Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cosby tweets the news

Yep, Bill Cosby is really on Twitter. And yesterday he posted a few tweets regarding Skip Gates and President Obama. (Read from the bottom up.)

UPDATE (07/25/09): “Boondocks” creator Aaron McGruder joined Twitter two weeks ago... and he also tweeted yesterday about the Skip Gates affair:

“I don't know why Henry Louis Gates being arrested is so funny to me. Probably because I am no longer a decent human being...”

Wanna check out other black celebrities on Twitter? Peep my new link list in the sidebar – Twitter, Please! (Not that I wanna encourage that Twittering shit...)


'Drea said...

I was skeptical about Twitter at first but now I like it.

I've even found useful job-related information that might not have been as easy to find elsewhere or as current.

Of course, a lot of stuff on Twitter is dreck but...

Geneva Girl said...

I truly dislike Bill Cosby because of the date rate thing, his being color struck, his pompousness, and his no longer being funny, but I have to say his response was appropriate. This is simply a distraction.

Obama blew this one. He should just have said, "I wasn't there so I can't comment on the behavior of the policeman, but this incident does highlight our country's difficult race relations." He took his eye off the healthcare ball.

Thrasher said...

Undercover Black man has never been profiled as a Black man..I ignore all his comments on race issues

Thrasher said...

Cosby is a Uncle TOM ..No Black Activists pay any attention to him..He cheated on his wife and kissed more white ass that the wife of a white pimp..

Undercover Black Man said...

I ignore all his comments on race issues

As illustrated by the fact that you commented.

bklyn6 said...


I'm not sure I get Twitter.

But, if like 'Drea, I could find "useful job-related information," it might be worth checking out.

bklyn6 said...

Re: MacGruder's “I don't know why Henry Louis Gates being arrested is so funny to me...."

Maybe because he was following "The Signifying Monkey" play book? (I read it for English class years ago.) Seriously, when I heard that Prof. Gates made a reference to the white officer's "mama" I thought, Oh, yeah, he's signifyin', i.e. playing the dozens, or "screaming on," i.e. "telling someone off."

Thrasher said...

Sorry to to disappoint phony UM who is not a Black male..I used your site to post to your readers and of course to fuck with your phony Black male role playing..

Yeah I am guilty as,lol,lol

Thrasher said...

BTW Phony Not a Black man UBM..I will continue to fuck with you on your site until you stop the charade..


odocoileus said...

Undercover Black man has never been profiled as a Black man..I ignore all his comments on race issues

Yeah, but has he been profiled as a Mexican?

As a dude who looks kinda Mexican, from a distance, anyway, has UBM ever got the cop smackdown for driving while brown, or being brown in the wrong place?

This is a city where brown guys commit most of the crime. Nearly everybody has a "mugged by a Mexican" story, just like in DC nearly everybody has a "mugged by a black guy" story.

UBM a little old to be in the target demo these days, and he probably never looked threatening, but hey, neither did Skip Gates.

(I'm a big, scary looking Negro/Injun dude. I actually frighten cops, and have been since I was about 13. I always try to put them at ease, because I really could lay an ass whippin on em if I wanted.)

Andrew said...

As a general rule, I think anyone who types "lol" three times in a row should either be ignored or mocked.

Undercover Black Man said...

I'm not sure I get Twitter.

I think the reason I don't get it, bklyn6, is that I don't text-message.

I never text-messaged until I was in New Orleans working earlier this year... and haven't texted since.

It's a mode of social intercourse that I've gladly let pass me by.

bklyn6 said...

^I'm not a fan of texting either. *ugh*

Undercover Black Man said...

Yeah, but has he been profiled as a Mexican?

Actually, I've been profiled as a white man.

One sunny afternoon back in the '90s, I was driving through Chicago's West Side to visit a friend of mine... Funkadelic album-cover artist Pedro Bell.

Big ol' white cop pulls me over, asks what I'm doing in that part of town. I said visiting a friend. He asked me who. I told him.

Soon enough he was convinced I wasn't there to buy drugs, and he sent me on my way with a word for the wise: This wasn't a safe neighborhood for me to be in.

Why thank you, officer.

Unbelievably, when that cop asked me who I was there to see, I didn't reply "Yo' mama."

lawegohard said...

I don't do twitter, but that's not saying much because I don't even have a facebook account.

Yet, sex texting, bring it on!

May even be better than phone sex. :)

odocoileus said...

You know PG County, so you might remember this from back in the day.

it was a snow day, school and work cancelled. Some working class whitefolks had a street party in their hood. Sledding down a big hill, fires in trash cans, and lots and lots of booze.

Naturally, the cops were called, white and black officers were on the scene. Legend has it that one of the white folks, a carpenter who was born and raised in Germany of all places, called a black cop the N word.

They beat the man like a pinata. White and black cops working together in harmony to beat a civilian's ass, Seriously, when they were done, his face looked like a road map.

There were several eye witnesses and if I recall, even photos. Didn't do them any good. The cops got away with it, and the beaten man was out of work, and went through all kinds of medical issues.

"You're doing this to me because I'm black" well, not exactly. I'm doing it to you because you don't have the money/power/status to fight back.

bklyn6 said...

Unbelievably, when that cop asked me who I was there to see, I didn't reply "Yo' mama.".

You missed a golden opportunity to signify! :p

At least he had your back. :rolleyes:

Undercover Black Man said...

lawegohard: This one's for you.

Tor Hershman said...

Dr. Cosby's "Revenge" album has gotz ta b about the funniest thing, EVER!

odocoileus said...

Unbelievably, when that cop asked me who I was there to see, I didn't reply "Yo' mama."

I've dealt with several black DC cops in work contexts. I would never, ever answer one of those brother's questions with "Ya Mama".
Pretty much an automatic ass whipping. Same for black PG cops.

You probably heard about the furniture delivery guys who got into it with a PG cop. All of em black folks. End result: one dead furniture delivery guy, one wounded. One ex cop in jail.

Undercover Black Man said...

I'm doing it to you because you don't have the money/power/status to fight back.

And because you lacked some crucial home training.

Just sayin'...

Undercover Black Man said...

odocoileus: My boy David Simon, a world-renowned expert on the Baltimore City police, said the automatic-ass-kick word for them was "asshole."

He said you can talk all kinds of shit to a cop, but if you call him an "asshole," you're taking a beating.

Undercover Black Man said...

Mr. Hershman: Welcome to my spot.

odocoileus said...

Note to self:

Never ever use the word "asshole" while within B'more city limits.

(There might be an undercover cop around.) ; )

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why SOME want this issue to be swept under the rug!!

It is a TACTFUL way of handling things, so do you think the Srg. was right to NOT apologize?!

I think this was all a set up to see which "side" Obama was going to side with; and yeah to distract the Health Care issues also


I'm just sick of the running around in circles, acting all Politically Correct supposedly. Why can't they just apologize?! Oh no!! It will make it look like THEY (Gates) wrong and some just can't take the fact that the police DID act "stupidly"

Someone is being VERY VERY cunning and lets see what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot... hmmm

Some cop would be without a job, have to apologize on TV, ect.... uh uh

I'm not sure what Gates' angle is as to since Obama talked to the Srg. and said that "he's a good man" that we're supposed to forget everything and move on? FUCK NO.

Very cunning setup by whoever indeed. I don't care if it was the cops or not, that was that man's HOME and when ANYONE invades your personal space IN THE WRONG you have the right to defend yourself and your property, but ohhh no they don't want him to speak out (sue and make a doc. film)

SHIT has been totally backwards since Obama has gotten into office and certain characters will do ANYTHING to fuck over his name even more! I mean he is human and has flaws, but we ALL do

I can't believe the cockiness of the cop that wouldn't apologize (nor the Cambridge PD). CANT AND WONT apologize to a Black Man ...that's just BENEATH them

**you know they thinking this come on! Its no such thing as "Post Racial" unless you give a dog a bone and expect him to be quiet.

IT WAS RACIAL PROFILING and this should be a lesson to America.

I really believe Gates backed down (sorta) in order to keep his job and that's fucked up when YOU WERE THE VICTIM and these folks threaten your livlihood over THEIR mistake.

What a wonderful world, yeah right.

CNu said...

Unbelievably, when that cop asked me who I was there to see, I didn't reply "Yo' mama."


one of those very rare but most satisfying occasions where we absolutely see eye-to-eye...

lawegohard said...

@UBM That video made my day. Useful safety tips for my next session. :)

Thembi said...

Ok hey UBM. Love u like a play cousin, a term that you understand because you are, in fact, black.

How do I know? Well, like I said earlier (even tho u clowned me for it) I've been re-watching The Corner with intellectual, writer, almost lived in bmore eyes instead of the Harvard senior tryina be bougie eyes that I had when it first aired in 2000.

That said I want to thank you- for creating some of the most authentic and powerful dialogue I've ever watched. I've been up under yo ass for over 2 years now just for your conceptual genius and knowing that you've made a contribution to the canon of authentic black performance art (and knowing what turns me on, you know that's plenty),but seriously...I just finished ep 6 and can't sleep because all I can do is think about my dad and his family, who are from bmore, and bask in the confirmed knowledge that as bitter as he is at his experience of living in that brand of poverty,and as much as he defines"success" as getting out of bmore, it was REAL and DISTINCT and you captured it in a way that actually changes the way I see his attitude toward his hometown. Yes, you changes the way I see my own father, a man who has made me more who I am than anything else in my life. This comment is thanks, futher props than you've already gotten for your work on the series, and a mouth hanging open at the fact that you are even more absurdly talented and aware than I even realized since I first decided that you were at least substantially so.

I actually need to sit down with you some day and talk about it - from certain scenes and actors to choices about character names and bits of dialogue. The more I explore black pop culture (which u know I MUST) the larger a figure you become by comparison. Enough hanging offa your nutsac for now...I'm so on the tip of being thrilled that you even know who I am! And to bring it all back, as someone whos been accused of being a black supremecist (ha!) eff the haters and doubters. Experience the work, then ask about his 'blackness',' and then feel silly for doubting, 'cuz there's certain ish u can't fake.

That said, re: twitter - yall sound like you're talkin bout the printing press! Just GET ON IT. Its really not that serious!

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Wow, Thembi. Thanks, that made my day (and the sun ain't even up).

Must tell you, almost everything that happens in "The Corner" comes from real life, as observed by David Simon and written in his great book "The Corner." (All the character names in the show are true-to-life.)

I did contribute a few conceptual touches, like the framing device of having each ep. begin and end with one of the characters being "interviewed" by an off-camera questioner.

Anyway... let me go soak my nuts in ice now.