Wednesday, October 28, 2009

‘This Is It’

If you see it, please let me know what you think.

UPDATE (10/28/09): Author and filmmaker Nelson George saw the movie today and shared his thoughts on Facebook:

“My friend Tigist went with me and cried on and off for the entire film. I didn’t cry but was quite impressed.

“I saw Michael perform many times over the years and thought his stage craft was at a very high level. His performance of ‘Human Nature,’ ‘Smooth Criminal’ and especially ‘Billie Jean’ were extraordinary.

“That said, he did look frail to me and I’m not convinced he could [do] that show for 50 nights without more bulk and upperbody strength. I was also aware that this was a very selective use of footage. They made a two hour film of 110 hours of footage. By definition much was left out. But that’s speculation.

“What is clear [is] that This Is It [is] a great document of the 20th century’s last great entertainer.”


bklyn6 said...

Gonna see it on Sunday. Shamon!

maria said...

are you going to see it?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Oddly, maria, I don't have a burning desire to see it this weekend. I got more of an itch to revisit the poker tables at Harrah's New Orleans.

But I expect to check it out at some point.

'Drea said...

And I had just started playing other music. My MJ jones will be in full effect again.

Michael Fisher said...

I just went to see the movie. It's absolutely worth seeing.

Anonymous said...
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craig said...

Saw it on Tuesday. Waited in line several hours. Worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

just saw it. i wasn't sad. it was good and would have been an amazing show. gonna write a review

maria said...

wapo had a decidedly negative take:,1158503/critic-review.html

not sure i agree with the conclusion. seems to me michael was a bit of a huckster who did a lot that wasn't quality for a buck.

neptune said...

Well, the music was fab and you got to see his creative brilliance at work. However, it was obvious that he was rather frail; at times he seemed to be having trouble getting up the energy to sing or do much more than brief passes at his standard dance moves.

I really didn't like the business with the "Earth girl" because it seemed like overkill and pandering. And I didn't know what to make of the Rita Hayworth clip.

It makes you wonder--knowing what we now know about his drug issues--whether he would have lasted through the entire run of the tour. But wow, it would have been great to see him performing live again and this probably would have been the highest money earning tour of all time (assuming that he got through all/most of it).

eclectique916 said...

I'm going today. Will report in. Last night we were at "Thriller on H." You know the neighborhood UBM in DC. My sister did the dancing. I just took some pics and video on my camera. Will load on blog today - I hope. I thought it was funny a few days ago a DJ said more kids today know Michael Jackson than they know Snoop Dog, Public Enemy and some Hip Hop classics. I guess those cats now know how Mike was feeling in the last 10 years.

eclectique916 said...

Saw it yesterday. See my comments on after the "Thriller Party on H Street" wrap.

I'm kind of on the page with some of the posts re whether Michael could've scored 50 concerts based on what I saw was being launched in this massive production. Tina Turner would sing at her performance level during rehearsal. My thinking is if it doesn't happen there, what makes you think it'll happen when the curtain rises. Michael didn't want to sing at performance level which signaled to me a warning sign.

I'm a geek for behind-the-scenes stuff related to creating art, so I wasn't there to be entertained, but to witness a process. I may have been cheated out of that.

But the top of the film says it all - "for the fans."

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Thanks for that assessment, Michon.

I actually shed a few tears watching the "Beat It" video on MTV yesterday. Yet still don't feel compelled to go see "This Is It."

bklyn6 said...

Michael didn't want to sing at performance level which signaled to me a warning sign.

Yeah, eclectique916. And he held back a little on the dance moves too. He didn't even bother to Moonwalk during "Billie Jean."

Clearly Michael liked perfection. I liked that he didn't blow a gasket seeking it. When he wasn't getting 100% it was interesting how Kenny Ortega (choreographer), I think it was, pandered to him. Michael Bearden (music supervisor) appeased MJ, but he didn't pander to him.

I thought it was interesting how after the J5 tribute segment Michael named each brother and said he loved them. He mentioned his parents and said "God bless you."

He said God bless you often. At times it was as if he used it apologetically, like after being miffed by something that didn't go quite right. He didn't raise his voice, but said God bless you instead.

I was moved by the backup singer who sang one of his songs (can't remember which) when she was in 3rd grade. To be on the stage performing it with

I liked how the documentary was edited. I guess it makes me wonder about what was left out.

Will "you've got to let it simmer" be the new catchphrase? :-)

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Thanks for the report, bklyn6.