Allens song Melchezedik

9thWardChick said...

My Indian Red
Fessor's Big City Band

Ok I will admit I used Shazam, took the easy way out. I thought I heard Injun Red (so I figured I would use Google but thanks to the App Store Shazam got opened first). I did recognize some New Orleans Flavor and maybe they are named after Professor Longhair or was influenced by him. The song had some familiarity to it, maybe I heard it in my American Jazz class I took as an undergrad at UNO but UBM your music knowledge is way more impressive than mine, so had to open up some help to keep up.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ You win, 9thWardChick!

Fessor's Big City Band is from Denmark... led by trombonist Ole "Fessor" Lindgreen.

Hit me with an email, and we'll figure a way for me to deliver your prize to you in person.

undercoverblackman (at) mac (dot) com.

By the way, I just got in from watching Indians all night... at Washington & La Salle. Amazing. Just amazing.

Obie Joe Media said...

Did you read that NYT article about the Indians' effort to change precedent in owning a type of copyright to an photograph taken when in public? They're arguing that since their "suits" or costumes are so distinctive, they are due a share of any profits from a photograph taken of them.