Monday, December 28, 2009

A fundraiser for Pedro Bell

Album-cover artist Pedro Bell, the prophetic penman of P-Funk liner notes, satirical satyr of South Side Chicago, and one of my personal heroes, has been enduring health and money problems for years. We need to show him some love.

The Black Rock Coalition is sponsoring a benefit show for Pedro Bell this Saturday night (January 2) at Santos Party House in downtown Manhattan. Doors open at 7 p.m. The price is $15.

Pedro’s friends and fans were stirred to action by a November article in the Chicago Sun-Times.

If you can’t attend the fundraiser but would like to help Pedro in his time of need, follow this link to PayPal and donate to the Pedro Bell Benefit Fund.


junebug said...

A most important cause for all of us fans of the FUNK. I was talking to Amp Fiddler a little while ago and Pedro's name came up. Amp told me that Mr. Bell had gone blind some time ago. Shocking.

papasean said...

Pedro Bell art inspired me in my maggot days, to doodle like I doo. He's one of my hero's as well.

Anonymous said...

and a merry christmas to you, lovebird.
jsoi to see if you, of all informed sources, had anything to say about racism in "avatar".
thank you for the heads up on mr. pedro.

Anonymous said...

I am interested but would like to know that Pedro is the one benefitting- is there a way to write a check straight to Pedro?