Saturday, February 27, 2010

Playlist: White chicks got the blues

Not till I spent a few weeks listening to B.B. King’s satellite radio channel did I realize... there’s a lot of white women singing the blues.

I am most intrigued by Fiona Boyes, who isn’t even American. She’s Australian. And a hellified guitar player. Hellified!

I’m streaming on my Vox blog a Whitman’s Sampler of white-chick blues... including a 2009 track from Maria Muldaur, who has been performing American roots music for nearly 50 years (though she’s most famous for her pop smash hit “Midnight at the Oasis”).

1. “I Want to Go” – Fiona Boyes

2. “Fried Chicken” – Eden Brent

3. “Watermelon Time” – Marcia Ball

4. “I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl” – Ingrid Lucia

5. “The Panic Is On” – Maria Muldaur


Anonymous said...

Check out Ellen Whyte. Another classy white girl singing the blues.

daughteofthedream said...

Man, my dissertation research would be so much easier if I were focusing on white women blues and rock guitarists instead of black women electric guitarists!