Friday, April 3, 2009

Nigerian humor: Naija Boyz

The Nigerian diaspora is starting to have an impact on the world of comedy, as I shall illustrate in the coming days. Take Naija Boyz. Their latest YouTube video has clocked 195,000 views in 12 days.


Anonymous said...

I think they produce more films in Nollywood than they do in Bollywood or Hollywood.

The population of the entity called Hong Kong is only 7 million; the strength of the HK film industry lies in the fact that they produce films for the vast Chinese diaspora in the world -- in the US, in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, name it.

The population of Nigeria is something like 150 million! The home market is pretty big and add to that the Nigerian diaspora.

Hong Kong was discovered (by the West)in the 70's. I predict Nollywood is going to be the next big thing. There is just so much going on there.



wandaloves... said...

Jay Z is swagger jacker/ I'm the real African

That's hilarious! I was starting to think that these Single Ladies parodies were getting old, but that's pretty damn good.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Yep, Wanda. Their "green card" angle was just perfect.

lawegohard said...

Funny and true.

The green card thing has always caused me to be mad suspect of African suiters.

I got a friend right now caught up in some sh*t with a fine azz African. His two years are up and he don't think he wants to be married no more.

Another friend came home one day and her "KING" had his real wife from Africa in her house.

Single BW Beware: "COMING TO AMERICA" was just a Movie!

Kellybelle said...

I love that! What is kuku beat? I want one. LOL

bklyn6 said...

I thought they looked familiar. But, I only realized this when I saw the "Crank Dat" credit at the end of the video.

I like!

John B. said...

Lawegohard: You got that right, although I hate to say it! (I've been married to a Naija lady for 23 years, so they're not all crooked).

destruction said...

IMHO, it wasn't bad, but it was more like a B-.... Knowing that Single Ladies has been Done To Death.... you've got really bring it to stand out in that pile....they were a bit light. Having said that, my girls and I did replay the Carleton dance about 3 times.