Thursday, April 9, 2009

MBP of the Week: Los Angeles Times

Wow. Has it really been two months since my last Misidentified Black Person post?

I must say... now that the newspaper industry seems to be breathing its last breaths, I don’t find this concept to be so cute anymore. I’m willing to forgive a lot... if only papers would stop going out of business.

Anyway, as is often the case, I have Craig Silverman (at Regret the Error) to thank for this latest MBP. The Los Angeles Times posted the following correction online this week:

“In Sports on Monday, a photo accompanying articles about Sunday’s Lakers-Clippers game pictured Laker Lamar Odom trying to shoot over the Clippers’ Fred Jones. The caption misidentified Odom as Laker Kobe Bryant.”

Yes. The L.A. Times. Kobe frickin’ Bryant. Unbelievable.

But like I said... we have to forgive.


bklyn6 said...

Okay. I'm thinking, this error HAD to have been posted on April 1st. But that was a Wednesday. :-/


that dude said...

How can there be a MBP more idiotic than this one?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ And the LAT has done it to Lamar Odom before.

lawegohard said...

All black people look-alike!

This is just a Newspaper documentation of the Bullshit that I feel daily.

Random Note: South Park murdered Kanye west.

bklyn6 said...

^"Fish dicks."


Unknown said...

You cannot forgive if you do not forget. Let it go.