Monday, October 26, 2009

A free Preservation Hall Jazz Band download

I’m still in a New Orleans frame of mind, peoples. I delivered today a fresh draft of my first “Treme” script, and now I’m cooling out.

Found another FREE MP3 from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, which has been a New Orleans institution for almost 40 years.

This version of “Peanut Vendor,” recorded in 1966, was recently reissued in digital format. This configuration of the PHJB includes the legendary clarinetist George Lewis.

Click here to hear “Peanut Vendor” on my Vox blog. To download it, click the song title down below.

The melodic hook should be somewhat familiar to all... even if the words “Peanut Vendor” don’t ring a bell.

Turns out “Peanut Vendor” (or “The Peanut Vendor,” or “El Manisero”) has quite an interesting history. With lyrics inspired by the chants of Cuban street vendors, this tune was composed in Cuba more than 80 years ago by Moisés Simons.

A 1930 recording of “Peanut Vendor” touched off a “rumba craze” in the United States that lasted into the ’40s.

Louis Armstrong recorded it in 1931, thus introducing “Peanut Vendor” into the New Orleans canon through a side door.

Over the years, many major artists have recorded “Peanut Vendor.” Stan Kenton, Dean Martin, Chet Atkins, Xavier Cugat... and every Cuban star who ever drew breath: Desi Arnaz, Perez Prado, Mongo Santamaria, Candido, Paquito d’Rivera...

I like this jaunty Preservation Hall version a lot.

“Peanut Vendor” (MP3)
Album available at iTunes Music Store


daughteofthedream said...

Umm, offpost but, UBM, I am curious to know what your writing schedule is like nowadays, like how long do you sit and write?

Undercover Black Man said...

Don't ever worry about off topic, daughter.

I have bad writing habits. Which means I generally waste many days stressing without actually writing a word... then in the final week or so before it's due, hardcore hustling from early morning to late night.

Coquinegra said...

Dude! I must have 12 versions of El Manisero in my collection. Thanks for providing another one

JoseMMoraF El Manisero said...

Hi: I'm Peanut Vendor collector, my list is now 665 versios log. From Rita Montaner to some one in japanese. I have too documentation about componser Moises Simon Rodriguez. I like share this thongs.

Lewis said...

Make sure to check out the Preservation Hall video below. The album is being released for a good cause so go out there and get your copy ASAP!