Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter preachers

Don’t think I mean to ridicule these pastors. They’re kicking a style that has influenced black politics, black literature, black music and black humor.

Happy Easter.


DeAngelo Starnes said...

Dave, I'm with you on this. There's so much juice in those apples that we religious cynics miss. And the cadence, emotion, and pyrotechnics - that's Blackstyle. Beauty unto itself.

I come from that background. Church is HUGE in my family and I'm the family heretic. It's not that I don't believe or necessarily reject the rituals. But you graduate at some point and need more. I might be getting more right now execpt without all the quotes, music, and pageantry.

Great post for what your point is.

lawegohard said...

Frankly, this has influenced everything.

Real talk, when I get really tired or nervous and have to speak in public, I just preach. It kills every time!

One-Eyed Golfer said...

Happy Easter, David. Just watching the Masters and thought I would say hello.

I was downtown Baltimore early this afternoon and the Easter outfits were out in full bloom. There was purple, pink, peach and plum everywhere. The matching hats were fantastic.

The women also had some very nice outfits.


Geneva Girl said...

A belated happy Easter! I would have loved to have heard any of these preachers compared to the sermon at my church yesterday. Actually, I never heard the sermon. We got there late and had to sit in the dreaded children's room where the service is simulcast to another room. It was so loud in there that I didn't hear a thing. I bet these preachers would have been heard over the din.

And, nobody - except my family - was dressed up for Easter. It just didn't feel like Easter. I'd have loved to have seen some bright spring colors with matching hats!

Michael Murray said...

What's most interesting to me is how little this style has changed. You can go to any black church across the country at any time in the past century and see this same style.

Wouldn't you think someone would have tried to flip it up a little?

Undercover Black Man said...

^ If it works it works, I guess.

Coquinegra said...

Can somebody tell me this: when did kids stop *memorizing* their Easter pageant speeches and start reading them? HUH?