Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Alex Jones is nutty as fuck.

Ever heard of Alex Jones? He’s a right-wing conspiracy nut who believes that “global elites” orchestrated 9/11.

He also produced a video called “The Obama Deception” (viewed more than 1.5 million times on YouTube), which argues that Barack Obama is a tool of the New World Order.

Well... on a nationwide radio talk show Monday night, Alex Jones said that the swine flu virus – the one kicking Mexico’s ass right now – might very well be a “race-specific designer bioweapon.”

Jones and another conspiracist, name of Steve Quayle, hit that “race-specific” speculation rather hard, in fact, on “Coast to Coast AM”... a show more often devoted to discussions of UFOs, Bigfoot and guardian angels.

This bothered me. You know people like to believe any ol’ bullshit. They don’t need to be encouraged by their radio boxes.

On my Vox blog, I’m streaming a 3½-minute excerpt of Alex Jones on “Coast to Coast.” Click here to listen.


Kellybelle said...

Not that I want to believe anybody who'd put out a movie called "The Obama Deception" but it cd be true--in Judith Miller's book Germs, they said the military found a flu that killed Black people. They never used it because then they would have been no one to clean the barracks. True story!

Johnny Disaster said...

Yes, the concept of a race-specific pathogen is not new...
Off topic, but thanks for all the stuff you've posted over the years - this site is a regular stop, even if I only rarely comment.

jjbrock said...

My thing is you have rap acts voicing criticism of the president in the documentary...Don't get me wrong every one is entitle to their opinion...But come-on were is the proof for this none-sense? Rapper KRS One and former Public Enemy member Professor Griff speak out against the president in the documentary...Some Negros will always have a conspiracy theory... They will always be suspicious of something... It has got to be a sad way to live... Especially, if you have no solutions...

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Oh wow, jjbrock... my man Griff is in that video? I only watched a few minutes. (Did see KRS-One.)

I guess I can make time to watch it all.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is a wing-nut.

Anonymous said...

lmfao -- ok, so now Alex Jones is a right-wing conspiracy nut? Wow. I've been listening to Alex Jones' show for several years now and just 6 months ago he was a far-left liberal conspiracy nut!

Calling Alex Jones right-wing just goes to show how little you know about who he is, what he's talked about and what his point is... in other words, your entire point of view is irrelevant, since you are obviously blatantly ignorant.

Anonymous said...

I have watched AJ for years as well. Since his Bohemian Grove days. He's a mentally unstable, self righteous bully who shouts people down when they don't agree with him.

Not to mention his adds for end of the world survivalist products....
And he accuses the Govt of try to scare people? What a hypocrite.

I was particularly impressed when he claimed on Coast to Coast last week that the Swine Flu was manufactured without providing proof to back up his claim.

Alex Jones doesn't even pass investigative journalism 101.


Anonymous said...

alex jones is the man and you must feel real stupid now that un scientist are saying that the swine flu was created in a lab just like he said. That's he has so many followers because everything he says that's going to happen actually happens

Anonymous said...

you should take time to actually research some alex jones material before you criticise it because there is no way you can deny factual evidence

Anonymous said...

I love listening to Alex Jones and even download his podcast. I feel so much better about myself after listening to this whack-job. There have been times I have had to pull my car while listening to him because he is so blatantly crazy and paranoid. My favorite is when he claims that police pull people over for speeding and demand blood routine traffic stops. This would be hazardous to both police and the person having blood ttaken from them by a non-medical professional. Everyone has a right to their opinion but I just veiw Alex as comic relief. I seriously do not understand how this guy sleeps at night if he believes the things he preaches on his radio show.

not a shill said...

I am a 60 year old black man. I have been delving into purposefully hidden knowledge for decades. If you have not studied the Bilderbergers or the Council on Foreign Relations, I would recommend googling them. I would also recommend Terrorstorm, a film by Alex Jones. Google it and watch it online for free.
The deceptions under which we live (and all of our ancestors lived) are almost beyond belief. Sometimes, honest human beings risk life, limb and their good names to coax darkness into the light. These folks are generally labeled as "whack jobs" by the those who have not done an investigation and, even more rabidly, by those who wish to keep the deception going. An example, the Federal Reserve is not a part of the federal government. It is a private bank, owned by a consortium of private banks. Private individuals make our money and set the interest rates that we have to pay them for loans. Most people do not know that, and it is a major part of the deception.
Alex Jones may be nutty as you say, but being nuts in a crazy world just might be what this bizarro planet needs.

tejanojim said...

You're right, Undercover Black Man, Alex Jones is nutty as fuck. I met him once, when I was volunteering with the people rebuilding a chapel for the surviving Branch Davidians in Waco. My complaint at the time was that he was overbearing and couldn't shut up.

Still, its nice to know that you can say that shit and get away with it. If the world really worked the way AJ thinks, he would have been in a fatal "car crash" a long time ago. Yay 1st amendment, right?

Anonymous said...

Alex has admitted he is right wing.

Anonymous said...

"Alex Jones is nutty as fuck."

Im not an Alex Jones fan however i do listen on him from time to time.

it is easy to put labels on people, especially if you yourself dont do a lot of research and reading.

here are a few things to research
ethnic cleansing - forms and shape conducted by governments and G agencies alike.

not related to to the above do some research on
"Foot And Mouth Disease" (FMD)

read about AIDS (and yes there is a cure too)

Mad cow disease is another man-created problem

i hope none of your family died or went crazy because of "Gulf War syndrome"

here is another one "bird flu disease"

ok ill stop there for the pure fact that when you do have time to research on "ethnic cleansing" and branches that leads from that, then you will see the truth for your own self...

my stupid advise to you is stop labeling people if you don't have facts to justify the label.

and before you answer to my post, please do yourself a favour and do some READING........

here is my last paragraph to you.

do you know that history as we know it has also been tampered too. ?

did you know the Bible has been tampered too ?

i wonder how could all these things be happening ?

does this means i too am nutty as fuck or does it mean that you have two perfect eyes but still blind.

how old are you again ?

read, ask questions, think, research and read again

be good, be in the present

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones's is bigger than life, and he openly admits to being obsessed and consumed by his claims of total Goverment control, he will back most of these claims with links to various sources of these claims. He tends to give the benefit of the doubt to anyway, if its anything that claims to be a Gov versus The people, so your going to get a bunch of nut jobs calling him, but when you do research on his claims many come up as actual events, and some you may need to stretch your imagination a little.
I say if your interested in alternative news, and are somewhat in sane mind, give him a listen. You can then make your own assesment.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones may be emotional and a bit crude at times, but he is right. For those of you who say he doesn't have proof, you don't know what you're talking about. I have been listening to Alex Jones for over two years and I have investigated his claims and they are true. The elites are well versed in mid control tactics and they control the media, just like Hitler did. I challenge all of you skeptics to drop your biases, listen to his radio show, then instigate his claims. It's as easy as doing a google search.

I know how this mind control works because I was first given one of Alex Jones's movies years ago, but after I looked at it I wrote it off. Nevertheless, I kept the tape. Fast forward a couple of years later, I ran across Alex's movie about the Bohemian Grove and it really opened my eyes to the things that world leaders are doing. After seeing that movie I started learning about the Bilderberg Group, The Committee of 300, The Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission etc.. there are many more of these entities. The things that they are doing are difficult to believe until you see their own official documents, which many are available online. They're that bold because they know the average American is too lazy to take the time to investigate. These people study human behavior and the are the kings of manipulation. It takes time to get deprogrammed from all the lies and misinformation that the media puts out daily, but you can do it if you put away your biases and seek the truth from alternative sources that aren't controlled by the elites.

Anonymous said...

don't EVEN try to throw this loser over to the right. this as***** is so far left even the left can't see it. OMG!!!!!~ what a bunch of f'g morons