Thursday, August 6, 2009


George Sodini, the loveless nut who gunned down women in a Pittsburgh gym and then killed himself, had a couple of videos up on YouTube. Yep. He posted them a year ago.

Hurry up and watch before YouTube finds a reason to take ’em down.


Max Reddick said...

Dude seems to be suffering from an extreme lack of game. But he was a catastrophe waiting to happen. Even if he did find himself a good woman, if that thing wouldn't have worked out, he probably would have done the same as well. Such a shame.

Kellybelle said...

I'm trying to figure out what RDS is.

I still stand by my initial response to this even though I've seen on the 'net he's criticized my beloved Barack: somethingin his core received the wrong message early on and he spent the rest of his life reaffirming his false beliefs.

A good theraist would have exlained to him that if he couldn't get along with anyone, the problem lay in him. "Women just don't like me" is not an answer. What happened when his last relationship ended in 1984? Was he doing the hitler salute to Reagan? A therapist can explain that, while it's alright to be a conservative, aping hitler puts intimate partners off, and so on.

If mental healthcare in this country wasn't just drive-bys with jack-leg social workers (no offense to social workers but they are equipped for crisis intervention and not the long-term therapy a man like this fella needs)the massacre in Pa. might have been prevented.

Undercover Black Man said...

Kellybelle: I think I've figured out what RDS means... thanks to Tony Ortega of the Village Voice, who has a good follow-up here.

Evidently Sodini was a student of R. Don Steele, a relationship guru who specializes in teaching lonely men how to talk to women.

A copy of Steele's book, "Dating Young Women," can be seen on the coffee table in Sodini's other YouTube vid.

bklyn6 said...

Okay. You can't get a date, so you ruin it for everyone else? I don't get that kind of rationale. Just senseless.

There must've been some views to his blog. I guess. A reader can report that kind of thing, right?

Kellybelle said...

Whoa. That is scary.

Undercover Black Man said...

This dude never heard of Asian mail-order brides?

Doctor Memory said...

UBM: I wouldn't have wished this psychopathic loser on the poorest mail-order bride in Cambodia or Siberia.

I do wonder if he'd never heard of this awesome business arrangement called "prostitution" however.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ And also, not meaning no harm but... he could've tried sucking a dick. Maybe he was barking up the wrong tree all along.

Doctor Memory said...

UBM: for serious. Whatever this dude's problem was, bagging the 22-year-old waitress of his dreams was not, ever, gonna solve it.

quirkychick said...

One of the things that stands out when you read the blog and even somewhat in the videos is that he was seemingly only interested in young women.

His issue seems to be with women who express any kind of authority, e.g. his mom and his sister whom he had a good relationship with until she started disciplining her children.

I wonder how old the majority of women were taking this class, because he definitely targeted it, and the women he killed were all

It seems like he could've found someone - the internet is full of people who are actively looking and there are lots of different lids for all kinds of pots, although as Max mentions up top, since he had no compunction about taking lives breaking up with this guy would probably have ended badly for some poor woman.

Adult Friend Finder would've gotten him laid at the very least.

S.O.L. said...

If he didn't kill those people, I might feel sorry for the guy. Kellybelle is wise in her words. If you read what he says on his blog about his family, you can clearly see he's not the only fucked up member of the clan. Denmark was rotten for sure.

lawegohard said...

^He could've tried sucking a dick (Hee Hee)
^ a

Once upon a time I came home and there was a hand delivered note in my mail box. I opened it up and it was a letter written on this beautiful paper with the edges burned signed by someone who I didn't recognize. I read the letter to my sis and her husband joking that I had a stalker. Phone rings, the guy from the letter was on the phone. I vaguely remember meeting someone at school, a friend of a distant friend, and he had taken our hello as more.

This experience has made me more cautious of how I interact with strangers. You never really know what some people are thinking.

Anonymous said...

Is it really that hard to get laid? I'm married, so I can't really answer the question. But aren't there social networking groups, call girls, etc. etc? Even if he wanted a young white chick, he could have put a mac-daddy game on, and he would have gotten a few girls, even if they were with him for money only.

Its a real shame that some men like to blame all their problems on women.

There really needs to be a movement by all the doctors in the united states telling people that if they feel suicidal get help, but if the help doesn't work... please, please... leave the world by yourself. Don't take others with you.

Really this madness has got to stop.

Eurasian Sensation said...

If only he'd aimed at more attainable women, rather than trying to spit his apparently poor game at young hotties. Too many 5/10 guys think they have shots at 8/10 females, for some reason. I blame porn. And Lyle Lovett.

Btw UBM, I'm envisioning the ad campaign now... "Are you depressed? Feel like killing someone? Why don't you try... sucking a dick!"