Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A new black cinema blog!

As I make my way to the exit, let me recommend a brand new culture blog that many of you might enjoy.

It’s called Shadow and Act (an Ellison reference there). It’s a collaborative effort led by the battle-tested blogger Tambay Obenson.

Team members include the inimitable Invisible Woman; KJ (known in the UBM comments section as “must love movies”); and Sergio Mims of EbonyJet.com.

Shadow and Act is updated all day with cool-as-shit information.

This morning, Tambay shined a light on a 2006 Brazilian film, “Antonia,” from the producers of “City of God.” It’s available on DVD from Amazon.com. Here’s the trailer (in Portuguese):


The Obenson Report said...

Thanks for the plug UBM!

Didn't expect to find my grille plastered on your front page like that, but, thankfully you chose a good pic.


Invisible Woman said...

Thanks for the shout, and it is timely as my first post is today...tho you beat me to the punch about announcing it on my blog :-)

Undercover Black Man said...

Cheers to you both. I'll be reading Shadow and Act with regularity.

Sergio said...

Thank you! Much appreciated!

*Tanyetta* said...

Must you twist the dagger with this part?

**As I make my way to the exit, ***

I'm not over it, give me time. Thanks.

Mz.Bria2U said...

haven't been by in a while, thanks for the info :)