Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday 12-inch Flashback: ‘Backstrokin’ ’

Remember the Fatback Band? Those dudes put out some tasty records (like this one) during the Golden Age of Funk.

Fatback never crossed over to the pop charts but had a long career anyway... including, in recent years, much time spent in Europe in Japan.

The other night, Fatback played its first New York City gig in 15 years.

Bob Davis of Soul-Patrol.com, a huge Fatback fan, is streaming the band’s entire “Live in Tokyo” CD on his Internet radio station (for RealPlayer).


Dollar Bill said...

It was nice to see Bob and his brother Mike again on Saturday.

Even better was finally meeting the Fatback Band.

They were so good that the sound engineer forgot he was supposed to be working!

Nothing including the 24+ hours of travel for a total of less than 15 hours in NYC, will take that night off my highlight reel of life.

This was not a night of seeing a great band past their prime,they are still Funkin' strong.

A safe blowout to '08 to all and a happy '09.

Woe said...

Raw ass 12-inch jam from a raw ass group. They had a prolific run thru their heyday, puttin out like 2 albums a year. I have to say I love their sleeper/album cuts more than I like their hit singles, but they have too many great tracks for me to ever pinpoint one favorite.