Thursday, March 5, 2009

D.L. Hughley’s CNN show is ending.

TVNewser reports today that CNN’s “D.L. Hughley Breaks the News” will end later this month... but that Hughley will remain a CNN “contributor.”

Back in October, I wrote: “... I predict a quick cancellation.” I never checked back to see if the show had improved since its first weeks. Had it gotten any better? Can anyone enlighten me?

I know that D.L. just made some news last weekend with his Michael Steele interview. I wondered if he was hitting his stride.

Now I know.


Kellybelle said...

He...well...I....dag. D.L. was hitting the point before the point he might have hit his stride. I think you said it back when, this was just CNN doing a little instant diversity so someone could make Obama jokes. It wasn't well thought out.

bklyn6 said...

I caught a second of this on tv and couldn't help but wonder if it was a thoughtful and intelligent exchange.

Is Michael related to Shelby and Claude?

Tafari said...

Im happy the show is ending, well maybe Im not since I only watched the 1st episode only to critique it. I am not DLH fan , so Im biased but I do feel like CNN made a foolish decision.

estiv said...

He did seem like a strange choice. The typical network strategy of getting somebody famous in a different field instead of somebody unknown but talented seemed at work in this case.

But I found myself wondering if the reason he was let go this week was precisely because of the Michael Steele situation, that CNN didn't like the controversy.

maria said...

cnn is saying it was DL's decision. that he wanted to stay in LA, show is taped in atlanta.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Maybe, maria. Or maybe that's just a face-saving cover story.

Anyway... D.L. will be all right.

Anonymous said...

I only watched a few times but felt there was never any iterative conversation. DL had a question, and if he liked the answer he asked another (often unrelated) question, and if he didn't like the answer he asked it again, louder, or more forcefully.

I think he could have figured it out, but would have had to have had, and listened to some coaching.

soulbrother1 said...

I, too, watched the first week and cringed. But the show was gettting progressively better--better guests, more insightful commentary, better vocabulary (remember I only have a GED). Still left something to be desired, however. I wonder what it will be replaced with.

Undercover Black Man said...

I wonder what it will be replaced with.

How about M.C. Hammer hosting a show on personal finance?

Genmaspeaks said...

I watched ten minutes of the first show and the last ten minutes of the last show and I am still wondering why would they give him a show.

I watch the Daily Show and die laughing and get informed at the same time. DL never got that he was not funny.
Love you blog.

Barb in Atl said...

I caught some parts of the first episode - hated it. Caught a couple parts of other episodes, didn't see anything really insightful. Dismissed it.

But then he had Frank Schaefer on the show. Was that this week or last? Find a clip - Schaefer says the right wing is like the drunk on one part of the subway and the groper on the other. Small portion of the population but highly irritating. That might have caused more of a ruckus than that dope Steele.