Thursday, January 22, 2009

David ‘Fathead’ Newman (1933-2009)

Texas tenor man David “Fathead” Newman, whose music career spanned more than half a century, died Tuesday of pancreatic cancer. He was 75.

Newman spent a decade performing with Ray Charles during Mr. Charles’s magnificent prime. (Bokeem Woodbine portrayed him in the movie “Ray.”)

As a solo artist, Newman maintained a prolific output. His latest album, “Diamondhead,” was released a year ago.

I am streaming two tracks on my Vox blog in Mr. Newman’s honor.

Click here to hear his classic rendition of “Hard Times,” from the 1958 album “Fathead: Ray Charles Presents David ‘Fathead’ Newman.” (Ray plays piano on this cut.)

Then click here for “Georgia On My Mind,” from Newman’s 2005 CD “I Remember Brother Ray.”


estiv said...

No comments here after 24 hours? That's just wrong for a man who gave so much. So: God bless you, David "F" Newman. Thanks for your gifts, and rest in peace.

destruction said...

Guilty and you're so right estiv. Here's a quote from a Net friend of mine about Fathead:

"No matter what you heard on wax, you don't realize what a monster sax players Fathead (or Hank) were until you think about the fact that Bro. Ray was a sax player BEFORE he played keys and was even more demanding of them that the rest of the band (and Ray ran MANY musicians off....)

I knew or knew of a couple of guys who had played with Ray and one who had played with Albert or Freddie King.......and all felt that going to 'Nam with a slingshot would have been a safer career move and a helluva lot easier to succeed at."

From my main man 1Wicked.