Monday, July 6, 2009

A free Buckwheat Zydeco download

Buckwheat Zydeco – the Louisiana squeezebox maestro formerly known as Stanley Dural, Jr. – released a new album in May. It’s called “Lay Your Burden Down.”

I got a FREE MP3 for you.

Click here to hear “Ninth Place” streaming on my Vox blog. To download it, click the song title below.

’Twas way back in 1979 when Buckwheat put out his first LP. He’s now in the midst of a “30th Anniversary Tour,” in case you’re interested.

“Ninth Place” (MP3)
Album available at Amazon


uglyblackjohn said...

Man... I thought that you were in Cali..
How do you know about the Cajun/Zydeco music of the Gulf?

Michael Fisher said...

Yo Mills. Check this out: ebony cuts.

Folks outta Europe put together a dope ass 70's disco radio show.

Dick Stone said...

A little Zydeco, tasty. Have you heard his version of Hank Williams' "Hey Goodlooking?'