Friday, September 4, 2009

Thomas Sowell is nutty as fuck.

Today provided a double dose of right-wing black brainiacs from the Reagan era.

Prof. Walter E. Williams was substitute host on “The Rush Limbaugh Show.” And fellow economist Thomas Sowell was his guest via telephone.

Williams and Sowell are friends going back 40 years almost. Super- intelligent cats, no question.

But check out what Tom Sowell said when asked about President Obama’s plan to address America’s schoolchildren next Tuesday.

You heard about that, right? Obama will give a start-of-the-school-year pep talk to the nation’s kids. And conservatives are attacking him for it.

Why? Well... click here and listen on my Vox blog.

Can you believe it? “Hitler, Stalin, Castro...”

Poor Barack Obama. He’s living a nightmare, caught between right- wingers who depict him as a socialist dictator... and “progressives” who want him to actually be one.


DRE said...

I think this criticism of the President's speech to children is absolutely ridiculous, and it seems to be catching on...

lawegohard said...

Hitler? I got a "H" word for him "Hater"!
It is so sad to see people of color braiding the rope for the lynch mob preparing for our prez.

Get it together!

Undercover Black Man said...

It is so sad to see people of color braiding the rope for the lynch mob...

And laughing about it. It's a damn shame, la.

Geneva Girl said...

Attacking him for giving a pep talk to kids is just stupid. I can't believe that parents are going to pull their kids out of school over this. I'll bet that there will be reports of kids booing.

It's a doggone shame.

DeAngelo Starnes said...

That was silly shit. Talk about propaganda. They have not one example of how teachers are using the classroom to espouse political correctness or a socialist agenda or any other agenda they don't agree with. In the years of observing my son's education, the only agenda pushed was one of Christianity. You're right these "conservatives" are nutty as fuck.

odocoileus said...

Sowell and Williams aren't saying anything worse about Obama than Democrats like Kathy Hughes and Bob Johnson did when Obama was cleaning Hilary's clock. They had a lot invested in their relationships with the Clintons, political capital they were going to lose if Barack won.

Having a Negro president wasn't going to do them any good if he wasn't their Negro.

Sowell and Williams have spent their entire careers fighting liberalism and big government. Obama has become the most sucessful black politician in history by championing the very things they've spent their lives fighting.

They gotta be bitter as hell.

You ever seen Williams in person? I saw him on the GMU campus years ago. A fairly large brother. He must scare the right wing white folks he runs with.

ronnie brown said...

sowell, williams and others of their ilk are still fighting for a place in white supremacy's stadium cheap seats...the players look like dots from that height...sigh!

Kellybelle said...

damn-- you nailed it with that last sentence. The man said he wd bring change--I think he meant adult, reasonable behavior to Washington. Too bad we're too stupid to let him. Like Jon Stewart said, Obama may be the first president whose approval raiting of the american people goes down.

S.O.L. said...

That was one helluva subversive speech. My god, all that talk about staying in school, listening to your teachers, believing in yourself and others. That's some commie pinko shit if ever I heard it.