Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New jokes from Lisa Lampanelli

I am on record as being a fan of that filthy comic Lisa Lampanelli. But her appearance on “The Tonight Show” last night was pretty painful.

Lampanelli didn’t do her standup act. She was there to plug her new book... and to riff repeatedly on her fiancé’s “huge testicles.”

Conan O’Brien seemed uncomfortable, the audience was sometimes silent, and Johnny Carson probably spun in his grave. Wanna see for yourself? Follow this link to Hulu. I got the clip all cued up.

Lampanelli will be on Jimmy Kimmel’s show tomorrow... and will probably be funnier (though she’s at her best totally uncensored).

I didn’t catch Lisa Lampanelli’s HBO special in January. But the audio version of “Long Live the Queen” is available in MP3 form.

It is not a comedy masterpiece, that’s for sure. But I feel compelled to share with you her brief excursion into political humor. Click here to hear Ms. Lampanelli crack on President Obama and Sarah Palin. (Warning: The language gets rough.)


Andrew said...

Conan O'Brien looking uncomfortable during an interview isn't anything new. He gets that way pretty much whenever a guest starts deviating from the cards.

I like Lampanelli too. I remember reading a while back that she was developing a sitcom for HBO that Jim Carrey was producing. Haven't heard anything about it recently, so I assume it's dead.

lawegohard said...

Oh I just loved this uncomfortable humor. She survived it. Funny how they hid the true meaning of the book in the interview.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Heck yeah, she survived it. That's a tough bitch.

Geneva Girl said...

She was funny, but joking about handicapped kids crosses a line.

What was the book about?

D W JazzLover said...

The clip is blocked for overseas readers of your blog!

'Drea said...

:o, "Enter At Your Own Risk" is an appropriate title.

I thought she had some funny stuff about Obama but, like Geneva Girl, I felt like she went over a line that should not have been crossed.

Anonymous said...

She was forcing her type of humor on an audience that wasn't familiar with it and for which it wasn't appropriate. The Tonight Show might occasionally involve distasteful stuff but it never has that type of "I'm saying dirty stuff lolz" raunchiness. Everyone misjudged here.

Invisible Woman said...

Can. Not. Stand. Her.