Friday, July 31, 2009

‘They killed Cornbread!’

Speaking of Laurence Fishburne, here’s a 10-minute clip from “Cornbread, Earl and Me,” the 1975 movie in which young Master Fishburne first distinguished himself.

By 1976, Fishburne had grown up enough to be cast as a soldier in Francis Ford Coppola’s Vietnam epic “Apocalypse Now.”

(This one’s for you, bklyn6.)


bklyn6 said...

"They killed Cornbread!" That's about all I know about the movie.

But, wow. All those familiar faces! Rosalind Cash, Bernie Casey, Antonio Fargas, Madge Sinclair, Moses Gunn...and that was just in ten minutes! :-)

And I haven't seen Tyree (sp?) Turner (kid wearing #16 jersey)in ages.

Thanks for posting!

Undercover Black Man said...

^ You're welcome, bklyn6.

You know who doesn't get enough dap? Antonio Fargas. A skilled actor, and always poppin' on screen. How about that look he gives when he walks away from the shooting?

Dollar Bill said...

And a killer title cut on the soundtrack.
Movie feels like a after school special though.

bklyn6 said...

You know who doesn't get enough dap? Antonio Fargas.


One thing I really liked about "Everybody Hates Chris" was that familiar/character actors always had a supporting role. Antonio Fargas played Chris's boss Doc on the show. :-)