Tuesday, September 29, 2009

UBM’s World of Glamour and Fame

Last night I was at my favorite sushi spot. As occasionally happens, I saw a movie actor come in there. Alone.

It was Scott Caan... James Caan’s son. (He was in those “Ocean’s Eleven” movies.) Previously I’ve seen Billy Crudup and Jason Biggs roll in solo, belly up to the sushi bar, and eat the freshest fish in L.A.

Thing is, if you were to drive past Sushi Nozawa... and the little strip mall it’s in... you wouldn’t give it a second thought. First time you step in the door, you won’t be impressed by the décor. There is no décor.

But the fish will make an addict out of you.


Anonymous said...

i love sushi. i eat it too much out here. i ate at the same restaurant 3 days in a row in japan. was so cheap for japan that is. the plate go round places here are high as giraffe balls. they have some shops though that a decent. they have many many restaurants where you can just get sliced fish no rice on a platter. i swear they eat everything in the ocean out here.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Sounds good to me.

My man Nozawa-san does it traditional Tokyo style. Which means no California rolls, no spicy tuna rolls. Matter fact, he is famous for throwing customers out of the restaurant if they ask for any of that stuff.

bklyn6 said...

My man Nozawa-san does it traditional Tokyo style. Which means no California rolls, no spicy tuna rolls.

Now that's hardcore. I've never attempted the exotic stuff. I keep it simple, i.e. California or vegetarian rolls. And I have to have wasabi and fresh ginger. Yum.

Anonymous said...

wayyyyyyy off-subject
i'm really sad about this derrion albert murder. i'm trying to think of a post for shadowandact tonight.

lawegohard said...

^@MLM I am very sad about that too. Even more upset that this isn't the end of it.

@Sushi subject, In London I went to Yo Sushi and all the sushi was on a conveyer belt and crazy great.

The last time I had sushi, it was with my ex. I was still in love with him, but trying to play it cool. There was this awesome exotic fish that he ordered like a fuckin' pro and I remember him turning it over with chopsticks so I could eat most of it. I was a fake sushi eater, but hiding it. I'm from the hood and like my sh*t fried, but I converted that night.

Unfortunately, I am allergic to fish now and can't go near it.

UBM, your life is fab!

eclectique916 said...

Next time I'm in LA, let's hit it. How's the miso?

Undercover Black Man said...

No miso, Michon. Only fish. Sashimi... then sushi... with a crab roll at the end. Just lovely.