Friday, October 2, 2009

A free download from Brazil

Can you believe how happy some white folks are that Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Olympics instead of Chicago?

Rush Limbaugh sounded like a kid on Christmas morning. Yes, they hate President Obama that much. This comment from a female reader at Lawrence Auster’s blog says it all:

“It is a glorious day! I was... listening to Glenn Beck when I heard this wonderful news. I went to the kitchen and, oh my goodness, found myself literally jumping for joy! ... Glenn and others are ecstatic and having a field day. They can’t stop laughing at Obama’s failure.”

Must suck to be them.

I’m like, “Guess what, bitches? He’s still president!” I jump for joy and rub my half-hard dick every time I see Obama stroll across the White House lawn. So whose life is better? I say let the haters have this day.

And just to show there’s no hard feelings toward Brazil, I’ll point you to a FREE MP3 with a bossa nova beat.

Click here to hear a cover of Rihanna’s “Disturbia” by a young singer named Tahta Menezes. To download it, click the song title below.

The Brazilian label that released this track – Albatroz Music – seems to specialize in borderline-cheesy covers of American hits. Click here to check out “Beat It”... from Albatroz’s bossa nova tribute to Michael Jackson.

“Disturbia” (MP3)
Album available at iTunes Music Store


Geneva Girl said...

I was surprised that he went because there was a big risk of a loss. Obama needs a win of some kind, just about now.

bklyn6 said...

Whenever the President is for something these people root against it. It's as if they want America to fail.

Brazil's president Lula said that "white people with blond hair and blue eyes" are responsible for the financial crisis. That was bold. Imagine if Obama had said that.

Undercover Black Man said...

GG: You're right. Prez hasn't had a straight-up win since Cash for Clunkers and Justice Sotomayor.

I thought the one thing Team Obama had going for them was competence. Now it just looks like they're struggling with a steep learning curve... in the most difficult job on Earth.

Undercover Black Man said...

It's as if they want America to fail.

No kidding, bklyn6? If unemployment tops 10 percent, Limbaugh's gonna run out and kiss strangers on the street.

Dollar Bill said...

I didn't care one way or the other, 'til you showed me that kids getting beaten to death in the streets of Chi.

That means they should be focusing on things other than the Olympics being held there.

Know a fair amount of Chicago residents, big 'Bam supporters of all flavors that felt the same way.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Point taken, Bill.

maria said...

Know a fair amount of Chicago residents, big 'Bam supporters of all flavors that felt the same way.

which was what, don't fight for the olympics? bullshit. show me the data.

also, perhaps the glam of the olympics might have helped focus some attention on reducing crime in chicago. gosh, what a thought! is crime in chicago obama's job? he's not the mayor of chicago; he's the president.

david, this was one of the funniest posts you have in a while and i am gratified to see you expressing support for obama. sometimes i wasn't always so sure...and of course, i know you're not one-dimensional.

and, yup, i still get a min-charge everytime i hear "president" obama. hasn't been that long. and with palin and cheney in the news constantly, it's easy to forget.

Undercover Black Man said...

which was what, don't fight for the olympics? bullshit. show me the data.

Actually, maria, from what I heard on the news... the pre-polling among Chicagoans showed 50-50 for and against the Olympics.

But as for supporting Obama, yes, I absolutely do... even though he never convinced me on health-care reform. I think he handled that whole deal rather poorly, in fact.

There's no guarantee that his presidency will be a success... and not just because of the haters, but because of the shortcomings of himself and his team as they continue to be put to the test.

But with all my heart I want him to have a successful presidency.

maria said...

ok, that doesn't mean everyone -- "all BAM supporters" were against rooting for the olympics. which is what "bill" said.

btw, none of his supporters ever call him "BAM." only detractors.

i have confidence in obama. he surely won't be worse than his predecessor. to me his biggest test is actually afganistan not healthcare.

he's doing ok on healthcare. no discussions have every gotten this far. i covered health reform on a daily basis under clinton. no comparison.

there's huge support for a number of reforms that would correct abuses in insurance, like prohibiting preexisting conditions and the like. the insurance lobby is huge and has been untouchable forever.

whether he can actually make coverage universal or nearly so is a big unknown.

but what's happened so far has been nothing short of historic. (i am back to covering this on a daily basis).

constant gina said...

This is an obvious decision...who would choose Chicago over Rio De Janero?? wtf

that dude said...

but what about the jam? so much better than the original, IMO. Rihanna does nothing for me musically.

but keep them nekkid pix coming.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Yeah, the Rihanna record wasn't much.

odocoileus said...

Newsmax Columnist Calls for Military Coup Against Obama

but he was only "describing" a coup, not "advocating" one. Newsmax took the column down, of course.

What's really bizarre is this guy used to be a Democrat, and worked for LBJ, as a "racial troubleshooter" among other jobs.

John Perry bio