Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Speaking of Beyoncé...

... how cool was this?


Kellybelle said...

It made me hope for a Committed Black Love Renaissance. Mass weddings, stable homes, college, good jobs, crime goes down, nobody with tattoos except athletes--all that.

Woe said...

It's a side of us they no longer wanna show on Prime Time. You gotta be a president to make that happen now.

neptune said...

The Obamas dancing = cool.
Beyonce assuming ownership of Etta James' classic song = not so cool.

On a slight tangent, where has Bill Cosby been during all this? Why isn't he taking some credit for creating a fictional pathway for some aspects of current events via the Huxtables? Not that I'm saying he should, I'm just wondering why he seems to be keeping such a low profile through all this.

zinjanthropus said...

Cosby got the same "all you old dudes, shut the F up!" memo that Jessie, Farakhan, Sharpton, and the others got.

At first the Obamas danced to the original, then Beyonce did her thing, I thought it was a nice segway... especially since Bey is playing the role of James in that new movie.

Coquinegra said...

It's nice to see a Black couple in love that isn't Beyonce and Jay-Z--oh oops, they were there, too.
The O-man can't dance worth a spit, the dress made me think of Bjork
but DAMN! Our first family is Black! I mean...that kind of trumps everything else for a while, doesn't it? Just let me have 2 weeks iin this bliss

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

01 21 09

She butchered that song. No one can top Etta. I am saddened that she is playing her in a movie. Jade from America's Next Top Model Cycle Six or me should play Etta. Hmph!

madame z said...

@ Kellybelle,

I love what you said and I agree. We can hope, right?

Beyonce did a good job of singing that classic song; though I wonder if they considered Etta? She's yet living...yet singing, too? Hmmmm. That would've made it all the more special. But as it was, it was a beautiful night; so glad they allowed the rest of us to view. Beautiful! I love it!

Schottzie03 said...

Of course nothing compares to the original, but I think she was a little choked up while she was singing. If I'm right, then she did a helluva job.

The thing that makes this clip outstanding to me: it features three people who seem both accessible and larger than life at the same time. The Mr. and Mrs. are best friends and big time in love and it shows.

Hail to the Chief!

Anonymous said...

Smh. Jade,the drag queen as Etta James?
Beyonce did a very nice job. I'm not sure why Etta wasn't invited. Sometimes, older singers can no longer deliver the goods vocally e.g. Aretha. The only exception I know of is Gladys Knight. Her voice is still amazing.

quirkychick said...

I saw Beyonce interviewed afterwards and she was overcome with emotion trying to express what it meant to her. It's why I love her and forgive her for trying to be Etta, she was just a young woman who got to be part of history and kept it together and sang that song not just for the Obamas but for millions of people watching. She's like what - 25?

bklyn6 said...

The O-man can't dance worth a spit

Coquinegra, you know, I keep thinking he can probably get down, but that he holds back in public.

If we knew Obama had moves like Omarion everyone would think, "See all black people do have rhythm!"

I heard he and Michelle were late getting to the "Neighborhood Ball." My first thought: "They're on CP time." :p

maria said...

what i saw was a couple in love dancing in front of millions yet having an intimate moment. it was lovely o watch. no matter the music or the dress.

Geneva Girl said...

Oh, thank you for this. It's very, very cool! The sweetness of the moment outweighed Beyonce's subpar performance. Still, it was obvious that she was overwhelmed.

It was our first dance too so it will always be special to me.

zinjanthropus said...

Plus you've never seen Bey's A$$ in a video and she's never shot anyone, there's no sex tape, there's no sordid promiscuous lifestyle.

But there is a discography of uplifting lyrics, most of which are positive toward girls/women's self image. There's the image of one of the hardest working people in show business with not a single drug charge.

Of course she was the perfect person to sing for the Obama's first dance.

Of course people will hate her, she's doing things correctly.

Dan Coyle said...

Great performance. And she wasn't wearing her Power Glove!