Thursday, July 9, 2009

Schwarzenegger droppin’ F-bombs

I think everyone would agree that it’s mildly amusing to hear famous people cuss. Especially when such a person is now governor of a state... and has a funny foreign accent.

Twenty-one years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger was roasted by the Friars Club of Beverly Hills. Excerpts of that roast – featuring George Carlin, Red Buttons and others – were recently put on sale as a CD and a digital album.

Click here to hear a 3-minute track called “Arnold Schwarzenegger Roasts the Roasters.” After being introduced by Milton Berle, Arnold proceeds to drop five F-bombs.

He also tells a dirty joke in German. (Perhaps Michael Fisher could give us the gist of it.)


Michael Fisher said...

begin joke.

"The women came down the mountain, and came walking down and the men went up, and they pushed (pushing=stossen, though the slang version of stossen means fucking), and they went up and down and then all of a sudden there weren't any women and the men all disappeared."

End joke.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Wow. Dadaesque.

Much thanks, Mike.

Michael Fisher said...

you're welcome.