Monday, March 16, 2009

Why YouTube is better than television

Reason #25: Foreign fast-food commercials. (This one is for Chicken Licken, the second most popular fast-food chain in South Africa... behind KFC.)


bklyn6 said...

WTF. Did they mean "sole" food? *Budumpbump*

Anonymous said...

why why why wasn't this a shoe commercial? lol

Wanda said...

:) Say it loud!! I love to see the influence in other countries. So much fun!

I see how its supposed to be related, but not the best connection I've ever witnessed.

PS. I wonder what is on the "soul food" menu at Chicken Licken?

lawegohard said...

Dope clip!

I remember in The Gambia there was a fake-KFC and me and the attendent got into it, because they put carrot and raisin slaw on my chicken sandwich.

KFC is the devil, I believe I saw one next to the the pyramids in Egypt.


that was funny.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ "sole food"