Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nigerian humor: Godfrey

In America, the best-known comedian from the Nigerian diaspora is Godfrey Danchimah, better known as Godfrey. I’m sure you’ve seen him in movies, commercials or on cable.

Godfrey has a bunch of YouTube videos up. Odd thing about that is, these standup performances seem to be off the cuff. He’s not delivering a polished set of material. Consequently, much of it isn’t funny.

But these clips do provide insights into Godfrey’s comedic mind. The clip below ends with a bit about “Bill Cosby as a rapist.” It is mean, gross... and somewhat funny.


bklyn6 said...

I didn't know he was Nigerian. I see him on Vh1 and I'm not paying much attention to whether he's funny or not. There's something kinda hot about him.

Anonymous said...

"My Man Godfrey"

lawegohard said...

@ UBM, your right the material isn't polished. Maybe he's working out the final set. I feel like he's imitating Black American comics to be funny, but that ultimately isn't funny. Feels like it would kill in another country.

@Bklyn6 he's certainly sexy, but I need to give my boyfriend notes.

@ Godfry: The Dave Chappelle Sh*t is premature and nobody knows Kat Williams, so please omit. The bully shit is cool, but went on for too long. Finally, Bill Cosby as a rapist is fine, but not strong enough to close.

bklyn6 said...

^Thanks for the play-by-play, lawegohard. Jokes that go longer than necessary bore me to tears.

destruction said...

Also pretty much co-sining lawegohard, cept the boyfriend parts. But also feel the talent.... with a little polish, maybe some outside editing, who knows? I've seen dozens worse on the telly.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Dude got skills... which are hardly reflected in his free-form rambling. I don't mind him working stuff out in a comedy club. But why post it on YouTube as representative of your talent?