Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playlist: UBM’s Latino Laffeteria

As Hispanic Heritage Month continues, let us enjoy a joke or two from some of America’s top Latino comedians. Click the track titles below to stream the funny on my Vox blog.

1. “Kids and Sports” – Willie Barcena

2. “He Doesn’t Speak Spanish” – Al Madrigal

3. “Mentos & Mexicans” – Pablo Francisco

4. “Latino Television” – Gabriel Iglesias


Geneva said...

The first one was funny because it was too true. It's painful to watch even my own kid play t-ball.

The second guy didn't even elicit a chuckle. Three and four were very funny.

I'll keep my eye out for those three guys to hear more.

'Drea said...

I like G.I. from his Last Comic days. Barcena made me laugh unexpectedly and Franciso made me chuckle with his cereal bit; don't know why "Antonio the Tiger" was so funny.

Undercover Black Man said...

I like that Al Madrigal is struggling with issues of ethnic identity. I've never heard his comedy before. He's an interesting cat.

'Drea said...

Re: Madrigal, I do feel like he has solid material but there was something about the timing, tone and delivery that left me underwhelmed.