Friday, January 9, 2009


Not having watched much “MADtv” in recent years, I was unfamiliar with Nicole Randall Johnson.

After seeing a few of her performances on YouTube, I must ask: Did every one of her sketches have as its comic premise that black folks make life unpleasant for white folks?

Ms. Johnson is no longer a “MADtv” cast member. But the third clip below has been viewed more than 5 million times on YouTube.

Tell me what y’all think: gifted comedienne... or shameless coonette?

20 comments: said...

Buffoon....with a capital B!!

SJ said...

I absolutely hate that last clip! I can't believe people find it funny.

"Ms. Johnson is no longer a “MADtv” cast member"

MADtv was canceled.

Undercover Black Man said...

MADtv was canceled.

Dang. I'm really out of touch.

blackink said...

Speaking of black folks who make life unpleasant for white folks, I fully expect Nicole Randall Johnson's next role will be Michelle Obama on SNL.

I think she's ready to inherit the crown from Ellen Cleghorne. I mean, they can't just dust off Maya Rudolph or put Amy Poehler in black face every week, can they?

dez said...

I liked her. She wasn't as good as Debra Wilson, but she was funny most of the time.

Days like These! said...
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Days like These! said...

Damn! The back of YO head is Ra-dik-a-liss!
Oh Eeee-vonnn? That's a french ass name!
Cuh-I-hah-YO numba?
The intra-caseez of sin- a-muh!


**gifted comedienne AND shameless coonette**

Let the record show, I loved these skits. Thanks for the giggles!!
The final video was my FAV! The other ones were OK.

that dude said...

The most surprising thing about MAD TV was that it was still on when it was cancelled.

14 years and not one memorable, breakout skit. But it survived.

I couldn't make it 2 minutes into either of the first two skit because they were soooo bad.

There was at least a character in the third one, but no real direction.

Coonery...or hackery? That's what the question should be. It's often hard to tell the difference.

Anonymous said...

Come on, the first one is pretty incisive.

Lyndon said...

This perpetuates the same kind of mentality as the low class lady that talked about how she was confronted because of the meager tip she lost.

These skits are no different than Amos n' Andy in exploiting stereotypes instead of promoting insightful social commentary.

Dave Chappelle's skit about what would happen if black people got reparations: funny because it touched upon issues relevant to today's society.

These skits, on the other hand, are simple caricatures with none of the biting social satire.

Undercover Black Man said...

**gifted comedienne AND shameless coonette**

Yeah, Tanyetta... I guess that's a legitimate option.

Undercover Black Man said...

14 years and not one memorable, breakout skit. But it survived.

Yep, dude. Not one catch phrase that went culture-wide.

It's about the writing. The writing on that show I always thought was coarse, mean, smutty, and leaning like a crutch on ethnic stereotypes.

Some talented actors moved through there, though.

maria said...

speaking of out of touch, amy poehler had a baby and is off SNL.

Invisible Woman said...

I remember the 3rd video while watching the very rare MadTV episode. I also remember LMAO, cause there is a surplus of dudes out there just like that...I thought she was on point.

Mr. Obie Joe said...

I adored the third skit, too, having been amused/maddened by the surplus of clueless players of all colors who lacked the tact. It was a skit that could be any guy of any color, I think.

Don't underestimate MADTv's niche among teenagers. Among my children's friends, MADTv was it, and SNL was for the old folks.

dez said...

My favorite thing from MADtv isn't a skit, but a cartoon parody they did called "Raging Rudolph." I got my family into it and we watch it every Christmas, heh heh.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ I must say, I thought "Delta Ebonics" was epic.

Anonymous said...

I quoted the third video (and it's successor) with my friends with a while.

I didn't like the other sketches that much though.

justjudith said...

the one where she's a dude makes me think she is channeling a cast member from roots. i never watched madtv and now i feel vindicated.

Anonymous said...

I say Nicole Randall Johnson is a comedienne. She perfectly satires some characters within the black community who lack certain social graces. Having been a social worker for over ten years, I can attest to coming across people like Daryll, Anonymous, and the airport lady. People who have no idea how ridiculous and stereotypical they come off as. For some who perceived these skits as stereotypical, In Living Color and The Dave Chappelle Show have done skit not too different from these.