Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where in the world is Chris Matthews?

My Spidey sense is telling me there’s big-time drama percolating at MSNBC. Anybody heard anything?

Tonight’s coverage of Barack Obama’s address to Congress – a pivotal moment in the Obama presidency – will be anchored by Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. No Chris Matthews.

Folks, this is the kind of event where Mr. Matthews usually puffs up, struts and pontificates as the network’s top-gun political analyst.

But yesterday he didn’t even host his own show, “Hardball.” He probably won’t today either.

Dude can’t be on vacation. Nobody goes on summer vacation after Labor Day. So why is Chris Matthews missing in action?

I bet a precipitating incident was last week’s Tom Ridge affair. Rachel Maddow got first crack at interviewing the former Homeland Security secretary about his new book. And Matthews interviewed him a day later. My guess is... that hurt Matthews’s pride. And pissed him off to boot.

Anyone with eyes can notice the diminished status of Chris Matthews at MSNBC since the 2008 elections. Not only are Olbermann and Maddow pulling more viewers in prime time, but Joe Scarborough is generating more buzz with his fantastic early show, “Morning Joe.”

Matthews went from cleanup hitter to bottom of the order. I say he’d better get used to it. Where the hell else can he go?

I’m looking forward to some behind-the-scenes gossip emerging from Rockefeller Center in the coming days.

UPDATE (09/09/09): The TVNewser blog reports that “health problems” are to blame for Matthews’s absence.

An MSNBC spokesperson said Matthews had follow-up tests yesterday related to his diabetes. "He’s going to take the rest of the week off to rest, but he’s feeling fine and will be back on Monday.”

Hmmm. I don’t know, y’all...


D W JazzLover said...


Max Reddick said...

I don't wish anyone ill, but Chris Matthews has been rubbing me the wrong way for quite some time now. He just seems to put too much effort into being relevant. Plus I think watching his show will give you shingles.

odocoileus said...

He'll always be my hero for molesting Ellen Degeneres on national TV.

Once a fratboy, always a fratboy.

that dude said...

UBM...buying into conspiracy theories?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Nah, dude... just good old-fashioned character analysis.

Matthews has always worn his heart on his sleeve. That's part of why he's so entertaining. Shoot... he even got snappish with Olbermann during the election coverage last year.

It must be a bitter pill for Chris that Keith Olbermann -- an insufferable twat -- is the superstar of MSNBC. And that Rachel Maddow -- very bright, but lacking Chris's real-world knowledge of politics -- is rising fast.

On the other hand, I wasn't aware of Chris's adult-onset diabetes. That's serious business.

But let's see if my instincts are borne out.

bklyn6 said...

Anyone with eyes can notice the diminished status of Chris Matthews at MSNBC since the 2008 elections.

Nah, I'm like Barney. LOL

I hate politricks too much to notice. :-/

Anonymous said...

I know he had some health problems last year that took him off the the excuse seems reasonable to me.

Anonymous said...

Oh how cynical !!

I happened to have heard him on his syndicated show just a few weeks ago mention that he became so sick recently while in the presence of family that his son's girlfriend hurried to make him something to eat in order to avoid the onset of a possible diabetic shock episode.

Call me gullible or naive. I believe the explaination.

Anonymous said...

Joe Scarbourgh's "fantastic" Morning Joe?? Surely you jest.....The guy's an idiot.

Los Angelista said...

I was VERY surprised he hasn't been around this week. It's the kind of stuff he normally live for. He must be very ill. It's weird but I miss him when he's gone. Can not STAND Joe Scarborough or Mika though. They're awful.

Undercover Black Man said...

I hope Chris is feeling well.

This week, of all weeks... seems to me only an arrow through the eye socket would've kept Chris Matthews off the air.

If I owe him an apology for my rank speculation, I will tender it.

Also seems to me that MSNBC, on the air, should make a point of addressing Chris's absence this week.

Denise said...

I do know that Chris has had Diabetes for a couple of years at least I remember him taking off time after the 2004 election.

I always enjoy his passion for politics so I hope he is really doing better.
Another rumor I heard a while back was that he might be running for office in Pennsylvania his home state in 2010 but I haven't heard anything recently.