Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vibe magazine to relaunch

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Vibe magazine will rise again... under new ownership. (Hat-tip: Richard Prince.)

“The new owners say they plan to relaunch Vibe.com in the next few weeks,” according to the Journal.

“They intend to bring out the print edition only at the end of the year and then publish it quarterly rather than monthly, possibly increasing the frequency after 2010.”

I blogged in June about Vibe going out of business.

One of the magazine’s new owners – private investment firm InterMedia Partners – acquired “Soul Train” last year, and plans to relaunch that show in the fall.


Anonymous said...

old school. yeah. great news.

Obie Joe Media said...

Yeah, but consider the owners. Reeeal diverse. It as they say: money don't know you and don't need you. It is good news that Mr. Leo Hindery, Jr. sees a profit potential, and is willing to commit some deep pockets.

I am most interested in seeing what vibe.com does with the photography end. Vibe used to be a cool place for pics, and the online format should have plenty of space for new stuff.