Sunday, August 9, 2009

George Lopez has problems.

I noticed an upsurge in traffic on this blog last night... quite odd for a Saturday. So I checked my Sitemeter.

Turns out a lot of folks were googling “George Lopez” and “Erik Estrada” and “feud”... which led them to this post from 2007. (I didn’t even mention Estrada; commenter dez did.)

This alerted me to the fact that Lopez had a new comedy special on HBO last night – “Tall, Dark & Chicano.” So I decided to watch the West Coast feed.

I’m on record with my opinion that Lopez’s 2004 Showtime special, “Why You Crying?,” was a great one. But he hasn’t been hittin’ since then, for me.

Last night, he did about 80 minutes. I laughed probably eight times. (And never at one of his many fart jokes.) Not an All-Star-caliber performance.

Deeper still, George Lopez seems to be revealing more and more of his fucked-up emotional state onstage. The man is filled with contempt. Just seething with it.

I know all comedy is hostile. But the art of standup is in disguising the hostility... or at least turning it in surprising directions.

Before I get to that, let me share with you some of Lopez’s best jokes from last night.

“Sarah Palin is Latina. Pay-leen. She has an infant and a grandkid the same age. Latina!”

“Tasers don’t work on us. When you grow up poor, you get shocked by shit every single day. Toasters, lamps...”

“We didn’t have a ‘baby-proof’ house. Sometimes a 2-year-old with a hammer woke your ass up from a nap!”

And he cracked on Lou Dobbs pretty good. Dobbs hates illegal immigration... and he’s married to a Latina. Lopez said: “Just ’cause you can’t control yours, don’t throw us all out!”

Okay now... to the straight-up hostility. His relentless mockery of white people is tiresome and unfunny. (Come on, George. At least give white folks credit for inventing transplant surgery, you kidneyless bastard.)

Lopez also started and ended this live concert – in front of 14,000 fans in San Antonio – by bragging, “I sold this motherfucker out! In a down economy!”

People cheered, but I wouldn’t have. That was George Lopez expressing contempt for his audience. Dude, these people paid money to see you. Don’t congratulate yourself; thank them... and then work to please.

Anyway, at the end of the concert, he took another swipe at Erik Estrada:

“Even novelas don’t want you... and they’ll hire anybody.”

Why is Lopez mad at Erik Estrada? Because when he was 17 years old and Estrada was a star on “CHiPs,” Estrada wouldn’t shake his hand.

Thirty years later, Lopez is rich, Erik Estrada is broke, and George is still holding a grudge!

That’s. Fucked. Up.

UPDATE (08/09/09): Holy shit. It’s 8:30 p.m. Pacific Time, and it’s happening again. Google is pointing people here 50 at a time. They’re all searching George Lopez + Erik Estrada.

Must’ve just been shown on HBO again.


DRE said...

I didn't notice the anger at first, but I did notice the unfunny moments as well as bragging that he sold out the place. Not exactly humble and grateful sounding... I agree, he's been funnier. On the hostile issue, other comics have used to much more hilarious effect. (see Chris Rock...although the last HBO Special was not as funny as his Bigger and Blacker special.

CNu said...

good for george...,

he should nurse that grudge until estrada is up underneath his pauper's grave.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ But must he do it in public?

CNu said...

sure he should....,

that "how the mighty have fallen" hate is one helluva drug - even more so in these times of intense socio-economic flux.

I know that I will never personally forgive or forget a single solitary motherphukker who even thought about trying to go there with me. ;)

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Just don't shit on my grave.

Christopher Robinson said...

Haven't seen this one, but I thought the last one, America's Mexican, came off as being awkwardly aggressive with some of the "Mexican's own America" shit.

I'm surprised that Lou Dobbs doesn't open every show with a soundbite from that bit.

He is still funny as hell. And by most accounts pretty grounded.

Undercover Black Man said...

... came off as being awkwardly aggressive with some of the "Mexican's own America" shit.

There was more of that racial/ethnic triumphalism in this one.

Illmathividual said...

I haven't seen it yet, but I have it Dvr'd .Cnu I feel you. But ease up brotha. We can't fail to see the hundreds of thousands of latinos he HAS inspired. The hands that he Did shake. En la otra mano quizas Eric Estrada was a complete jerk and deserves it.. although I seriously doubt it. Ill check it out tonight.

Anonymous said...

Way to go George! @CNu, Co-sign.

Anthony said...

Just saw the HBO Special and it was really not that funny. I'm married to a Latina and she too thought the white bashing was way too hostile and simply not accurate. She did not finish watching the special. I finished it but felt incredible sad for him. He has clearly got some issues with white people.

eclectique916 said...

"Why You Crying" was hilarious. Hope it doesn't go down as his Ralph Ellison moment. A flag went up for me when Lopez was hatin' on "Kingpin" (if you missed that.) It was a brief quote, but what can I say? I'm biased. But I'd shake his hand ;)

Ill said...

I felt GL in the beginning. Im a George Lopez fan. His over celebratory material at the end was a lot much..."we're gonna give you the same respect as you gave us" thing was unnerving. Maybe more for "mainstream america" than anyone. I still think he's hilarious though.

Anonymous said...

that was the best show ever, we need people like that to inspire us and give us some "balls". we don't have to put up with Lou Dubbs and people like that. we need to come together as a race.

jayesel said...

He didn't seem angry to me, cutting and sharp, with some bite. But I come from the Redd Foxx and Moms Mabley School, Pryor and Paul Mooney (who people OFTEN call hostile and "seething").

Vibrator joke, funny. Intermingling Spanish and English - as I grew up hearing in Miami [Que Pasa USA anyone]), funny. The sheer PRIDE he had in his roots, great to see. And him bragging, was a statement. First it shows how Latinos support each other. Secondly the point emphasis on selling out becasue his people came out to represent.

I have no doubt in my mind, he knows who butters his bread, and from what I read of his treatment of his staff and team, you couldn't have a better boss.

I thought it was a great show, my blanca wife and I (her name's not Madison) did not stop laughing for 10 minutes at times. His timing was good, and reminded me of Pryor in the old day.

The politics are str8 Moody. Great show.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Lopez shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence as Mooney. Nor on the same page as Pryor.

Pryor bled onstage.

Mooney draws blood.

Lopez has got a few good jokes and lots of good luck.

Thrasher said...

Lopez was nice to white folks UBM playing the pity race card for white folks...What a joke..

Curtis D. Thomson said...

There were a few bits that were mildly funny, but mostly the Lopez special was a mess. His ridiculous mugging and ethnic and racial stereotypes are tired - they are the trademark of an unskilled comic. Pryor and Rock spin race into funny and effective commentary. Funny is funny - a funny comic can make race, politics, sex, gender... any topic funny no matter how wrong it is. Lopes is not a funny comic. He is a journeyman comic who can only trade on obvious, mostly unfunny, stereotypes. Watching his special was a complete waste of time.


Undercover Black Man said...

^ Welcome to my spot, Curtis. Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

George Lopez is a racist, nothing more. This one went too far. He's talked a lot of shit about whites & blacks, hateful shit. The mutherfucker is crazy. Our man Obama should have checked himself before agreeing to go on Lopez show. It's going to cost him in the long run. A damn shame getting mixed up with a racist like Lopez.

D W JazzLover said...

He Stopped being funny for me a long time ago. Sad really.
I have just found your blog, it is very good I have been reading all afternoon.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Glad you found me, JazzLover. Welcome.

dez said...

I haven't seen it yet. Just came here to comment that Desiree is my real name and is dez is my real nickname, so you don't have to put it in " " :-)

I think I liked the last special more than you did, so I will probably like this one, too. We'll see. For better or worse, George is our most famous comic right now, so I probably cut him more slack than others do.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ When you do see it, dez, please come back and tell us what you thought.

Anonymous said...

George Lopez is the man!! I am 59 years old and the mother of another comedien and I laughed my head off with his newest show!! I have paid to see him on stage and he is just hilarious. For the guy who said "I am married to a latina and she didn't think he was funny!" That's why she married you pendejo! She has no sense of humor as a latina.
You go Georege! Keep the comedy coming!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the reason I had to be "anonymous" is because this darn way of submitting my comment asks that I open a google account...not wanting to do that...don't have the time for another e-mail site.
But just one last thing! God Bless George and yes, he should've thanked the audience in his HBO special and yes, he needs to let Erik go...he's getting punished enough.

Miss Margot said...

I thought America's Mexican was funnier but this one was great as well. I don't get all the George "hate" especially from the Latinos. Actually, I kind of understand's part of our culture to pull those who are at the top DOWN. Do your thing George! I laughed the whole time. Also, I believe he gave Eric a chance to make ammends and Eric refused. I think after that he deserved a line or two. I also believe his issues with white people stem from what he goes through on a day by day basis. I'm proud of him and support him.

Anonymous said...

For all you white people, george lopez's comedy is for english/spanish speaking americans you have to know spanglish to get his jokes! George is the man!!! So you know, he is the only latino comedian with that style of comedy. all other latino comedians for the most part do their rutines in english an some words in spanish(and then they'll translate to their "white audience") George doesn't if you get it good if you don't then MMLV!!!!

dez said...

UBM, I will try to watch this weekend, then come back to comment.

Also, I don't think you need to understand Spanglish/Spanish/English to get George's jokes. The joke is either funny or it's not; understanding the "Watchas" and such that he throws in is just a bonus, as far as I'm concerned. I also don't think you need to insult people who don't like George in order to defend why you like him.

OTOH, if you're extolling the virtues of Dane Cook or Carlos Mencia, you deserve to be mocked. Mercilessly, in fact ;-D

Anonymous said...

Ok then, there are more than one anonoymous. So, I am A-1.

This is the comedien's mom. Also latino, my son but not spanglish...just english and he understands george lopez and loves him!
It isn't about just being a spanglish hear georgelopez is to have had the life experience of a mexican american. And of course understand the racial biases etc. There are many latinos that don't really live in that world...they live in a white world and think that way and let me just say...that is ok too! There should not be any hatred for them just because they didn't go through those experiences. That's the beauty of latinos...we come in many, many shades and we have many dimensions to our culture. Let's not go at each other trying to sort through those...just enjoy who you are love each other, differences and all.

That is how we divide, when we are resentful of one another.

I would like Mr. Lopez to make peace (not accept) the rejection he went through with Erik. Erik, whoever he is as a person has faced his own public demons. Just reading about him when he was young gives me great insight on his sad life regardless of that pompous attitude he seems to take. God bless him and give him a better life too.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ A-1, thanks for your comments.

You want to give your son a plug here? He's not Carlos Mencia, is he?


Anonymous said...

No, he is only been on stage for two years now and plays San Jose Improv (last Wed of month) as Butch Escobar and other venues that give him the opportunity.
He is very very good but just starting out.
I personally don't like Mencia but that is my preference. I like George and my son when they are not so potty mouth. It's my age.
But...people love george lopez and they seem to love my son since he always has a huge crowd.

Anonymous said...

ok, so i happen to fall upon your blog...and I have watched the special. Call me Latina <1>

My family and I thought he was extremely funny. Why is it called being racist? Why when a "minority" makes comments is it considered racist, but when anglos "white" people degrade, disrespect and treat people like trash, is that not made a huge deal and called racist?

And by the way, why are you an undercover black man? Your name alone is questionable to me. Next subject...that one could be a blog on it's own.

America, Latino, White, Black, Asian, European, Middle Easterner...whatever -- we need to get to the point where we just respect one another regardless, joking is joking...comedy is comedy. Chris Rock talked about President Obama's wife in a not so favorable blogs about that one. It was comedy. He talked about where he lived and the extent he had to go to to get his home in a predominantly white neighborhood, was that racist?

What George Lopez said on his show was comedy, those who have lived that, understood cleary. Those who have not ...did not. Simple.

Art in all its forms, whether it be singing, acting, comedy, writing...etc it is just a vessel for the artist to vent their life experiences, those situations they watched from the outside. Stories they have heard from relatives, friends, co-workers, BLOGS, the news.

If you did not get it, it wasn't meant for you, if you don't favor Pryor (I myself was not an extreme fan) but I did not knock him, I just said he was not my favorite.

Everyone needs to just live their life and be quiet sometimes, you do not need to comment on everything, you do not need to get involved in everything. The favor factor is a mighty thing, you do not know what has gone on in George Lopez's life, you do not know that right now he is being favored so that he can get his message out.
His day is today, tomorrow might be yours, watch who you knock down you might need their hand to get up later. .

Got to go..

dez said...

Finally saw it and while I didn't like as much as his last special, I did like it. I had some of the same experiences with my nana as he did with his tia. Funny stuff. Didn't see the hostility to whites that you did either, UBM. But he could stand to tighten (heh heh) up his material a bit. As for the Estrada stuff: Eh, me vale madre :-)

Anonymous said...

It's funny how people take offense to racial jokes that George Lopez makes. But yet it's okay when other comics make fun of latinos, mexicans,anybody latin. Learn to do what everyone should do and take a joke, sit back and laugh, because in the long run, more than half of what is being said is true. It's not about insulting people, it's about laughing at things we all do at some point in our lives. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when you're selling out arenas and people are laughing their asses off, I don't think he's too worried about what haters like yourselves think. Bottom line, GROW UP PEOPLE.

Undercover Black Man said...

Thanks, dez.

dez said...

Sorry I didn't have anything more insightful to add to the discussion, UBM! I will note that I didn't know what a loyal, vocal fanbase he had until I saw this thread :-D Although I should have figured he would since we do tend to protect our own, culturally speaking.

Oh, I will add that the creepiest thing I ever saw was that tatt of George's face the one dude was sporting. That's one big head to put on your arm, and let's face it, George ain't the prettiest cat around...heh heh heh....

Undercover Black Man said...

I will note that I didn't know what a loyal, vocal fanbase he had until I saw this thread :-D

Me neither.

Anonymous said...

I just found this blog. I am a white/Latina ( dad white & mom Latina) I am proud of both my heritages and a major "daddy's girl". I have watched the special twice now and I don't understand how people are coming away from it with the idea the Lopez is a "white" people basher. I don't see it! I don't see that he hates white people . I see that he makes fun of some idiocyncricies( I just KNOW I spelled that wrong but no dictionary in sight) that "white people" have but I also think he also shows how the two races raise kids differently etc and makes fun of both. I think he makes fun of Latinos and our crazy stuff much more. And I think he is hilarious. I went to school in the south and there was a guy at the gas station mini mart that said "howdy do" when you would walk in to pay for gas and a drink. I almost peed in my pants when he did that impression because it sounded just like that guy'

Also to do a special live not taped in front of 15 thousand people takes guts. I think most specials tape 2 or 3 shows and edit the best pieces together. This was live and raw and I loved that. But I knit. Sometimes the most beautiful part of a handmade piece are it's flaws. I like George Lopez's comedy because it is real, he puts it out there, no apologies and I dig that!

PS I too don't want a google account said...

Notice how all the white people hate George Lopez's comedy.. Of course he has problems with white people. If your discriminated during your childhood and you grow up to be a Comedian multimillionaire your gonna speak your mind and say what you feel inside. If he wasn't funny he'd be making less money than those other comedians on Comedy Central Presents. Without people like you Undercover black man lover, George Lopez would be just another Mexican struggling to survive. and Phuck ERIK ESTRADA your suppose to inspire your minorities not turn the other cheek.

Anonymous said...

Is it not that funny when he talks about whites how the tables turn but i bet you if he would of just stuck to makeing fun of any other race it would have been funny he's just a comedian thats what he does thats why people thought the last one was funnier because he just made fun of mexicans and blacks.And another thing is it his fault the whites really act like that.they do name there kids cameron, dustin, buford, tanner, winter, spring, summer, hes just speaking the truth and immitating them just like he does every other race. If you dont like him dont watch him....and dont take what he says up the ASSSSS hes just a comedian

Anonymous said...

To the man who said you must understand "spanglish"....maybe George Lopez should understand castellano (true spanish)since he is so proud to put down what he obviously can not understand. Being married to a Peruana (Peruvian) I found EVERYTHING he said to Whites, Blacks and Latinos insulting. El Nino was a phrase for unusual warm weather in the Pacific at the end of December and the start of the new year. The term was coined by Peruvian fishermen. George's espanol is about as much Spanish as Creole is French. George does have problems!

al said...

To all of you who have a problem with George and dont understand that he was being funny chill out or like he said MMLV!

Anonymous said...

I generally like George Lopez. I thought this special had it's moments, but for the most part, it just didn't have his usual hilarity. (I just now finally got to see it.)There's a difference between telling a racist joke in good fun and the blatant hostility that he ended the show with. I personally have never done anything hateful to someone because of their race. My mind doesn't work that way. I'm kind to everyone no matter what color they are. It's a pretty stupid thing to get all nuts over. I've noticed that quite a few people responding to this blog are racist hate-mongers. The answer "You couldn't possibly appreciate it because you're a white person" is incredibly ignorant and calloused. I'm white, but my childhood was closer to to his than the "white people" he describes. Just because someone is "white" doesn't mean that they had an easy childhood. Many time's, I find problems with the same issues that George does...especially about how American children are raised now-a-days. Why does it have to be about race? People are people. I wholeheartedly support being proud of your roots....but I think the hostility is useless and all it does it breed more hate.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a George Lopez fan by any means, despite the fact that at this moment I have the 'George Lopez Show' on tv (just killing time till The View comes on). Anyway, Lopez just mentioned Estrada which prompted this Google search.

That said, I don't find it "fucked up" that Lopez holds a grudge against Estrada. Hell, I'm still holding a grudge against Estrada for screwing up my Saturday nights in the 70's. I had to sit through CHIPS just to see Love Boat! Anyway, I think George is just trying to point out Karma to Estrada, who is clearly a very arrogant man, despite his career being reduced to 'Armed and Famous'. I think celebrities need to have it pointed out to them when they behave like assholes, and if Lopez learned from that incident how NOT to treat your fans, that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Let me start out saying I'm a George fan. I do believe you have to be hispanic/latino to understand his comedy. Being latino you can identify w/ some of what George is saying. I watched Tall,dark and chicano and found most of it funny. Some of it was too much for me. George needs to lighten up on white people. Hes perpetuating racism. he should Let that go ! He is successful now he shouldn't be that angry. Also w/ the erik grudge , come on now he needs to make amens w/ erik. Just childish on George's part. It obvious George has issues as most of us do. We just don't have a public forum in which to purge our anger.. I think its theapeutic for George to let it out on stage. All in all I think George is pretty damn funny and a good guy. He has flaws and falters in his life as we all do

Anonymous said...

I am a George Lopez fan. I think he is very funny. Most of his comedy is about Latinos, mostly Mexican. If you grew up Mexican American you can relate to his jokes and about how he makes fun of his relatives. If you did not, you won't understand or get the true meaning of his spanglish. George does not hate white people, he makes fun of all races including his own. You have to look at the comedic side of it. Look at all the other comedians out there that make fun of other races such as George Carlin did or Lisa Lampanelli. The person that gave George his start was Sandra Bullock. She was the executive producer of his first show and was them one who discovered him. Some of his closest friends are white. Know your facts first before you start saying he is a racist. If you don't like George don't watch him. That's what freedom of speech is all about!


Anonymous said...

Theres the typical hispanic man for you,
He can't go one day without insulting blacks and whites.

- from a black female,

Anonymous said...

hey little bitches.. why you cryin'?

Anonymous said...

I am a White American. I liked George Lopez at first, I watched a few of his shows on Nickelodeon. However, after watching 2 of his stand up routines, I began to become offended by his "comedy", which really isn't "comedy". It's almost as if his stand up routines are some sort of Latino supremacist/reconquista rally. It's like he is "preaching" to his audience, and not really being funny. You can make racial jokes that are funny, without being a Mexican version of Hitler who's goal it is to take over the United States and kill all white people and black people!

azsoulman said...

You people who are calling Lopez racist don't have a clue. How the hell is the man racist when he insults his own heritage and upbringing more than anything else, that's 90% of his routine, get a clue!

I just saw "Tall, Dark & Chicano" for the first time tonight. Personally, I didn't care much for it, it was only ok to me, it drew some laughs but I thought his previous stuff was funnier. The material just didn't seem fresh, had heard a lot of it before, from the sitcom to his standup performances to his new talk show, seems I had heard most of it already. Had I seen "Tall, Dark & Chicano" prior to the premier of "Lopez Tonight" it probably would have been funnier to me.

I do agree with the "ethnic triumphalism" comment someone mentioned, sometimes it's a bit over the top and excessive yes but that's called PRIDE bro.

As for Erik Estrada...FTP!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about the grudge until I watched George Lopez's new show on TBS. Lopez occasionally has a joke about hating or doing something to Erik Estrada.

Here's a good video of Estrada's version, funny:

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous to see anybody white calling George Lopez a racist when white comics such as Chelsea Handler trash Mexican people all the time and in a very vicious way. Lopez jokes about whites but no way does he trash them the way Handler trashes Mexicans. Clean up your own racist house before you call out George.

Bea said...

I am Black and Latina. My husband is Mexican. For me saying this is just so you understand where I am coming from. I think George Lopez is rude and I cannot bear to watch him. He says "viva La Raza", which means long live The Race. Which race is he referring to just guess. Chicanos. My husband is even offended by this. I have no problem with his white jokes. I don't think they are funny. My problem is with the way he talks about Black people. At this show, he says that they call a hurricane El Nino, and this refers to a Mexican/Latino child (which I don't see, it refers to a child period, maybe if it was El Mexicanito). Then he says that they should call it El Negro. Which upsets me in ways I cannot explain. What bothers me is the separation he creates by these comments. Since I am both Black(of African and American decent) and Latina (more specifically Mexican), think separating those two races is extremely offensive. I believe George Lopez has no respect for the struggle of Black people in the United States and in other parts of the World (and they still struggle everywhere). His blatant disrespect and ignorance offends. I do not think he is racist, I think he is ignorant and desperate.

Chaz Smith said...

I've been watching the new George Lopez show on TBS for the last two weeks. I have been trying desperately to give the show a chance. But I can't watch any longer. His comedy is angry and hateful. I use to like this guy, but not any more.

He has a recurring segment with what he calls a "creepy little white girl" (a girl dressed to look like Alice in Wonderland). The girl tells good news/bad news jokes that are hate filled. The jokes are not remotely funny or clever, just mean.

Last night after telling several hateful jokes he talked to Queen Latifah about how we all need to be nicer to each other!


Sarcasm is easy. Any kid on a playground can get a laugh making fun of someone else. Apparently you don't have to work too hard to get a show on TBS these days. TBS ought to just hire a bunch of kids from an elementary school to make fun of each other - at least that would be entertaining.

- C Smith

Anonymous said...

i guess i am a little behind on this, because i just saw george lopez's latest stand up "tall, dark, and chicana" and was extremely disappointed. i had the totally wrong opinion of that man. i previously thought he was such a sweet and funny person, but was embarassed by most of his stand up and am sorry to say i can remember laughing only one time.

yes, there are problems in any nation and between any ethnic groups, but if i were a latino, i would not be openly and disgustingly insulting a nation or many of its people when millions of latinos and their families have been able to survive by moving here and creating a life for themselves. and what's more, i do not even know many white people who act in the way he was portraying. maybe that is how some people in LA behave that he has run into in his high class neighborhood, but not where i am from.

on other words, don't bite the hand that feeds you, lopez.

Anonymous said...

I always liked Sandra Bullock until now....What was she thinking??? That his racist attitude was funny? I think NOT!

Anonymous said...

Just saw the George Lopez HBO special and I was looking for the Erik Estrada feud. I am not sure what to think after reading the comments. Comics are offensive. He is not just like any one comic but is a combination of styles. Some comics are so offensive to me that I can't listen to them at all. I did not take him serious. He is just trying to shock don't you think?

Anonymous said...

i agreed with george in this world people that are you doesn't even bother looking at you all they do is calculate money even in their's sleep but when they are broke now they wanna kiss asses way to go lopez and all you famous peoples out there when someone wan't a hand shake don't just shake it giving them a fuc.... hugs. beside you guys live out of us watching ya asses.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem wth Lopez making fun of any race. But the comments he made regarding how "we'll treat you (whites) with the same dignity and respect you have showed us" didn't come across as comedy at all. And the crowd went nuts. Is this sentiment shared by a large number of Latino-Americans?

Anonymous said...

Coming from someone that grow up with George, 2 of comments that he lived by were:
I am a comedian not a Mexican comedian.
I worked my ass off to get out of San Fernando why would I ever go back.
Now he says money means more then friends. I can buy friends.

Ismael Abdullah said...

i can't stand that bastard. i grew up poor and i am Arab (i don't think there is a more hated group of people) but i don't have a deep hatred towards anyone what is this guys problem. I understand stand up comedy pokes fun at people, but this guy isn't kidding around. have you seen "America's Mexican" that pissed me off so bad.

Anonymous said...

Disappointing. That sums up the HBO special. Glad to see that many people of MANY DIFFERENT races feel the same way.

I laughed at the beginning of the show. Even during the middle.

Towards the end, I stopped.

Racism is NOT funny. There is joking and true animus.

George Lopez now falls into the latter.

Sad, George. Truly sad.

Anonymous said...

That's bullshit cause he's right that's what 2012 is about Obama is going to open all the boarders
all whit ppl better watch out and make sure that u have fun while americas not triple over populated likes it's gonna be